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Nothing comes free of cost, despite everyone searching for a free VPN program, free VPN India Android, or something along those lines. And if someone offers you free protection, then you must get the alarmed. Especially if they are offering free VPN service. It is not too long ago when the Hola a free VPN server silently wiped the crypto wallet of its users. Well, this example is enough to tell that a free VPN service can cost you more than a paid VPN can! If you are tempted by the idea of free VPN online or free India VPN, then make yourself informed and genuine options as there are too many hackers waiting for you who can not only steal your information and crucial details but could also swipe your savings. No matter how tempting the offer seems there are always loopholes that are designed for a layman to get trapped.

In this, you can stop searching for “free online VPN India” or “free India VPN server” and learn the truth about free VPN and stay safe.

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 What’s the Real Cost of Using a Free VPN?

It’s a very common thing where people search for terms such as: “free VPN proxy India” or “free India VPN server”. But keep in mind, that when you do search for free VPN proxy India and when you get attracted to the free offer, ask yourself a question why they are offering a certain product or service for free. Sometimes it is a marketing strategy sometimes there is a big plan hatching behind the name of “Free”. So, once again, just be wary when searching for: “Free VPN India”, “Free VPN India service” or “Free VPN proxy India”.

They treat you as a product

Many of the “free India VPN server” or “free VPN proxy India” services are offering you something for free that means they are using you as a product. You don’t have to always pay in terms of money, sometimes the payments are taken in other forms as well. If a VPN service is free that means they are using your information in another way to mint money. You may not find what it costs to you, but one thing is for sure the VPN service cannot come free of cost. This is the burden of Free VPN proxy India and free India VPN server services.

You compromised with your privacy by choice

The sole purpose of opting for a VPN service is to protect the data and privacy. But you will be surprised to know that the majority of the free India VPN servers and free VPN providers use activity trackers, The trackers can create a log for all your activity and can save it on the server. The data can sell to a third party at a high price. Well, this is something that completely contradicts the concept of a VPN. Some free VPN servers mention this in their privacy policy while most of the service providers keep it a secret.

Your security is at stake

Using VPN free android app on your phone can expose you to malware. It can secretly install ad-related malware on your device without your information. These advertisements are not just annoying, but they also slow down the internet speed with its tracking system.

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Someone else can mask behind you

When a VPN provider offers you a free service they can use your free user’s bandwidth to the paid users. This is what Hola exactly did. When a user installs a free VPN chrome extension from a free India VPN server on their device the other user can browse the web using your IP address. If any of the paid users decided to do any criminal activity using your IP address then it will be you who will be booked by the police as your IP address will be tracked. So if you don’t want to get responsible for someone else’s action, then think twice before accepting the terms and conditions for installing a free extension from a free VPN proxy India service.

Limited services offered

The infrastructure required for running a VPN is expensive, this is the reason you will not find any trusted or reliable VPN service provider offering a free service such as Free VPN India, as they cannot maintain the cost through free services. The free VPN does not allow users to stream video or download torrent on their PC due to slow intent connection and they ban the IP for such services as well. So if you have been planning to watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or other streaming platforms then you might feel cheated if you are using Free VPN India. Though some people are lucky and they get the chance to watch Netflix, but even this is not certain either.

Amazingly Cheap VPNs

While searching for free options or Free VPN India services; you can try for options that are cheap instead. I have found two premium VPN service providers who offer a great discount with free months of service to its users. Now, this could be the right way to enjoy the benefit of the VPN without bartering your privacy. Choose a service provider who offers no-logging policy and money-back guarantee.

What Is the Best Free VPN Software?

It is not just you who get fascinated with the idea of free, we also try our hand now and then on free products to find the best free VPN service, providers. I can share some information that can help you in finding a free Virtual Private Network provider.

The only way to outcast the drawbacks that I have earlier mentioned regarding Free VPN India services, is that a free user can experience is to subscribe or a paid version. There are service providers like ExpressVPN who offer a free trial and 30-days money-back guarantee as well. Here are some other ways to find cheap alternatives:

Be Attentive and careful for your online privacy

It is not the cost of the VPN server that is costly but it is the mindset of the people that have made it costly. If a person can buy expensive Apple mobile or laptop, then why can’t they afford to pay a nominal amount to the VPN service provider for the safety of their data. If you want to keep your online activity secure and untraceable by the government or the hackers then opting for a good VPN plan is the right thing for you. Connect all your devices to the VPN and enjoy safe browsing.

You can also find the latest deals and offers on the VPN coupon page, which might help you get a premium VPN service for cheaper instead of opting for a Free VPN India service. Don’t forget to browse the latest offers and deals before purchasing the VPN.

Best Free VPN Software: The Verdict

ExpressVPN is an apt choice for the title of a free VPN service provider which offers Free for 30 days. They offer a free plan but with limiting the amount of data one can use every month. So if the purpose is just to browse the internet privately then these free services can be helpful, but they are not recommended for live video streaming of online gaming. But it will defiantly protect your privacy and all your information will remain protected so this could be a good option for those who want safe browsing.

I hope this post would help you in deciding which Free VPN India and free VPN service provider to choose.  If you have already decided which Free VPN India to choose then it is a really good move for safeguarding your online privacy.

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