Is It Safe to Use the Best Free India VPN in 2022

Are you looking for a free VPN India program or free VPN in India for Android?  Be aware that getting a free India VPN  means compromising on your internet safety and privacy . Hola, a free VPN server silently wiped the crypto wallet of its users recently. Well, this incident is enough to prove that a free VPN service can cost you more than a paid VPN can! Don’t be tempted by the idea of a free VPN! Opt for a reliable alternative as there are too many hackers waiting to steal your crucial details and swipe your savings.  So getting connected to a free India VPN server spells trouble.

Learn the truth and stop searching for a free VPN India now! You safety lies in choosing the correct VPN service.

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What’s the Real Cost of Using a Free India VPN?

People regularly search for terms such as free VPN in India  or free VPN for India. When you get attracted to a free VPN India, ask yourself the reason for which they are offering a certain product or service for free. Sometimes it is a marketing strategy or a big plan hatching behind the name of free India VPN. Be rational! Be wise! The peril actually is severer than it seems.

Free India VPN

  • Every Free India VPN Service is Using Your Info As Product

A free India VPN service or free VPN India server considers your confidential info as its product. You are trying to save some money and they are making you pay a havoc in some other; often unethical way. Often a free VPN in India abuses users’ data to mint money. Trust us this loss is unfathomable! One fine morning, you wake up and find some free VPN for India has stolen your money. It’s simply gone!

  • You Compromised Your Privacy by Choosing A free India VPN

The sole purpose of opting for a free VPN for India is to protect the data and privacy. But you will be surprised to know that the majority of the free VPN servers  and providers use activity trackers, The trackers can create a log for all your activity and can save it on the server. Any  free VPN in India can sell the data to a third party at a high price. Well, this is completely opposite the concept of a VPN. Even the so-called best free VPN India mentions this to be a part of its privacy policy. And, surprisingly you will never get to know what actually the clauses are. This is indeed something to be afraid of!

  • Want to Find the Best VPN for India Free? Your Security is at Stake

Choosing the best free VPN in India is as bad as using VPN free android app on your phone. It can expose you to malware. It can secretly install ad-related malware on your device without your information. These advertisements are not just annoying, but they also slow down the internet speed with its tracking system.

  • Free India VPN Allows Someone Else to Mask Behind You

The best free VPN for India can use your bandwidth for the paid users. This is what Hola exactly did. When a user installs a VPN Chrome extension from a India VPN server on their device, the other users can browse the web using your Indian IP address.

If any of the paid users decides to do any criminal activity using your IP address, it will be you who will be booked by the police as your IP address will be tracked. So if you don’t want to get responsible for someone else’s action, think twice before accepting the terms and conditions for installing an extension from a free India VPN proxy service.

  • Free VPN in India Offers Limited Services:

The infrastructure required for running a VPN is expensive.  So,  you will not find any trusted or reliable VPN service provider fooling  you like any Free VPN India. Moreover,  they cannot maintain the cost through free services.

Any free VPN in India  does not allow users to stream video or download torrent on their PC due to slow intent connection. A free VPN for India bans the IP for such services as well. So,  if you have been planning to watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or other streaming platforms then you might feel cheated if you are using free VPN India. Though some people are lucky and they get to watch Netflix, there is no certainty.

Some VPN with Reasonable Cost and Responsible Services

While searching for a free VPN in India, you can try for options which are cheap instead. I have found some premium VPN service providers who offer a great discount with free months of service to its users. Now, this could be the right way to enjoy the benefit of the VPN without bartering your privacy. Choose a service provider who offers no-logging policy and money-back guarantee.

Stop looking for Free VPN India Software. It is natural to get fascinated with the idea of a free VPN India. Be responsible!  Get a subscription based VPN service avoiding free VPN for India .

ExpressVPN, a Pocket-Friendly Alternative For a Free VPN in India

ExpressVPN is one of the most trustworthy VPN providers in India. Though not a free VPN for India,  it offers a free trial and 30-days money-back guarantee as well.

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ExpressVPN offers a free plan but with limiting the amount of data one can use every month. It is way better than any free VPN for India. So, if the purpose is just to browse the internet privately, its free version can be helpful.  But, it is not recommended for live video streaming of online gaming. However, it will defiantly protect your privacy and all your information will remain safe. Why will anyone need a Free VPN in India now?

Change Your Mindset, Don’t Choose Any Free VPN for India

It is not the cost of the VPN server that is expensive but it is the mindset of the people that have made them sceptical. They rush to get a free VPN for India. Buying expensive gadgets is not enough if you are not willing to pay a nominal charge to your VPN service provider.

Free VPN India

Bunk a Free VPN in India and choose a reputed service for better safety. It will also keep your internet connection away from the vigilance of the government and hackers. You can connect all your devices to the VPN and enjoy safe browsing.

  • Deals and Offers

Instead of looking for any free VPN for India, you can also find the latest deals and offers on the VPN coupon page. These offers might help you get a premium VPN service at a cheaper rate and stop you from getting  a free VPN India service. Don’t forget to check out the best offers and deals before purchasing the VPN.


I hope this post will help to understand the hazards of choosing a Free VPN India service. Ultimately, you have to take the charge for keeping you internet activity safe. Are you willing to invite some long-term problems for enjoying the momentary benefits of free VPN? Be it your favorite sports match or a thrilling series, a reputable service provider can always make your experience more enjoyable compared to free VPN. Act smart, choose wisely!

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