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Looking for a tunnelbear pc review to see how it’ll work as a Tunnelbear India service? If you have decided to switch your VPN service provider or using it for the first time, it is better to know about some top names. Here, I am sharing TunnelBear Review to help you in making the right decision of TunnelBear VPN for PC or not. My review will provide you with a better understanding of this VPN service provider and make you able to download it. Where we’ll talk about using Tunnelbear India services, if Tunnelbear VPN for PC is good as well as the Tunnelbear pricing lists.

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TunnerBear PC is the right VPN service provider – offering both free and paid VPN services. The free version is limited to 500MB/Monthly bandwidth. It is VPN Software uses the industry-standard OpenVPN Protocol along with 256-Bit AES Encryption; making Tunnelbear for PC pretty good. As far as the connection speed is concerned, it is a little slow in comparison to other VPN Service providers. After all, it can be the ideal choice to choose, but let’s explore that further in this TunnelBear VPN review.

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Pros – Associated with TunnelBear VPN

Getting TunnelBear VPN for PC paid services are beneficial in comparison to TunnelBear Free Download. Some of the benefits and plus points that are associated with this VPN service provider for Tunnelbear India and Tunnelbear for PC are the following:

  • TunnelBear VPN for PC has a Free Version, but with limited bandwidth
  • Allowing torrenting
  • Auditing (independently) for security
  • Kill Switch
  • No Leaks at All

There are some drawbacks  to TunnelBear PC and TunnelBear India that may change your mind and may switch you to other VPN service providers like:

  • Servers at limited nations (only 22)
  • TunnelBear VPN for PC has quite Slow (very slow) downloading speed
  • Unavailability in the installation of routers
  • Not Working with Netflix

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What Makes TunnelBear VPN Ideal to Choose – Mainly No Log Policy at Any Cost

It has servers in only 22 nations; while it has been offering both paid and free VPN services for Tunnelbear India. One of the main benefits of using TunnelBear VPN for pc; is “No Logging Policy” that will surely surprise you. Whether you are looking for TunnelBear for PC, TunnerBear for Mac or looking for any other VPN for PC, it doesn’t collect, store or log IP Addresses (on visiting websites or upon service connections), DNS Queries at the time of connecting and any information about the applications, services or websites that users use at the time of connecting to services.

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In this way, you can rest assured that your data is fully protected and kept private whilst using Tunnelbear PC India; while it is not sold to anyone – mainly when law enforcement pressurizes. They may handover the personal information (they have collected) as is required by Canadian Law. Don’t forget to note that Canada is not a good jurisdiction for a VPN Provider.

As far as privacy policy is concerned, TunnelBear VPN for PC outlines data used, four digits of your credit card, name, email address and OS Version. Your credit card details are not stored.

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Your Privacy Is Main Concern – No Leaks at All

Before continuing on with this Tunnelbear for PC review, I’m saying, it is leak-free VPN because of the user-friendly interface and advanced and strong encryption. By default, it uses OpenVPN that is paired with a strong encryption standard on the market in AES-256. It also states that your browsing activity is protected. You can see it keeps everything confidential, even through its testing process. TunnelBear VPN for PC comes with advanced installation software that preserves and delivers squeakily-clean results. A strong feature for Tunnelbear VPN for PC.

Connectivity to More Devices

If you choose the TunnelBear Free Plan, you are on the edge of using it with limitations. You can also try speed tests and see the difference in free and paid versions. You will get apps for different operating systems like iOS, Android, Mac and Windows and also get browser extensions for Chrome and Opera, all part of the Tunnelbear VPN for PC package. Not to mention the availability of tracker-blocking extension that accolades all services of this VPN service provider.

Safe and Secure with Better Browsing Experience

I am moving ahead on this TunnelBear India review to provide you with more information. The most important one is information about safety, security and browsing experience. TunnelBear uses OpenVPN protocol on all devices that are based on Android, Mac and Windows. If you are using recent iOS versions, you will get IPSec/IKEv2 and for older versions, you will get IPSec that is not recommended. The combination of OpenVPN and IPSec/IKEv2 is the source of getting 256-bit AES Protection. Not to mention the IPSec protocol that is the source of offering 128-bit AES encryption.

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Strong Data Authentication

TunnelBear comes with data authentication at a stronger level and secure Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange. It is the way of ensuring you are reconnecting to this VPN server. It also comes with VigilantBear – an advanced feature that protects you at the time of connecting and disconnecting, in case Wi-Fi drops or you move between accesses. This added service of TunnelBear that prevents from happening or kill-switch. Earlier and even I have gone through various TunnelBear Reviews that they didn’t find vulnerabilities or surprises. I have also found that this VPN service contains functionality to detect both DNS and IPv6 Leaks that is great for protecting your privacy.

Don’t forget to note that Diffie-Hellman key exchange method that may have some flaws. For Android, iOS (latest version), desktop in combination with VPN uses 2,048-bit DH groups that are counted safe, older version of iOS uses 1024-bit DH groups.

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Know About the Features of TunnelBear?

TunnelBear comes with some great and amazing features that include Kill-Switch, 5 Simultaneous connections and Anonymous IP. You can find some websites that are blocking traffic and may appear from VPN. I also checked its GhostBear feature that hides the fact you are using a VPN.

Characteristic Value
Strict no-log policy? Yes, you're safe
Is this provider good for torrenting? No, it's NOT recommended for P2P and torrents
Unblockable Netflix catalogues No
How many simultaneous connections are available? This provider allows 5 multi-logins
Server locations Over 23
Supported OS and devices iOS, macOS, Windows, Android, Chrome
Does it have a refund policy? This provider doesn't offer any money-back guarantee
Supported protocols OpenVPN, IKEv2
Unlimited bandwidth? Yes
Type of VPN encryption Military AES 256 bits encryption
Number of IP Addresses The company doesn't disclose that info
Number of VPN Servers? The company doesn't disclose that info

Security Is Always on Top of the VPN Service Provider – Audited Makes It Secure

There are various issues that often raise head like bandwidth selling, logging data, overstated security and a lot more. TunnelBear VPN has come out of all these issues that have an independent organization to audit their VPN for security. However, it is rare in the VPN domain and the results of auditing are issued. It has claimed to become the first VPN provider offering an independent audit.

TunnelBear Download and Installation – Far Easier

It is easy to use and of course, its main motive is to make VPN usage easy for users.

It comes with easy to use the app and simple. However, the negative point is that it may not provide all the advanced settings that you want from a high-end VPN. If you are going to start with encrypted browsing, it makes the process easy for you that you will love to get again.

Torrenting and TOR – No Need to Worry About Them

TunnelBear earlier didn’t allow torrenting, has changed the way of offering services. Now, it allows torrenting and TOR. TOR is a private and encrypted web browser and users often prefer using it to maximize their anonymity.

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Customer Support

It can be the drawback of using TunnelBear services as it doesn’t offer Live Chat Support. It has been using a ticket-based customer support system. In this way, it is not sure, how much time it may take to get back. However, the ticket support system is also quick and offered to provide you with the right solutions. Whether you are using TunnelBear for Mac or TunnelBear VPN for PC or want TunnelBear Free download, check the customer support and try its tucket-based support with the response time.

TunnelBear VPN Speed

Before making the final decision to start your download of the free trial version of TunnelBear PC or paid, you should know about the speed. Due to selected servers and at limited locations, it faces the problems of low speed. However, you may also get good download speed. When I checked the speed, it dropped from 100Mbps to 50.41mbps. Ping, download and upload depending on the server location.

Is Netflix Available Connectivity Is Available with TunnelBear VPN

It is the main issue with TunnelBear VPN and their TunnelBear India and TunnelBear PC services; is that as it comes with no Netflix connectivity. However, some users may get success in unblocking Netflix (depends on the technical expertise). I will recommend you to look for other VPN service providers to unblock Netflix as you may encounter some issues using TunnelBear for PC.

Router Installation – Available or Not

TunnelBear for PC comes with no router installation – directly through the software.

Pricing and Packages

TunnelBear VPN (the TunnelBear PC version) comes with free 500MB Data. However, charges are $9.99 monthly for unlimited data. The price starts reducing if you choose a yearly plan that is offered at $59.99 yearly with unlimited data. This can be the step that’s worth taking if you want to use TunnelBear VPN for PC.

tunnelbear pricing

7.8 Total Score
Tunnel Bear Review: Good

Privacy and Security
Speed and Performance
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Strong encryption
  • Native app for iPhone and Android
  • User friendly
  • No torrenting
  • Few configuration options
  • No built-in firewall (NAT firewall)
  • Few countries
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