What is My IP?

what is my ip

Simply switching over to the browser incognito mode does not make you invisible on the web! The authorities can still track your IP address. So, many users look for queries related to what is my IP address.

However, it is easy to find what is my IP address or check what is my IP. The IP data is visible unless you cloak it or change it randomly. A good VPN offers a legit avenue to hide your IP address.

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The IP address is a unique label assigned to any device connected to the internet. For a safe browsing experience, you need to cloak your IP using a VPN and access the internet.

Last Update Made On: 11 April 2024

What is My IP address?


What is an IP address?

The IP address, short for Internet Protocol address, is unique to your device. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns a string of unique labels to your device. This label helps identify your device on the internet or in a local network.

what is my ip

So, what is my IP address? Finding it is easy. But, it depends on the device type you are using. Nevertheless, you can always find what is my IP location, be it on Windows or Mac. Smartphones users also want to know, “what is my IP location?”

However, the protocol to find it varies on your mobile operating system. Android and iOS users need to follow different pathways to check what is my IP.

Streaming platforms use the IP data to ascertain the content available to you. Geo-blocking is a process of blocking the IP address based on country. For instance, BBC iPlayer is primarily available in British territory.

So, users from other countries will face geo-block if they normally try to access the stream. However, a VPN lets you identify “what is my IP location?” In addition, the VPN uses legit methods to hide the IP address. It achieves this by redirecting your request via a native server in the UK. So, you not only check what is my IP but also cloak it to unblock streaming platforms.

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How to find my IP address?

It’s a common query among online users. Check what is my IP? Again, your query may be, “what is my IP address location on a smartphone?” You must clarify it by your device type to assess “what is my IP address?”

what is my ip address

Public IP

The public IP is usually the first thing you need when you want to know, “What is my IP location? or What is my public IP address?” But, what is a public IP? It is a global label assigned by your ISP to identify your system from anywhere on the web. It is accessible from anywhere, in contrast to your private IP.

So, when you inquire, “what is my IP address,” you probably want to know the public IP. So, you must check what is my IP, that is publicly available to make sure you can conceal it.


So, how do you find what is my IP location on a Windows device? Firstly, you need to access the device settings of your system. Secondly, you have to access the ‘Network and Internet’ tab to identify what is my IP location. After that, click on Wi-Fi and select the network. You can see your IP address listed under the properties next to the Ipv4 box.


What is my IP address on macOS? It’s extremely simple to locate your IP on MacOS. Firstly, start with the Apple menu in the top-right corner. In there, you need to select the system preferences. Next, you click on the network tab. Following this, you have to opt for the show TCP/IP icon. The IP address would be visible.


How to find what my IP address is on Android? Follow the pathway starting with Settings and then to Wireless and networks/WLAN. After that, you must click on Network and Internet, followed by Wi-Fi. The IP address of your Android phone should be visible once you click on WI-Fi.


What is my IP address on iOS? You need to start with the Settings icon and follow it up to where it shows Wi-Fi. Once you click on the information icon, it will show DHCP. Tap on it and the IP address should be listed beneath it.

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How to find my Public IP address?

How to know what your IP address is from the browser? The public IP is visible to anyone on the internet. Open your browser and access the search bar. Simply type, “what is my IP location?” Several websites pop up showing your public IP address.

what is my ip location

IP v4 vs IP v6 addresses

IP v6 is the next-generation protocol. While IP v4 is a 32-bit address, IP v6 is 128-bit. So, IP v4 is numeric, consisting of four fields separated by dots. However, IP v6 is alphanumeric. It has eight fields, each separated by a colon sign. The scope of IP v6 is greater than IP v4. It has been developed to accommodate the need to assign unique IP addresses to billions of computers and smartphones.

Also, IP v4 only supports the configurations of manual and DHCP. But, IP v6 supports manual, auto-configuration, DHCP, and renumbering. Furthermore, there are 4 octets in IP v4 and 16 octets in IP v6. IP v6 was developed with integrated security features. Whereas, for IP v4, the system’s security depends on the applications deployed for the purpose.

Public vs Private IP addresses

What is my private IP? The private IP stays hidden when you connect via the public IP of your router. VPN service providers typically change or cloak the public IP. In comparison, the private IP stays hidden from online access. It is only visible to devices connected to your local network.

How to hide my IP address?

Most people who want to know what is my IP address do so because they want to conceal it. You may use a proxy address, but we recommend using a VPN. The Virtual Private Network is a legit avenue to cloak your IP.

Therefore, you need to find a good VPN service such as ExpressVPN. The VPN is the best option because it unlocks geo-blocking, offers high-level encryption, and has good streaming speed. For more information on the Best VPNs, click here.


Of course, how to know what my IP address is important. But, it is also necessary to know how to conceal it. Using a VPN presents a safe and legit option for cloaking your IP address. Also, the VPN lets you access geo-blocked websites using an IP address located in the source country of the streaming platform.

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