What’s My IP?

what is my ip

Would you believe if I say that all your online browsing and application usage can be tracked unless you are using a VPN for connecting to the internet service provider? If you want to make your online browsing secure and untraceable then start using VPN.


When you are browsing the internet from any network (not the VPN) then anyone can easily track your IP address, location, browser and operating system you are using for accessing the website.

What’s an IP address?

To identify your device the internet service provider provides an IP address to your device, be it computer, laptop or smartphone. The IP address can be static as well as dynamic. When we call it static it means the IP address assigned by the ISP remains the same. In dynamic IP the IP address keeps changing every hour or the time router is restarted. With IP address the government, organization or any person can find your exact location.  If you don’t want to get tracked by through your IP then hide your IP or change it. The easiest way to hide the IP is to use virtual private network.  The VPN helps in hiding as well as changing the IP address continuously.

Do private browsing hide my IP?

If you think that private browsing will hide your ID then you are totally wrong. The incognito window only protects local navigation data on your device. Your internet activities are still accessible and can be intercepted and the IP of your device is still accessible to the website that you visit. The only way to keep your privacy protected is to use VPN.

How to hide my IP address?

To hide your IP use different IP address. You can hide your IP by two means:

Use proxy

The only way to hide an IP address is to use a different IP address.
To achieve this, there are two solutions available:

  1. Using a proxy, by directly entering your proxy address (public or private) in your browser
  2. Connecting to a VPN serviceto get a new IP address. This is most recommended solution because the VPN will also encrypt your data to make you anonymous online. All your devices (phones, tablets or computers) can be connected to the Internet with a new IP address to secure and encrypt all your data.

Protect my IP with a VPN

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