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hotspot shield review

VPN Services or Virtual Private Network services have become the most essential one – mainly for those who are unable to browse main sites due to ban or restrictions or often travel in different nations or want to get US Netflix anywhere else. There are various other reasons behind looking for the best VPN services and stay connected to the world without worrying about their privacy or data misuse. Hotspot Shield VPN is also one of them – a popular name boasting of having more than 600 million users globally.

The main reason behind its increasing popularity graph is free VPN Service. However, the way of offering services has changed now as they offer free trial only. The headquarter of the service provider is in the USA that is the main reason behind raising suspicion – the part of Five Eye Countries and an enemy of the internet. If you’re looking for a Hotspot Shield for android review, you’re in luck. Here, I am sharing review of Hotspot Shield VPN and all of it’s editions such as hotspot shield business, hotspot shield chrome and hotspot shield for windows; to help you in making the right decision, whether you should use this VPN service or not.

Features and Specifications of the Hotspot shield India VPN service

There are a number of added features and specifications associated with this Hotspot shield VPN India service. Before your Hotspot shield VPN India download, it is better to go through Hotspot Shield Review that will help you in deciding to download Hotspot shield for android or not, as well as learn more about their Hotspot shield price in India and their Hotspot shield VPN India service.

  • The first thing is that Hotspot Shield VPN and its Hotspot shield price in India services; it comes with no logs at all; while Torrents allows on selected servers
  • You can see US Netflix
  • It provides you 5 simultaneous connections (multi-login option)
  • It has been covering more than 25 nations and providing VPN connectivity to all devices and OS systems like PC (Windows and Mac), Mobile (iOS and Android) and Chrome
  • Hotspot shield for android comes with 45 days money back assurance
  • It comes with Catapult Hydra Protocol and with unlimited data
  • You will get 128-bit AES and 256-bit AES encryption
  • It has more than 2500 servers
  • No details are disclosed related to IP Addresses

The Beginning of Hotspot Shield VPN Review

I have seen a number of colleagues and friends of mine (who are far from IT) using this Hotspot shield India VPN service. I was a bit confused, but the main thing that was stuck in my mind again was the reason behind its use. I was looking for some sort of Hotspot shield for android service anyways; so I got the very simple answer that a majority of friends found it on Google and some got it on recommendation. Another main reason was its beginning to got it as free, and that the Hotspot shield price in India didn’t seem all that bad.

AnchorFree with its offices in Redwood City California and one in Zurich (Switzerland) is the company offering Hotspot Shield VPN Free download. In the starting, they focused on all users – mainly those who often search for free VPN services – mainly to unblock restricted websites. However, for those who wanted to protect their privacy, their main motive was its server locations and privacy concern. Hotspot Shield VPN and all their Hotspot shield VPN India services are focused on all and started providing VPN services that is now offered on 45 days free trial. Great if you’re looking for Hotspot shield for android devices.

Not to mention Hotspot Shield VPN and Hotspot shield India offers native apps for most platforms, such as their Hotspot shield for android service. These are simple to use; while you don’t have to choose a server to protect your mobile device as everything is easy to manage through apps. A great feature of the Hotspot shield for Android service and Hotspot shield India overall.

Know about the Pricing and Plans of Hotspot Shield VPN

hotspot shield plans

Before continue with this Hotspot shield VPN India review, it is better to know about the hotspot shield price in India and that will surely help you in ease the work to a great level. The first thing to note Hotspot Shield is no freer for users. Their Hotspot shield India service starts with free trial plan. Follow the steps for Hotspot Shield VPN download and you will get it risk-free for 45 days with money back assurance. Here, you will get 4 packages for one month, six months, one year and three year. If you get a plan for more time, you will get more benefits. You will also get some great discounts on longer plans that are an added advantage of using it, making Hotspot shield price in India not so bad and their Hotspot shield for Android service affordable. You can connect five devices with one subscription and plan. In this way, it is easy to protect all your devices and keep your data safe and private with Hotspot shield VPN India.

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What Can You Gain from Hotspot Shield VPN?

Characteristic Value
Strict no-log policy? Yes, you're safe
Is this provider good for torrenting? Yes, it's good for P2P and torrents
Unblockable Netflix catalogues US
How many simultaneous connections are available? This provider allows 5 multi-logins
Server locations Over 80
Supported OS and devices Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Smart TV
Does it have a refund policy? Yes, the money-back guarantee lasts up to 45 days
Supported protocols Catapult Hydra
Unlimited bandwidth? Yes
Type of VPN encryption Military AES 256 bits encryption
Number of IP Addresses The company doesn't disclose that info
Number of VPN Servers? Over 3,200

This Hotspot shield for android and Hotspot shield India Hotspot Shield Review is shared with you to help you know about the uses and what can you get from it, as well as the Hotspot shield price in India. Here I am sharing the benefits and details of uses before let you say to follow steps for Hotspot shield download.

Netflix Streaming – One of the main benefits of using this VPN service is that you can watch American Netflix with a great picture quality. Don’t forget to note, it doesn’t work with British Library. In this way, it is not for those, who are looking for UK Netflix.

Torrents Downloading – It is fully Torrent-free and you can connect to download Torrents secretly and without worrying about any privacy issue. You will get unlimited data bandwidth and download unlimited – as much as you can. You will also get zero log policy. Your IP Addresses are not stored for any use or to disclose your privacy or browsing history.

It is an ideal way of using VPN for those, who are not more aware of technical things or tech-savvy. It is for those, who are seeking an easy-to-use, fast, secure and reliable VPN along with proxy services for secret and secure browsing along with fast performance streaming, access to global content and Wi-Fi Security.

Easy to Install and Set-Up

Hotspot shield for android is far easier to install and complete set-up process without worrying about anything. There is no need to focus on configuration. Make a few simple clicks and you will be able to get it easily. It depends on your internet speed to connect it in secure way.

Interface Change

The Hotspot shield India service lets you easily change server location, whenever you wish and want to change it. Viewing the data that is being uploaded and downloaded is far easier.  You will get red bar that appears across the screen to let one know about the unprotected connection.

In addition to this, Hotspot shield VPN India lets you also change the server, immediately after making a connection – from the drop-down list on the right side of the user. It connected in seconds, immediately after clicking on another server.

Limited Settings

Settings for Hotspot shield VPN India; Connection of VPN are far easier. With Hotspot shield for android, you can change the protocol. You will get IP Leak and Unsafe Wi-Fi features – enabled by default. There are a number of added features associated with this VPN connection that will surely enhance your experience of browsing internet in safe way and without worrying about anything.

What Are the Features of Hotspot Shield VPN

hotspot shield vpn interface

Before you start Hotspot Shield VPN Free Download, it is better to know about features. You will get different services that come with built-in malware, phishing and spam protection which automatically blocks known malicious sites. The following features of Hotspot shield for android is also great considering the Hotspot shield price in India.

In this way, you can rest assured your device won’t be exposed to viruses when using Hotspot Shield Premium. As some of the main features associated with Hotspot Shield VPN Include, but not limited to:

It is free from the unwanted threats and snoopers, who often try to disturb your connection. It improves performance over long-distance connections – by compressing data. In this way, you can enjoy its ease of use and decreased time to develop and establish a connection.

Kill Switch Feature

Kill Switch Feature is not activated by default. It is a main feature; while users can download torrents and watch streaming videos. It blocks the internet traffic, if your VPN connection drops in unexpected way. If it happens, it is unfortunate with the VPN. The Kill switch provides you with preventing your IP address. In this way, your privacy is fully protected and safe.

Know About the IP Leak Protection

Hotspot Shield VPN consists of efficient protection against DNS leaks – activated by default. In this way, it prevents your operating system to send requests outside the encrypted tunnel. Use of VPN Tunnel ensures that your request pass through tunnels and prevent IP Leak.

Get Local and Native Apps for Mobile

One of the main benefits and feature associated with this Hotspot shield India VPN service is that you will get native apps for mobile. In simple words, you can get Hotspot shield VPN app from iTunes, Google Play to use service on iOS and Android devices. You can also download it and setup an account from your Windows or Mac. Mobile apps are very simple and same as earlier.

Support – All the Time

This VPN Service comes with better customer services and support like Live chat tech support. Customer support service is available 24×7 or you can also connect by email. Not to mention FAQ Page to get helpful information regarding the proxy service.


This Hotspot shield for android, Hotspot Shield VPN Review is provided to help you know about the VPN service provider before start Hotspot Shield VPN Download. It is designed and easy to use and its Hotspot shield price in India is quite reasonable. There are a number of added features and top-grade encryption protocols for excellent privacy and data protection. Overall, Hotspot shield for android is a better service provider keeping your data protected and bringing to you a number of added features.

8 Total Score
Hotspot Shield Review: Good

Privacy and Security
Speed and Performance
Value for money
Ease of use
  • High speed connection
  • Native app for iPhone and Android
  • P2P and BitTorrent allowed
  • User friendly
  • Few countries covered
  • No options
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