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This year, everyone has been stuck inside their homes for a very long time. As such, the time people spend watching TV shows and movies inside their homes have increased a lot. This has in turn increased the demand for various streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, Hulu India and others tremendously. These streaming services have enabled people to enjoy their favourite TV shows and movies from the comfort of their couches. At the same time, the requirement of VPN to watch Hulu India and other streaming services has increased a lot. But, there’s one streaming service that you can’t access in India: Hulu.

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Hulu is a subscription-based streaming service like Amazon Prime and Netflix. But unfortunately, if you are from India, you can’t directly access their services for your favourite TV shows like Fargo, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, How I Met Your Mother, Rick and Morty and many more. Right now, you might be wondering: How to watch Hulu in India? How do I watch Hulu outside the US? Which is the best VPN to watch Hulu? Don’t worry, there’s a way around it and in this guide, we’ll show you exactly how to do it. But first, let us see why you can’t access that streaming service in India.

Why can’t you watch Hulu outside US?

The operations of the streaming service are currently limited to just the United States. If you are not located in the US, then the platform doesn’t allow you to access their content. They have set up restrictions for their content as per the geographical location of the users and the streaming service use very advanced tracking systems to locate your IP address and confirm your location. So, if you are located outside the US, then they immediately block your access to their streaming platform. So, then, how to watch Hulu in India?

How to watch Hulu India

But don’t worry, there is a very simple way around all of this. VPNs or Virtual Private Networks allow you to bypass all the geo-restrictions and binge-watch all of their content whenever you want, wherever you want! The VPN tools allow you to change your IP address that lifts the restrictions. So, you’re probably wondering how to watch Hulu in India, right? Let’s take a look.

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How to watch Hulu in India?

Using a VPN for Hulu watch online is very easy. You just need to follow the following steps:

  1. Get a subscription of a VPN tool, like ExpressVPN. Select the plan that suits you well and buy a subscription.
  2. Download the installation file for the tool and install the application.
  3. Launch the application.
  4. Using the login details of the account you created, sign in to the application.
  5. When you get the list of the VPN servers from different countries, select the one that’s from the United States.
  6. After selecting the server, go to the streaming service’s website
  7. Now, create an account on the streaming service’s website
  8. Select the plan that’s best for you.
  9. Sign in using the account you’ve just created.
  10. Now you know how to watch Hulu in India

The best VPN to watch Hulu India

When you are looking Hulu VPN services, you’ll find tons of different tools to choose from. You’ll definitely get confused, and it’ll take you a long time to choose VPN to watch Hulu outside the US. Just go through the following list to get a clear idea of the best Hulu VPN service providers:

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Out of all these Hulu VPN providers, we recommend ExpressVPN. It is one of the fastest and the most reliable VPN service for Hulu India that will allow you to bypass the streaming service’s restrictions.

The best VPN to watch Hulu India

Why free VPNs are dangerous to watch Hulu in India?

You can find a lot of free Hulu VPN services out there, but most of them won’t be able to bypass the geo-restrictions of the streaming service. Let’s look at some of the reasons why it’s not advisable to use free VPN to watch Hulu in India:

  1. Free VPNs compromise your security. Some free VPNs contain malware and that exposes you to cyber-attacks from hackers.
  2. Most of the free Hulu VPN services contain third-party trackers in their software which makes it easy for your online activity
  3. Free VPN service providers limit the amount of data you can use with their tool and also deliberately slow down your internet speed so that you get frustrated enough to upgrade to the paid plan.
  4. Free VPNs bombard you with tons of ads all the time.

Why free VPNs are dangerous for Hulu India

As you can see, free VPNs are fairly dangerous. As such, we recommend using ExpressVPN. It will help you in bypassing Hulu India and is one of the fastest and the most reliable services out there. You can also use Hulu VPN service as an extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

The benefits of VPN to watch Hulu

To watch Hulu abroad, it is always better to get a full subscription of a Hulu VPN service provider. The benefits of a VPN to watch Hulu are:

  1. Increased Access – If you live outside the US, then it wouldn’t be possible for you to watch Hulu India. So, how to watch Hulu in India? Hulu VPNs will give you the increased access you’d need to watch your shows in the streaming service. A good premium VPN service can bypass the geo-restrictions of the streaming platform and you wouldn’t have to worry about issues like data-throttling and bandwidth-throttling when you use ExpressVPN. These Hulu VPN services can effectively make the streaming service think that you reside in another country and that will prevent you from getting blocked by their security measures and you can comfortably watch all your favourite shows from your home.
  2. Increased Protection – Good VPN services provide complete anonymity to the users when they use their VPN to watch Hulu. Services like ExpressVPN are able to completely able to hide your IP address and show the IP address of the servers utilized to the streaming service so that your identity remains hidden and you can finally find your way around how to watch Hulu in India. Moreover, service providers usually don’t keep a track of the online activity of their users. Having a premium VPN service provides you with advanced security features which protect you from hackers getting your personal information.


What is it?

Hulu is a subscription-based streaming service that currently has its operations only in the United States. The streaming platform is currently owned by The Walt Disney Company.

What can I watch on it?

You can watch tons of famous TV shows like Fargo, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, How I Met Your Mother, Rick and Morty and much more and movies like Transformers, Minding the Gap, The Interview and many more.

How much does it cost?

To watch Hulu VPN, it’ll cost you 440.58 Rupees/month for the basic plan, 881.89 Rupees/month for the premium plan, 3309.13 Rupees/month for the Basic + Live TV plan and 3750.44 Rupees/month for the Premium + Live TV plan.

How to register?

To register and to finally end speculation over how to watch Hulu in India, you simply need to go to Hulu website after signing on to your VPN service, create an account using your e-mail address, select a monthly plan that suits you well, complete the payment and then sign in to Hulu India using the account you’ve just created.

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Hulu India is one of the most popular streaming services right now. But, you can’t watch it India. Unless you watch Hulu via VPN service. It will give you tremendous accessibility while protecting your information and identity at the same time. For that, we recommend ExpressVPN where you won’t experience data-throttling and bandwidth-throttling issues and will be able to watch Hulu online very easily.

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