ExpressVPN Review 2024: Everything you need to know about ExpressVPN in India


ExpressVPN isoffering server presence in 94 countries to bypass Geo-blocking. Further, its strong traffic tunneling with in-built Lightway and other advanced protocols ensures complete online anonymity. The other core features of ExpressVPN are equally strong, providing more than one layer of protection to the user.

But does all features work well as it says? And if you are thinking about getting ExpressVPN. In this article, we will include everything you want to know about it in detail, read our ExpressVPN reviews.

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Last updated on 18 June 2024

ExpressVPN Presentation

This VPN started in 2009 by Dan Pomerantz and Peter Burchhardt. Initially, Express Technologies Ltd was at the helm of this VPN. However, in September 2021, Kape Technologies took over this service for a $936 million deal. Further, the service with jurisdiction in the British Virgin Islands is out of the surveillance of 5, 9, and 14 Eyes countries.

VPN Express Mission and Values

Express VPN works continuously to master the art of maintaining and providing digital freedom. In other words, it wants users to take control of how they want to use the internet without any control or monitoring. By creating many products, this service provider wants to make every user’s online experience curious, creative, and free.

Further, Express VPN is a global service provider with more than 3 million users. Many renowned publications and VPN Express reviews also praise this service for its care to ensure digital freedom. In addition, it takes testing privacy problems and partnerships with top-most tech companies very seriously.

VPN Express leaves no stone unturned to boost its security. So, it has built a stand-out Lightway protocol. Also, its advanced TrustedServer technology and fast connection make it one-of-a-kind in the market.

ExpressVPN Review of Price and Plan

ExpressVPN price and plan

Three plans of Express VPN India are offered to users with the monthly fee, 6-month fee and 15-month fee. If you choose a 15-month subscription plan, it is the lowest of all plans. You can see the different Express VPN pricing below;

  • $12.95 is monthly cost – offered with 30 days money-back assurance.
  • $9.99/month for 6 months plan. (Pay $ 59.95 for every six months). It is also offered with 30 days money-back assurance.
  • $6.67/month for 15 months plan that includes 3 free months. It is billed $99.95 for 12 months. You will get 30 days money-back assurance too

Express VPN has a 7-day free trial for Android and iOS mobile phone users. It also offers a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee for all users.

In addition, VPN Express keeps offering many special discounts and coupons for holidays, festive seasons, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday sales. Check our ExpressVPN coupon for the special offer.

In our ExpressVPN review, we also must talk about the various payment options. You can pay VPN Express with credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Discover, Diners Club International, and Union Pay credit cards.

Also, you can make instant payments through PayPal. VPN Express even accepts Bitcoin and other payment methods like SEPA, SOFORT, giropay, pix, etc.

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Summary Sheet

Characteristic Value
Strict no-log policy? Yes, you're safe
Is this provider good for torrenting? Yes, it's good for P2P and torrents
Unblockable Netflix catalogues US, UK, CA, AU, DE, FR,
How many simultaneous connections are available? This provider allows 5 multi-logins
Server locations Over 94
Supported OS and devices Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Chrome, Firefox, Router, Console, Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Kindle
Does it have a refund policy? Yes, the money-back guarantee lasts up to 30 days
Supported protocols Lightway, OpenVPN (UDP/TCP), L2TP-IPsec, SSTP, PPTP
Unlimited bandwidth? Yes
Type of VPN encryption Military AES 256 bits encryption
Number of IP Addresses The company doesn't disclose that info
Number of VPN Servers? Over 3,000

ExpressVPN Review: Using the VPN

Here is a detailed ExpressVPN review showing why so many people trust this virtual private network.

Expressvpn Netflix

While using ExpressVPN India or any other server, you can stay assured about unblocking Netflix. This service provider officially states the name of the streaming sites it can unblock, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus, etc. We tested ExpressVPN India, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, and Japan servers to unblock Netflix. Each server could unblock Netflix successfully.

ExpressVPN with streaming

In this ExpressVPN review, we must explain why this VPN works in unblocking Netflix. First of all, its servers are placed in over 94 countries, and 70% of its servers are optimized with 10 Gbps speed for faster and more secure performance.

Further, its traffic tunneling is the strongest, eliminating the risks of IP and DNS request leakage. Most importantly, ExpressVPN India and other servers come with obfuscation technology. This technology eradicates the difference between VPN traffic and regular traffic.

So, even the toughest internet censorship or the most advanced detection method of Netflix can detect or block VPN traffic. So, in any situation, Express VPN helps to unblock Netflix.

Torrent and VPN Express

ExpressVPN India and all other servers are optimized for P2P support and torrenting. So, there is never much strain on a few servers. With Express VPN torrenting, you don’t also need to care about bandwidth and catches related to the transfer. Further, we ran our deep tests in locations like the Netherlands, UK, and USA. The result has been satisfactory each time.

Workability in China

Despite a little high ExpressVPN India price, you must choose it because it is one of the few VPN services to work in China. We used it on my mobile phone during our stay in Beijing. It was pretty consistent, and for setting up, we did not have to put in much effort. In other words, the default setting worked for us.

So, we can say that Express VPN works against the Great Firewall of China. Even if there is a disruption of service due to politically-sensitive events, it restores its connection at the earliest.

Playing Video Games with VPN Express

The high ExpressVPN price in India should not be a concern if you are looking for the best gaming VPN. We recommend Express VPN as it is the best in speed, compatibility, large server fleet, and features helpful for gaming.


70% of Express VPN servers are speed optimized to 10 Gbps speed. So, you will enjoy better bandwidth and safety while gaming. Further, its Smart Location feature allows you to connect to the best server according to latency, speed, and distance. So, you are going to enjoy blazing speed without any throttling measures.


Gaming consoles like XBOX, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation are compatible with Express VPN. Also, it works with almost every type of computer, laptop, and mobile device. Even if your device does not support this VPN, you can use its SmartDNS feature for unblocking Geo-restricted games. Furthermore, Express VPN has apps for routers.

Large Server Fleet

Express VPN has extensive server locations, and that is why you don’t need to rely on a handful of servers for gaming. So, the servers never become overcrowded, or the ping rate does not go up. Thus, you enjoy good speed while playing games.

Other Features Helpful for Gaming&lt

Express VPN also comes with proxy servers so that you can enjoy better performance and security even while gaming using a public Wi-Fi network. Further, its split tunneling feature routes only the traffic trying to access a Geo-blocked game.

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ExpressVPN Review of Features

While doing an ExpressVPN review, we came across endless features of this VPN service provider. We will discuss all the basic, advanced, and additional features of this VPN. Further, you will also enjoy educational features like active blog, how-to privacy guides, stream sports guides, Turbocharge Express VPN speed test, public Wi-Fi safety, etc.

The features we are going to discuss here are:

IP address masking

Once you connect to ExpressVPN India or any other server location, your actual IP address or location will be hidden. Further, through the powerful tunneling methods, the VPN server will assign you a new IP address. Thus, you get an IP address shared by many other users of the VPN. So, it becomes almost impossible for anyone to track your IP address and Geo-location.

Anonymous browsing

This VPN routes your traffic to the internet through a powerful tunnel. So, the streaming site you are visiting, government agencies, hackers, spammers, your internet service provider, or any other third party cannot trace your digital identity.

Further, with end-to-end encryption of the traffic and the masking of IP addresses, you enjoy complete online anonymity.

ExpressVPN with chrome

Split tunneling

VPN Express comes with split tunneling so that there is no drop in your bandwidth. Further, it allows you to use local and foreign internet services simultaneously. So, you can watch any foreign movie when you are still connected to the web service from your local IP address.

Network Lock kill switch

VPN Express has system-level and application-level Kill Switch features. So, it can offer you complete protection from IP leakage even if you have lost connection to the VPN. The Kill Switch feature of Express VPN is known as Network Lock. It has a three-step working mechanism.

Firstly, it scans your change of IP address and the connection to the server. Secondly, it blocks traffic from leaving or coming into your device when it sees a VPN shutdown. Thirdly, it unblocks the network traffic when the connection to the VPN server is restored.

Best-in-class encryption

VPN Express comes with AES-256-bit encryption, which is military-grade and used by almost all leading security agencies in the world. Further, its built-in Lightway and other protocols (OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, IKEv2, PPTP, SSTP) offer powerful encryption for the traffic between your device and the VPN server.

In addition, the server authentication certificate, HMAC authentication, control channel, and data-channel encryption ensure maximum protection against data theft.

Threat Manager

Threat Manager stops the interaction between the websites and applications on your device with any third-party entity that tracks online activities. In other words, this feature stops communication of your device with servers on the blocklist.

These servers are featured on the blocklist as they track online activities or do malicious functions. Further, the blocklist gets updated each time a new version of the application is launched.

Private DNS

With private DNS on every server on Express VPN, no third party will get to know about your DNS requests. Further, this VPN does not keep a log of your online activity. So, the question of your DNS activities getting leaked does not arise.

In addition, with private DNS on every server, the response time to DNS requests will become faster, and the chances of DNS hijacking and blocking will be gone.

TrustedServer technology

Independently audited by KPMG and Cure53, the TrustedServer technology is a stand-out privacy policy of Express VPN. Thanks to this technology, all the servers work on random memory. So, servers do not write or store any user data on the hard drive, eliminating the scope for data leakage.

Further, every time a server starts up, the complete software stack gets reinstalled. In addition, with this feature, the VPN gets to know each activity on every server and maintains consistency.

No activity and connection log

This VPN does not store browsing history, real and VPN-assigned IP address, DNS queries, metadata, or traffic destination of any user. It is also audited by PwC for its no-log policy.

In-built Lightway protocol

The Lightway protocol makes Express VPN one of the best names in the market. This protocol ensures that your connection is the fastest. Also, with wolfSSL cryptography library of this protocol makes the VPN better in transparency, security, and performance.

Defeating ISP throttling

Your ISP or internet service provider can throttle your traffic based on your use of data over a certain span of time. As a result, you may experience a drop in speed. However, with powerful encryption and tunneling, the VPN will not allow your ISP to control your bandwidth.

Unlimited bandwidth

You can forget about your daily or monthly data caps when you are using this VPN. As your ISP fails to know how much data you are using, you can now enjoy unlimited downloads without compromising your privacy.

Parallel connections

With a single VPN account, ExpressVPN India is offering security to 5 devices at a time. So, it can help you stream, browse, play, download, and work safely on different devices.

The feature of parallel connections has made setting up the VPN application easier and faster, even in the most restrictive conditions. Thanks to the Lightway protocol, the VPN app now works parallelly in all the ways at the same time to find out the way that works to get connected to the VPN.


ExpressVPN Keys is the latest feature of ExpressVPN. Keys is a password manager allows you to connect to websites and applications using a single click. Further, you can generate a strong password with its help as many times and on as many devices as you want. This password manager comes free with an Express VPN subscription.

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Express VPN for Windows

The Express VPN app for Windows is a favorite among users as it has an easy and traditional interface. So, a user can easily manage the setup and the VPN app operation on their own. Further, there is a big “On/Off” button. You can press it to activate or deactivate your service.

VPN Express Interface

Also, you can get to know about the current server from the status display. You can even use the “Choose Location” button to pick any other server location. In addition, there is a “Menu” button at the top left, and you can use it to get quick access to other features.

The Windows client always shows the 3 most suitable server locations. It picks 3 servers based on which one is the closest, the one chosen on the list now, and the server location connected last time. Therefore, it helps you get rid of the hassle of opening a location list, searching, filtering, or sorting it.

All you need to do is click on the chosen server and start operating within seconds. You can even add locations to your “Favorites” list to get connected faster when you use the VPN app the next time.

The VPN app for Windows has its own tray icon. You can right-click on the tray icon to see a menu, including the last 3 server locations you were connected to. You can pick and connect to any of those without opening the full app.

ExpressVPN in Windows



This VPN app for Windows has an easy dialogue for setting. So, you can pick Lightway or OpenVPN. Further, once you choose the protocol, there will be no data or IP leak. Its Kill Switch mechanism will protect your privacy even if the connection drops for a while.

The Kill Switch gets activated by default. We checked the efficacy of this Kill Switch mechanism ourselves and found it extremely efficient.

One more impressive thing about this app is how it supports split tunneling. In this way, you get to decide which apps you need to use VPN and which apps need your local internet connection. Therefore, there is never a bandwidth issue, and you can optimize your online experience.

How to Use ExpressVPN App for Windows PC

Using the ExpressVPN India app for Windows is very easy. You just have to follow the simple step-by-step process.

  1. Visit the order page and subscribe to this VPN.
  2. Then, download and install the app on your Windows PC.
  3. Next, pick and connect to a server location.
  4. Start your online activities.
  5. In case the app is not working, get in touch with the support team.

Other Apps of ExpressVPN

This VPN has different applications for almost every device and operating system. You can download this VPN app for Windows, MAC, Android, iOS, Linux, Routers, Chromebook, and Kindle Fire. Further, it comes with extensions for browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Vivaldi.

Among smart TV systems, it works with Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung SMART TV, Roku, Chromecast, NVIDIA SHIELD, and Android TV. Further, it works with Playstation, XBOX, and NINTENDO SWITCH.

Other Apps of Express VPN

ExpressVPN Review Test Results

We know that speed is an important factor when we talk about a VPN’s performance. Further, factors like the traffic on a VPN server, ISP, the distance between the connected server and the device, and region-specific restrictions on bandwidth impact the speed of a VPN connection.

Speed Test

We did an Express VPN speed test on Ligtway and OpenVPN protocols. On Lightway, Express VPN gave 475 Mbps speed in the USA. Further, on OpenVPN protocol, it gave around 355 Mbps speed in the same location.

DNS Leaks and Torrent Test

For testing DNS leaks and torrenting, we assessed factors like IP address leaks (IPv4 and IPv6), WebRTC leaks with, and DNS leaks. We found that Express VPN routes both Ipv4 and Ipv6 traffic on each device, including the ones with Windows 10 OS. Further, the WebRTC protocol of video and voice chats is perfectly tunneled by the VPN.

In addition, we found out that the VPN offers something much beyond usual DNS leak protection. It has private DNS on every server. As we tested the VPN apps for PCs and mobiles on many testing websites, we could not find any DNS leak.

ExpressVPN Review of Customer Service

Express VPN offers customer support on a 24*7 basis with its live chat feature. Further, you can email them at for correspondence. When we emailed them our queries many times, we got a response within 1 hour on average.

Further, this VPN comes with a dedicated FAQ section and many educational blogs on this website. You can go through them to clear up your confusion regarding the service.

Comparison with Other Service Providers

If we talk about our assessment of the best VPNs in the market today, Express VPN always tops the list. We have assessed each service provider on factors like server coverage, privacy, safety features, ability to bypass Geo-blocking, speed, etc. At the end of this 360-degree assessment, Express VPN has defeated the other service providers in the list for its unmatched safety and speed.

ExpressVPN vs CyberGhost

CyberGhost is better than Express VPN in server coverage and almost equal in bypassing Geo-blocking. But Express VPN leaves it miles behind in privacy, security, and speed, thanks to its in-built Lightway protocol.

ExpressVPN vs Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access, is inferior to Express VPN in speed, security, unblocking streaming sites, etc. Further, Express VPN comes with advanced obfuscation technology, which Private Internet Access does not have.


Can I use ExpressVPN for free?

Yes, you can use Express VPN for free, as it comes with a 7-day free trial for Android and iOS mobile users and a 30-day money-back guarantee for all users. If you do not want to continue the service after the free trial, you will have to place the refund request to the support team within 30 days of the purchase.

You will need to answer no questions, and you will receive the refund within 1 to 5 business days.

Is ExpressVPN legal and safe?

Yes, barring a few countries, using Express VPN is completely legal. For example, countries like China, Russia, North Korea, Iraq, Turkey, Uganda, etc., have banned the use of VPNs. However, Express VPN comes with obfuscation technology. So, it does not let anyone separate between original traffic and VPN encrypted traffic.

Therefore, even in countries where VPN is banned, it can function. Especially, it works pretty well in China.

In terms of safety, Express VPN has no match. It uses military-grade encryption, the best tunneling protocol in the business, and follows a no-log policy. Further, it is independently audited by renowned names like PwC, Cure53, etc.

Is ExpressVPN available in India?

Express VPN works brilliantly in India. However, this VPN does not have physical servers in India, as the Indian government wants every VPN service to track and store user data. Tracking and storing user data is beyond the no-log policy of this VPN.

Still, users can very much use this service in India as it has virtual servers providing Indian IP addresses in Singapore and the UK.

Is ExpressVPN available in China?

Express VPN works in China. In our many tests, we have seen that it can overcome the Great Firewall of China. Its strong obfuscation technology probably helps it get through the country’s most stringent internet censorship. Further, when we used the app, we did not need to make any additional setups. It worked fine on the default setting.

Will ExpressVPN bypass Netflix?

Yes, Express VPN officially states that it can bypass Netflix. Netflix applies Geo-blocking and allows access to country-specific content libraries only. However, this VPN can help your mask your actual IP and assign you a new IP to bypass the imposed Geo-blocking and stream the site.

Further, Express VPN’s obfuscation technology works great against the advanced detection mechanism of Netflix.

Will ExpressVPN slow my internet connection?

No, Express VPN will not slow down your internet connection. On the contrary, you can expect fast speed while streaming, browsing, gaming, and torrenting using this VPN. First of all, most of its servers are speed optimized. Secondly, its advanced Lightway protocol is unmatched in its performance.

With the protocol’s powerful tunneling and encryption, you can easily avoid the throttling of your internet service provider. In other words, your ISP will never get to know how much data you are using within a specific span. So, the ISP will not be able to reduce the bandwidth.

Thirdly, Express VPN has many servers. So, there will never be overcrowding on a handful of servers. This is especially handy while playing games. If the servers are not crowded, the ping rate and lag will never shoot up to lower the speed.

How much ExpressVPN cost?

Express VPN Price depends on the package you choose. The monthly package comes at $12.95. The six-month package costs $9.99 every month. Finally, the yearly package comes at $6.67 per month with a 49% discount and 3 months free subscription.

All the packages come with a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Conclusion of ExpressVPN review

Summing up, we can say that Express VPN is a brilliant VPN service, offering a 360-degree solution for maintaining online safety and anonymity. Further, its wide server base and versatile compatibility make it one of the most preferred VPN services in the market. The other features and speed and DNS leak test results we have shared also vouch for the VPN’s authenticity, consistency, and reliability.

So, we highly recommend using ExpressVPN on your favorite device(s) to redefine your online experience. Happy streaming!

9.8 Total Score
Express VPN Review 2024

ExpressVPN is a complete VPN solution that meets diverse needs. It is suitable for all those who need an easy-to-use VPN to protect their internet connection, watch streaming TV and download torrents on all their devices without limits. You'll get what you pay for!

Privacy and Security
Speed and Performance
Value for money
Ease of use
  • High-speed connection
  • Wide selection of countries covered
  • Native app for iPhone and Android
  • P2P and BitTorrent allowed, with no logs
  • User-friendly
  • More expensive than other VPNs
  • Few configuration options
  • No built-in firewall (NAT firewall)
  • No IP binding
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