ProtonVPN Review 2020 – Know About Pros and Cons before ProtonVPN Download


Reviews that I’m sharing here are written by me or I accept reviews like ProtonVPN Reviews from users. I say clearly they are not influenced by VPN companies. Here, I am sharing the details of ProtonVPN (specifically regarding Proton VPN India) to help you in making the right decision, whether you should use this VPN service or not. Before starting the download ProtonVPN for Chrome or the ProtonVPN download for PC, go through the details in this ProtonVPN Review, know about the server locations, number of servers, protocol and other details like access to Netflix and other options.

For internet users, who are more concerned about privacy, want to fight with the exponential growth of data-stealing, cyber-crime and a lot more, ProtonMail has come with its amazing and visionary plan that includes mail and VPN is the perfect deal with you. ProtonVPN is the invention of ProtonMail – the world’s largest encrypted email network – developed by the same CERN Scientist and Harvard Physics PhD brains behind this big brand. This free-to-paid and encrypted internet privacy service fit well in one space – that is called VPN space. Here is the ProtonVPN Review that is based on a testing process that includes OpenVPN protocol, encryption connection standards, speed, security, pricing and more.

Number of Servers and Locations

In my research for this ProtonVPN Review, I found that ProtonVPN has more than 350 servers in 32 countries. Plenty of server locations for you to initiate your protonvpn download and/or try out their ProtonVPN free trial, and they even have locations to support Proton VPN India servers.

Support and Torrenting

It provides you with support or custom care through the ticket system and decent response times. Torrenting is limited.

Netflix and Encryption or Protocol

During my tests for this ProtonVPN Review, I found that a certain number of servers unblocks Geo-blocking and Netflix too (which is a service a lot of users are searching for, specially Proton VPN India users). You will get AES 256, OpenVPN Encryption and Protocol.

What Are the Pros and Cons of ProtonVPN – Essential to Know before ProtonVPN Download?


Choosing the right VPN service is important for data protection, but making the right decision over the name of one is important that is based on various things. Before starting your ProtonVPN download, here is a note about pros and cons (Note these pros and cons arn’t specific to Proton VPN India, but to the ProtonVPN Review in general) :

  • ProtonVPN works well with Netflix
  • It comes with industry standard protocols & encryption
  • No log files
  • You can get free version (also known as their ProtonVPN free trial)

There are also some draw-backs associated with ProtonVPN that include no real support, limited Torrenting unfinished product. These drawbacks are even easier to notice if you’re not using their paid version but rather their ProtonVPN free trial. For this ProtonVPN Review, we’ve tried them both during our ProtonVPN Review tests to give you additional insight.

Can I Have a Better Alternative of ProtonVPN?

You can also choose the right alternative of ProtonVPN that include ExpressVPN, SurfShark, NordVPN and different others. And most should have free trials for you to try out, such as the ProtonVPN free trial.

ProtonVPN – What Are the Benefits?

Started by the industry experts, ProtonVPN comes with amazing protocol and encryption standards that will be top-notch. From customer services to rock-solid connections, everything is amazing with ProtonVPN. And just in case you’re not ready to pull the trigger, you can always try it out first with their ProtonVPN free trial.

What is the Security and Privacy Standard?

You will show your interest in ProtonVPN download after knowing about its exceptional security & privacy standards – equipped with OpenVPN (UDP/TCP) and IKEv2 – the advanced protocol. Not to mention AES-256 encryption that will surely persuade you to look for the services for something more. It ensures that hackers will look for other ways of breaking in like trying your passwords.

No Logging Policy

ProtonVPN comes with strict no-log policies (and this includes Proton VPN India services). The VPN Service provider has mentioned in website that your VPN connection will remain private and don’t store information about your connection or the website you visit. They only store a single timestamp of your accounts most recent login. They don’t store information about where you signed in form, how long you were logged in or where you logged in from. Their No-Log policy is really amazing that works and provides you with complete relaxation in terms of data protection.

Customer Support –Ticket Based Support System

Like different other VPN service providers, ProtonVPN also offers ticket-based customer support system. However, the plus point is that it takes hardly 24 hours to hit inbox with reply. You will get support through ticket based system, but in the shortest possible time. During my ProtonVPN Review tests; I didn’t find more about customer base. My personal experience was good for customer support.

Easy to Install

The main point that many Proton VPN India users like, and it will also persuade you to download ProtonVPN for PC or ProtonVPN for chrome is easy to install and use support. It is far easier to download and install to use in proper way. It comes with great ease of use, once you get accustomed to its busy dashboard. Follow a few simple steps and you will be able to download it in successful way, both the ProtonVPN free trial and/or the full version. First time users get a tour of its interface that is helpful as you will see momentarily and get assistance in use in right way. You can easily create profiles that allow you save your setting to go back to them, whenever you want. It is an ideal way for Netflix users, who want to stay, connected to their favorite programs. After set your profile, make clicks to hold onto any of severs that you want to connect without having to sift through the list to find them again. You will also get information about ProtonVPN Secure Core that will take you to another level of security onto your browsing session. It is noted that it is available to subscribe the right plan.

Secure Connection That Impressed Me More

The best part of this ProtonVPN review is that it comes with leak-free connection. Whilst I’m not entirely sure if the leak-free connection is just as good in the protonvpn free trial as it is in their paid service; there is no denying the fact that DNS and Web-RTC leaks can accidently expose your true IP address. It may happen due to connection conflicts that open a teeny, tiny hole for your data to dribble through. It keeps your connection secure and keeps your ISP, government and hackers to stay away from your privacy.

Though, I can say that as a proton VPN India user; ProtonVPN connection is leak-free in every test I tried and did for this ProtonVPN Review. It also comes with no WebRTC leaks. I also ran install files through different sites like and found completely free of malicious software.

Servers That Worked for Netflix

What often persuades users for ProtonVPN download is the connectivity of servers to unblock Netflix. It has one server out of five that works for Netflix. You can see different VPNs that often utter about their servers that work for Netflix. However, reality is far different from what they say about unblocking Netflix. On the other side, Netflix is constantly trying to stop VPNs in their tracks, blocking access to its geo-locked content. You will get all Netflix content that is unique to the area in which it is accessed. In order to make their privacy secure and advanced, Netflix has certain deals in place with content providers to bring different shows and movies to different areas of the globe.

Users, who are in the United States, Netflix list would look different from someone trying to watch in other nations. Their main motive is to stop unwanted flow of its restricted content. For this, Netflix has unleashed VPN detection and blocking system upon the internet. ProtonVPN has certain servers that can unblock Netflix to keep you entertained or watch your favorite shows. I tested different servers from Netherlands, Canada, and UK and in the US. I found one out of all them connected to the Netflix service during my testing for this ProtonVPN Review.

What Are the Plans, Pricing and Payment Method of Using ProtonVPN

When you go to initiate the Protonvpn download. You can choose the right plan out of 4 plans that are offered at discounted rates (if you pay annually).

You can also get free VPN at zero cost per month with servers that are in The Netherlands, USA and Japan. You will not get any extra feature of using free services. However, you can unlock a free seven days trial of paid plans.

Monthly charges of paid plans are reasonable – just $4 per month. You will get good speed and with connectivity to two simultaneous devices.

Another plan is available at the cost of $8 per month that provides you connectivity to up to 5 devices and high speed that will surprise you. In addition, you will also get access to plus, secure core and Tor servers.

You can make a payment via any convenient mode of payment like Credit Card, PayPal, and different others. It comes with 30 days money back guarantee.

What Makes ProtonVPN Users to Search for Alternative?

There are some cons too that are associated with ProtovonVPN. Before download ProtonVPN, it is better to know about the cons like limited protocols – OpenVPN only. It comes with limited torrenting that is another drawback or may persuade you to look for other VPNs.

It comes with limited device compatibility that means you can connect devices as per the plan you choose.
Server speed is too slow to maintain. You may found yourself in a situation to switch to other service provider after getting so much delay. Its location is in Switzerland that is another drawback as government bodies may have control over privacy.

Summary: The ProtonVPN review is based on user experience and using it depends on your choice and requirement. ProtonVPN features are awesome with amazing connection and privacy at its best with unblocking Netflix to certain servers. Privacy is at its best level as it is Switzerland based company. If you choose any annual plan, you can save more. They also offer you 7 days free-trial for their paid plan. I recommend you its name, if your uses are limited. And that, ends my summary of my ProtonVPN Review.

7.2 Total Score

Privacy and Security
Speed and Performances
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Strong encryption
  • Based in Switzerland
  • No-logging policy, no leaks
  • Secure core servers
  • Good speeds
  • Not the cheapest VPN
  • Limited number of servers
  • No 24/7 live chat support
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