How to watch Live Cricket Online?

With today’s technology, there are no shortages of different ways to watch your favourite sport. If you can’t watch it in the stadium, you can do it at your home via TV. If the TV isn’t working, you have the streaming services. So, basically, the possibilities are endless when it comes to mediums through which you can enjoy your sport. Are you a cricket fan who wants to watch live cricket? Then this article is for you. This article will help you understand how to watch cricket live online. You will get to know how Virtual Private Network (VPN) can help you access live cricket streaming and find the best live cricket VPN.

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Why we need a VPN to watch Cricket?

If you are in India, then you can stream live cricket matches by subscribing to the official broadcaster. However, things aren’t simple if you are outside India.

watch cricket

However, you need not worry because there’s a quick solution to your streaming problems- VPN. A VPN changes your IP address and enables you to enjoy live cricket streaming as if you were in India.

This is how it works – a VPN is a service running VPN servers across the world. It makes you anchor your Internet connection to any of the countries by routing your traffic through another server in that location.

Let us suppose you want to spoof into India to watch live cricket online through Airtel TV or Hotstar. You will need to connect to a VPN server, located in India. When you move over to the portal, you’ll now have an Indian IP address. Now all sites will identify you as a regular user coming in India.

The Best VPNs to watch live Cricket

When you are looking for a VPN to watch cricket matches, you’ll find tons of different tools to choose from. You’ll definitely get confused. It’ll take you some time to choose a VPN to watch cricket outside the countries where it is officially broadcasted. Just go through the following list to get a clear idea of the best VPN to watch live cricket.

Out of all these live cricket streaming VPN providers, we recommend ExpressVPN. It is one of the fastest and the most reliable VPN service for live cricket streaming. This will allow you to bypass the streaming service’s restrictions to watch live cricket matches.

How to watch live Cricket using VPN

  • Buy VPN subscription; then install your VPN client.
  • Launch it. Connect to any server in the country of your choice (to stream with Hotstar connect with India, for Willow TV connect with the USA, for NOW TV connect with the UK and so on).
  • Clear your browser’s cookies and caches.
  • Go to your streaming site. You are ready and all set to enjoy live cricket streaming online.

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Can I use a free VPN to watch Cricket?

Free VPNs are not advised. They come with little or no encryption. Chances are that they might sell your activity data to third parties (as they need to earn as well).

Also, most of them won’t be able to bypass the geo-restrictions of the streaming service. Let’s look at some reasons why it’s not advisable to use a free VPN to watch cricket online.

  1. Free VPNs compromise your security. They might contain malware that exposes you to cyber-attacks from hackers.
  2. As already mentioned, most of the free VPN services contain third-party trackers in their software which makes it easy to track your online browsing activity.
  3. Free VPN service providers limit the amount of data you can use with their tool. They also deliberately slow down your internet speed.
  4. Free VPNs bombard you with many ads all the time.

 If you’re going to use a VPN free of cost, then you can go for a VPN to watch cricket with a 30-day money-back policy. You can try out Express VPN which has a policy of 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Where to watch your favourite sport?

The online accessibility of live matches depends on the specific tournament and your geographical location. For instance, let us take the example of the Indian Premier League (IPL). In India, UK, Australia or the US, IPL is broadcasted by your official broadcasting options. So you can the matches covering IPL by subscribing to the official broadcaster in these countries


If you are in India, for the latest season, Disney+ Hotstar is the platform of for watching live broadcasts of the IPL online.

watch cricket on hotstar


The broadcaster in Australia for IPL is Fox Sports.  Fox Sports provides live action from all the IPL matches.

United Kingdom

Broadcast rights in the UK now solely rest on Skysports which now have exclusive rights to cover live matches of the tournament for the region.

watch cricket on skysports

United States

To watch the matches, cricket fans in the US can subscribe to Willow TV if they wish to enjoy live IPL matches.  It is the country’s dedicated live cricket channel. It is also available in Canada.  A number of cable providers including Dish, Spectrum, Xfinity, Verizon Fios, etc. provide this channel.

watch cricket on willow

But if you’re outside the above-mentioned countries and are still wanting to watch some matches, your only option is to take up a VPN for some live cricket streaming.

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Will I be able to use the Willow TV outside US if I am a premium subscriber?

If you are a subscriber for Willow TV or the NOW TV in the US or UK respectively, but are currently you are outside the country, then, you can’t access your premium stream.

Are there are other benefits of VPN other than live cricket streaming?

Yes there is. VPN provides you with privacy and security while you are browsing the internet. It also helps in P2P sharing.

If I’m not satisfied with a VPN service provider, can I cancel and get a refund?

Yes, you can if you cancel the subscription within the first 30 days. A lot of VPN service providers have a 30-day money-back guarantee policy where they refund your money if you are not satisfied with their services and cancel the subscription within the first 30 days.


So if you are a cricket fan and your country is not officially broadcasting some matches you’d want to watch, no need to worry. Get a VPN. They come cheap and have tons of benefits other than live streaming of matches to watch live cricket. So, there is no excuse. Don’t make it too late. Get your VPN subscription at the earliest and enjoy the benefits of the internet without threat of malware or geographical restrictions.

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