How to Watch IPL Live Stream from Anywhere in 2024

Indian Premier League is a sensation among cricket lovers across the globe. The glitz! The glamor! And the power-packed performances! This domestic T-20 league has everything to keep the viewers intrigued. Every year, this professional league comprises a host of group matches, 2 qualifiers, 1 eliminator, and 1 final. Each team participating in this event represents a different city and the contest takes place during April and May of every year. However, the league founded by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) resonates with the united soul of the country or, in a broader sense, the true spirit of cricket. So, want to know where to watch IPL live stream? Then, read on.

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How to Watch IPL Live Stream in India?

Well, IPL is like a yearly festival for the cricket lover of India and the Indian subcontinent. It also has an economic significance, and contributes to the development of domestic cricket in India. Along with the big international names, each team has players who have proved themselves in Indian domestic cricket. So, people from all walks of life want to watch IPL in India. The official broadcaster of IPL in India is Star Sports. Even the fans of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, and Nepal can enjoy the matches on this channel.

ipl live stream

Can I Watch IPL Live Stream Online in India

Yes, you can watch IPL live stream online in India. You can enjoy the matches on Disney + Hotstar OTT platform. However, you have to pay subscription charges to watch IPL live stream on this platform. You can make your choice between the two options called Hotstar VIP pack and Disney + Hotstar Premium Pack. The charge for the VIP pack is Rs. 399 per year, while the fee for the Premium pack is Rs. 1,499 per year.

Watch IPL Live Stream on Reliance Jio:

There are some other options also to watch IPL live stream in India on the digital platform. You can enjoy the Indian Premier League live stream even on Reliance Jio by picking the most suitable recharge option if you are a prepaid Jio user. Also, you can opt for a bundle subscription with Reliance JioFiber Unlimited Plans to make the most of IPL live streaming India.

Choose Airtel Ticket to Cricket to Watch IPL Live Stream

Airtel has also come up with a great offer for its prepaid users. So, you can pick one from the multiple recharge options to watch IPL live stream on Hotstar.

Good News for Vodafone Subscribers:

Vodafone has announced a strategic partnership with Hotstar in India. You can buy their recharge pack to watch IPL live stream in India on Hotstar and enjoy a one-year free subscription for this streaming platform.

In case you don’t have any of these options and want to watch live stream IPL on any foreign channel or a digital platform that is restricted in India, get a VPN. It will help you evade censorship rules and Geo-blocking or digital restriction to enjoy live stream IPL on any platform you want. Besides, a VPN subscription will help you to enjoy IPL matches live online.

Foreign Channels to Watch IPL Live Stream:

Do you want to know how to watch IPL outside India? Well, there are various foreign channels where you can watch live stream IPL. So, let’s discuss the names.

Watch Live Stream IPL on Willow TV Channel:

The residents of the USA and Canada can watch live stream IPL on Willow TV. But you may experience restrictions while accessing it from anywhere else in the world. However, you can use a VPN to connect your connection to any server in Canada or the USA to watch live stream IPL.

Sky Sports Cricket Will Broadcast Live Stream IPL in the UK and Ireland:

The patrons of the UK and Ireland can enjoy live streaming IPL on Sky Sports Cricket. But if you want to watch IPL on this channel from India, you will need a VPN.

Watch Live Stream IPL on SuperSport:

The cricket fans of Sub-Saharan Africa will get to watch live stream IPL on SuperSport. Want to watch live stream IPL on SuperSport in India? Get a VPN.

ipl live stream supersport

Paid and Free Digital Platforms to Watch Live Stream IPL

If you have a reliable VPN connection, the options to watch IPL live on the digital platform will be endless for you. There are various paid and free digital platforms to enjoy IPL live streaming in India and abroad. Have a look at some of the popular names.


It is the largest paid OTT platform if you want to know how to watch IPL online. It is accessible by Southeast Asian countries (except Malaysia and Singapore), Australia, and other countries (total 100+). If you can’t enjoy IPL live streaming in India on YuppTV, use a VPN.

SuperSport Digital Platform:

You can enjoy IPL live streaming in India on SuperSport if you have a VPN connection. It will broadcast the matches for the people of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Watch IPL Live Online India Free on OreoTv Live:

Want to know how to watch IPL for free? Choose OreoTV. It is not an official broadcaster but a popular platform for IPL streaming. If this site is banned in your country, get a VPN.

Thop Live Cricket:

If you ask me how to watch IPL live free on mobile, I will suggest the name of Thop Live Cricket. However, standard data charges may apply.

The internet will also be filled with links to various sites to watch IPL online India. Don’t get worried if those are restricted in your country because getting a VPN will help you supersede all the restrictions.

Use a VPN to Enjoy IPL live streaming in India

watch ipl live stream with vpn

You will need a VPN to enjoy IPL live streaming in India without any disturbance. Various channels and digital platforms are banned in India owing to a strict censorship policy. Besides, many broadcasters are charging unjust subscription fees taking advantage of Geo-blocking. Therefore, a VPN is essential to make your experience of IPL live streaming in India evading censorship rules.

Enjoy IPL Live Streaming in India without Streaming Hazards:

If you want to enjoy IPL live streaming in India without buffering, getting a VPN is imperative. Any external entity, including your internet service provider, will not be able to control or throttle your internet connection. So, you will experience better streaming quality and internet speed.

Supersede the Censorship Restrictions:

The channels and digital platforms for watching IPL may be banned in your workplace. Apart from national and regional censorship rules, this restriction also bugs many fans. VPN will further help you remain invisible in the eyes of network administrators and managers and enjoy IPL live streaming in India.

What is a VPN? How does it Help to Enjoy IPL Live Streaming in India ?

A virtual private network or VPN is a private network that is created out of a public internet connection. It keeps your internet activity secured and allows access to various sites. In short, it can end your worry related to censorship and broken streaming.

How to Watch IPL Safely? Is Free VPN Safe?

No, do not use a free VPN to watch IPL. You may have to face bigger problems, such as:

  1. Your data may be leaked
  2. Punishment for breaking censorship norms if the protection is not full-proof
  3. Logging and reselling your online patterns

The safest way to watch IPL is using ExpressVPN. It is the topmost VPN service provider in India in every aspect. Further, it comes with an advanced protocol called, Lightway. Also, it offers a 30-day free trial and money-back guarantee.

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Setting Up ExpressVPN

Have a look at the easy step-by-step guide to set up ExpressVPN.

  1. Choose a device
  2. Select an operating system such as Windows, Linux, Android, or iOS
  3. Sign in to your VPN account and subscribe
  4. Download and install the application

Name of Some Other Reliable VPNs

Check out the names of other reliable VPNs below.

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Additional Benefits of Using a VPN:

watch ipl live stream by vpn

Along with easy unlimited access to various streaming platforms, a VPN also provides some additional benefits.

  1. You can share the files in the safest way
  2. Enjoy improved and protected internet connection along with data safety
  3. Remote access to any device within the virtual network


Hopefully, this article has been helpful in finding the answer to your question of where to see IPL live streaming in India. So, get your most preferred VPN today and watch the matches on any platform you want. Happy Streaming!

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