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Looking to buy NordVPN India? Searching for VPN option that could offer you protection in its full might? Or just wondering what the Nordvpn price in India is? Then NordVPN can be a great option for you and welcome to this NordVPN India review! Though they entered the market a few years back, their presence is spreading fast, thanks to the accessibility of their Nordvpn free trial. This Panama based company is promoting the concept of the internet without any censorship. Panama does not support data retention law that makes it easier for the Nord to provide a safer internet to its users. Well, this is something that all VPN service providers do, but NordVPN offers better speed, and a no log policy. If you are wondering to choose NordVPN or not to choose, here we are sharing NordVPN India review to make things easier for you.

Learn what the NordVPN India pricing is, as well as what kind of NordVPN subscription India they have on offer. Welcome to my NordVPN VPN India review. We’ll cover the features, pros and cons as well as the Nordvpn cost in India and their different Nordvpn India price tiers. So, get ready to start your NordVPN VPN India free trial.

NordVPN torrenting and maximum cybersecurity

Here I’m sharing the review after the trial of NordVPN during one of my offshore visits. The latest version of the NordVPN VPN India is not just impressive due to its features and qualities but it is worth trying. No doubt it is one of the best VPN service providers of this time. They have more than 3,300 servers across 59 countries. The speed test of NordVPN is quite impressive in comparison to other VPN service providers. It can be the best pick for those who are interested in P2P and Torrenting. The reason NordVPN can give you better protection and security is this is a Panama based company and Panama does not have any data retention law.

As the number of users of the internet is growing so are concerns like cyber security, web censorship, internet privacy, and surveillance. There are many factors that need to be addressed apart from net neutrality. And that’s services such as Nordvpn VPN India and Nordvpn India are important. And it’s even more important that people get to try out their services with NordVPN free trial before they even take a look at the Nordvpn price in India.

NordVPN Price in India

nordvpn price

For those that are wondering about Nordvpn price in India: The NordVPN offers a single package with a different time duration. Keep in mind that this is different from their Nordvpn free trial. You can choose the package depending on the duration. NordVPN India has a one month offer, 2 year plan, and 1-year plan. The 2 year plan is offered at a highly competitive price and opting for a longer duration of time will help you in earning more savings as well. So, here is your chance to protect your privacy at a throwaway price. NordVPN can be expensive for 1-month subscribers, so make sure you take advantage of NordVPN VPN India’s NordVPN free trial..

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NordVPN VPN India offers 30-days money-back guarantee to its users. This is a great addition to their reasonable NordVPN price in India after their Nordvpn free trial. After the NordVPN free trial; Use it for a month and if you are not satisfied with the service or package you can drop the plan and can request for money back, or just continue with the plan and stay safe in the virtual world. If you opt for a short plan, then it is expensive, but if you opt for annual or 2 year plan, then it is one of the most economical VPN service providers for you. And if you’re still unsure about the Nordvpn price in India, remember that you can always try their NordVPN free trial.

The VPN in details

Characteristic Value
Strict no-log policy? Yes, you're safe
Is this provider good for torrenting? Yes, it's good for P2P and torrents
Unblockable Netflix catalogues US, UK, CA, AU, DE, FR
How many simultaneous connections are available? This provider allows 6 multi-logins
Server locations Over 59
Supported OS and devices Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS
Does it have a refund policy? Yes, the money-back guarantee lasts up to 30 days
Supported protocols WireGuard, OpenVPN (UDP/TCP), IKEv2/Ipsec
Unlimited bandwidth? Yes
Type of VPN encryption Military AES 256 bits encryption
Number of IP Addresses The company doesn't disclose that info
Number of VPN Servers? Over 5,435

Ultra Fast TV for streaming and online gaming

Experience fastest HD streaming or online game with NordVPN’s ultra-fast TV server. Designed exclusively for those who love streaming? You can now watch Netflix USA or play an online game without compromising on the speed. The server located in the USA and UK is the fastest and they are apt for live streaming and online gaming. For those who have opted for VPN for gaming are advised to configure VPN connection manually. NordVPN works pretty well with Netflix. A user can browse all Netflix catalog and could pick Netflix of their choice, even in the Nordvpn free trial.

Logs and NAT firewall

NordVPN vpn India is serious for its commitments and to provide completely secure browsing experience to its users they do not maintain any type of log of user activity and all NordVPN servers have a NAT firewall for better safety of the users.

NordVPN, Torrent and P2P

NordVPN does not support port forwarding, but it is suitable for P2P and torrenting. The downloading is slow with open VPN. Users are suggested to setup connection with PPTP protocol. Though it might prove a heavy task for those who less tech-savvy, it can help you in enjoying better download speed. You can set configuration manually for the following server Brazil, Romania, Iceland, Isle of Man, Israel, Russia, Sweden, Lithuania, Hong Kong, Netherlands, New Zealand, Canada, and South Africa.

Dedicated IPs: want to make your activity more protected? Well, you can choose a dedicated IP for more security. NordVPN UK offers dedicated IP as well. The user has to pay extra for the dedicated IP. After the payment, the user can get an IP address from any of the servers located in the United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Double VPN for a double protection

NordVPN has taken the security of its internet users a level up. They offer a double VPN for a higher level of data encryption. It works like a multi-hop network. The double VPN is the process where the data is encrypted two times before reaching your device from the internet. They have many double VPN servers. Check out the list for the double VPN server here and choose the server. How double VPN works? If you have opted for the double VPN server then you will be first connected to the Dutch server, then the Austrian server before being connected to the internet.

Tor over VPN for the ultimate protection:

You can now get protection against traffic analysis with Tor software (even in the Nordvpn free trial). Traffic analysis is more like network surveillance and it is against personal privacy and confidential business activities. NordVPN offers tor protection. It is available in Sweden and Latvia server. The data is first encrypted by the NordVPN, this encrypted packet pass through Tor hops before reaching the user’s device. Though Tor ensures better protection, it compromises with speed as data has to go through 2 VPN servers. Tor hop is suggested for those who are wishing to browse the deep web.

CyberSec: Block ads and malware:

The concept of a VPN is to block the censorship in any form but cybersec the ad blocker add-on is designed to make your safety and privacy stronger. Cybersec can be a great pick for those who find it hard to differentiate the good link and bad link and hit the links without considering the consequences. The CyberSec block links that direct towards a fake website. So you can keep yourself safe from phishing scams and botnets!

Windows client: A clear interface

nordvpn interface

The NordVPN has done great work with the client software. On launching the app you will hit a map with all the server locations. Each country is pinned and by clicking the pin you will get connected to the server of the pinned country.

For more information click the Servers tab and get access to the list of the servers. The top of the list has a special server followed by all server country wise. You can find details such as the load on the server and distance. It also shows download and upload speed. The special server includes Double VPN, Ultra Fast TV, and Dedicated IP Onion over VPN, Anti DDoS and P2P servers.

A few must-have settings:

nordvpn settings

To make your stay with the Nord more secure user has to follow certain essential settings. So when you are using their Nordvpn free trial; the first thing that they have to do is to launch windows start-up. On launching the software you can opt for a selective kill switch. The user can set kill switch to close certain application during the time of trouble in VPN.

Easy advanced settings

The setting window has an advanced setting option at the bottom. Click to show advanced setting to access more options. There you can find stuff like Access to proprietary DNS servers

Protocol selection: Open VPN/UDP or Open VPN TCP

The VPN Nord native apps

nordvpn ios nordvpn android


NordVPN takes good care of its clients. They have designed native applications for each platform. One can experience the hassle-free user experience on Windows and Mac software, it works pretty well with mobile apps on Android and iOS.

Live Support:

NordVPN is always there to attend its users. You can rely on their support team anytime. Their live chat support is highly recommendable and it works better than email or telephone call. A great package for reasonable NordVPN price in India. And you can test all of this out before you even buy it with their Nordvpn free trial. Visit the website and you will be connected to the live chat support and get all your queries resolved quickly.

9.6 Total Score
NordVPN Review: Excellent

NordVPN is a young VPN with a lot of potentials. It is suitable for all those who need an easy-to-use and secure VPN: To fight censorship, to watch streaming TV and to download torrents and P2P. Subscribe for 1 or 2 years to get the best price.

Privacy and Security
Speed and Performance
Value for money
Ease of use
  • High-speed connection
  • NAT Firewall
  • Native app for iPhone and Android
  • 6 simultaneous devices
  • User-friendly
  • No log policy and torrent friendly
  • Monthly subscription is too expensive
  • Manual setup only for PPTP/L2TP

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