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One of the widely used VPNs in the market is Private Internet Access (PIA). It’s upholding user privacy and ensures uncompromising no-logs policy. Private Internet Access India is one of the most affordable VPN service providers in the market with their reasonable Private Internet Access pricing. So, that’s why we have come up with this PIA reviews to give you an in-depth look into Private Internet Access India. Here we’ll talk about Private Internet Access pricing, their features, user interface, customer service and much more. Let’s get started!

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Last Update Made On: 24 January 2023

About Private Internet Access India

The Private Internet Access VPN is based in the USA. This might be very well seen as a positive or a negative depending on the context.

Although the VPN is located inside the US, Private Internet Access India has policies to ensure user privacy. For instance, Private Internet Access India has a policy of no registrations during user sessions. It has a provision of allowing anonymous registrations and payments. Moreover, it has over 3000 servers located across more than 40 different cities and countries. Continue on this PIA reviews to know more about them.

Private Internet Access India Plans and Prices

Private Internet Access pricing is much better compared to other VPNs. It provides services at a real low price range and known to provide better than average performance.

private internet access price

Private Internet Access pricing can be purchased in 3 different subscription plans. All 3 plans provide the same functionality. The difference in the plans of Private Internet Access pricing is in terms of the relation between the price and time period. The price becomes cheaper if one subscribes to a plan with a longer duration of a subscription period.

The monthly charges are ₹915. Let’s look at the discounted prices of Private Internet Access pricing. On a 6-month subscription, you can avail at ₹570 per month on Private Internet Access pricing. With the two-year subscription, you can save 82 percent, paying ₹165 per month for Private Internet Access pricing.

Private Internet Access India Summary Sheet

Torrents Torrenting is allowed
Zero-Logs No logs at all
Netflix Yes. Works for the US, UK library
Supported OS Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux
Multi-login 10  simultaneous logins
Protocols OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, IKEv2 and Wire Guard
Money-back guarantee?  30-days
Traffic data Unlimited
IP Addresses Undisclosed
Encryption AES 128-bit military-grade
PIA Server List 15,000 servers

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Using the Private Internet Access India

Next up in this PIA reviews is the usability. Whenever you look for a good PIA reviews service, some of the most common questions in our minds are: can it unlock Netflix content that is otherwise geo-restricted for my location? Does it provide good download speed for my torrent activities and reliable upload speed for my other online activities? Let’s see as we move along in this PIA reviews.


Earlier one of the major setbacks for PIA VPN logs was its incapability to unblock Netflix.

private internet access netflix

However, since September 2020, we have some great news for the subscribers. PIA reviews can unblock major streaming providers including Netflix and BBC iPlayer. Moreover, it unblocks the US library and successfully unblocks popular sites such as Netflix UK, Japan and Germany. Thus, Private Internet Access India can provide Indian users to access sites which are otherwise geographically restricted.

PIA is now the perfect VPN for online video streaming and gains access to restricted sites like 123movies, Putlocker, viooz, etc. PIA reviews will protect your privacy and you can check out online content for free throughout the day.


Accessing P2P platforms and downloading stuff from them is very easy as the features provided by PIA for using torrents are very trustworthy. They claim to offer a highly reliable torrenting service. Thus, this VPN allows private internet access p2p downloading via Bit Torrent. Also, PIA logs are safe.

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Private Internet Access India features

In this review of PIA VPN, you’ve come to know about the VPN type, its capabilities to unlock content that is otherwise geo-restricted for your location and the price range. Now, let’s understand some key features of the PIA reviews to understand more about its functionality.

Windows client

The PIA for Windows VPN app comes along with a killswitch. It helps to stop leaking your data to your ISP in case the VPN connection fails. This also helps in answering the most asked question: Is PIA VPN safe? Thus, we see that PIA servers and PIA VPN locations are safe and secure to use and also trustworthy.

private internet access windows

There is no available obfuscation tech for getting around VPN firewalls (Stunnel, Obfsproxy, XOR for example). However, users can opt to disguise their TCP traffic as HTTPS traffic by sending the TCP traffic over to port 443. This will enable users in countries where VPN usage is not encouraged to bypass firewalls and conceal their VPN use. Thus, it is suitable for private internet access, India context.


People really like PIA’s apps for their user-friendly interface. The server’s selection interface is quite user-friendly. The current ping times are listed for each server location in ms. Shorter ping times mean better.

The fastest servers have ping times shown in green. Slower servers are displayed in yellow. This makes it convenient to choose the best server. There is an option to save servers to a list of ‘favourites’.

private internet access application


The VPN’s DNS or IPS leak protection is really top-notch and you can connect to PIA without touching any of the settings without having to worry too much about your data’s safety.

PIA’s got some cool advanced security features like the automatic kill switch, port forwarding, malware and tracking protection. You can access the settings on the app’s main page by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner and selecting Settings.

They have organized the interface really well. It gives you the freedom to customize your features without hassle.

PIA VPN Connection

Other applications

PIA offers a number of applications and more freedom over our online activities by offering split tunnelling on desktop apps. This feature allows us to decide which apps will gain access to the internet directly and which ones will pass through the VPN first.

With split tunnelling, we can use PIA to protect our banking info and be safe while torrenting. All this while streaming or web browsing on the same device outside the encrypted VPN tunnel. In order to activate split tunnelling, you need to click the Network tab, click App Exclusions, then add the specific programs you want to bypass the VPN.

PIA’s VPN service also includes adblocking. It is part of their MACE feature. You can easily turn it off in the settings.

For Chrome, Firefox, and Opera PIA also offers secure browser extensions. Herewith a single account you can connect up to 10 simultaneous devices. It is one of the big advantages of PIA’s service. This outweighs most of PIA’s competitors.

PIA has a kill switch that makes it more trustworthy for people who want to use torrent.

Port forwarding is another feature that allows users to improve their torrenting speeds, have remote access to their PC, access media and personal game servers on LAN, etc. All this is a great deal for the users as private Internet Access pricing is very reasonable.

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Private Internet Access India Customer service

PIA has really put in great efforts in improving its customer service and the results are there for everyone to see. Some features that are indicators of a VPN that can be trusted like the 24/7 live chat support are now available, which has helped PIA to further enhance their reputation among the consumers.

The fact that PIA cares for its customers is reflected on their website. They have built a huge knowledge base to help their customers with any problems they’ll face while using their services. From installation guides to troubleshooting walkthroughs, they have made it very easy for you to get answers for your queries.

As you have seen in this PIA reviews, you can get all the answers to almost all of your queries like private internet access how to use from the guides available on the website and if not, you can always take the help of their 24/7 live chat support.


Thus, we saw Private Internet Access is a great VPN. Now you can even stream Netflix sites which are outside the geographical jurisdictions. You can do P2P sharing as well. Plus fantastic security and support system. Reasonable in price and has a wide range of features. Moreover, if you are in a country where VPN is frowned upon, then PIA should be definitely your 1st choice.

Private Internet Access
8.7 Total Score
Affordable VPN Service

Ease of Use
Privacy and Security
Value for money
Speed and Performance
  • No logging policy
  • Unlimited bandwidth usage
  • User-friendly interface
  • Good encryption method
  • Unstable Speed
  • Ability to unblock Netflix streaming
  • Inadequate Customer Service

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