How to Watch Formula E Live Stream from Anywhere in 2023

The ninth season of the FIA Formula E World Championship is here. With the introduction of the Formula E Gen3 car, the excitement to watch Formula E live stream is even higher this time. So how about knowing important details related to Formula E live streaming from anywhere?

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Last updated on 9 July 2024

What are the Best Platforms to Watch Formula E Live Stream?

You can watch Formula E live stream on the official broadcasting channel in your country. Whether you want to watch the tournament on TV or online, there are multiple options. So, let’s give you a brief rundown on the best platforms to watch Formula E live stream.

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Watch Formula E Live Stream on Disney+Hotstar in India

You can watch Formula E live stream on Disney+Hotstar in India and Indian Subcontinent. But it is a paid platform, with a subscription starting from INR 499 for a year. It is compatible with Android Devices 4.4 and later versions, iOS 10.0, Samsung SmartTV of 2018 or later, Fire TV, Apple TV (4th generation and later), and Google Chromecast Gen 2. Having said that, even if you have any of the compatible devices and a paid subscription, Disney+Hotstar will fail to work outside the Indian subcontinent.

So, you will find the site blocked if you suddenly travel out of the country. This blocking happens because of the well-defined broadcasting rights. In other words, an official broadcaster can only show the tournament in the defined territory. Further, Geo-blocking or digital restriction does not allow anyone outside the defined territory to access the app.

Therefore, if you are outside the Indian subcontinent and want to watch the sports event on Disney+Hotstar, you will need a VPN with servers in that territory.

Watch Formula E Live Stream on Channel 4 and Eurosport in the UK

You can stream the Formula E tournament live on Eurosport in the UK. It is a paid platform, and you can watch the matches online by visiting or The subscription charges for Eurosport depend on the plan you are choosing. There is a monthly pass of £6.66. Further, a yearly pass costs you $39.99 a year.

In addition, works with Chromecast on iOS 1.14+, Chromecast on Android 1.19+, Apple TV / tvOS version 12.2 and above, AirPlay, Samsung TV with Tizen OS only 3.0+, Consoles (Xbox One and PS4), Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick. Despite versatile compatibility, both platforms only work in their defined territory because of Geo-blocking.

In the UK, you can also watch Formula E live stream on Channel 4. Channel 4 is a free-to-air channel and is available online on All 4, All 4+, and These platforms are only available in the UK.

Watch Formula E Live Stream on CBS in the United States

You can watch Formula E live stream on CBS. You can watch the tournament online on or Paramount+, previously known as CBS All Access. The Paramount+ platform’s subscription rate begins at $5.99 per month.

Along with the platforms mentioned, there are many other official broadcasting channels where you can watch Formula E live stream. Further, paid streaming sites like Hulu + Live TV, Fubo TV, DirecTV, etc.

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Formula E Live Stream Free Sites

You may find many links on the internet just before a match to watch Formula E live free. However, these are mostly malicious. To put it simply, once you click on these links, your device may be subject to malware or virus attacks. So, here we are to enlist some free channels for watching the Formula E tournament.

Watch the Formula E World Tournament on YouTube

You can watch the tournament on YouTube on any device with an internet connection. However, you can only watch the matches on YouTube if your location does not have official TV coverage. So, you may fail to watch the tournament on YouTube.

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Formula E Official Website Offers Free Streaming

You can visit the official Formula E website, to watch the tournament. You can watch the site on your computers, laptops, mobiles, and other devices with an internet connection. However, like YouTube, streaming on this site will be only available to you if there is no traditional TV coverage in your area.

Watch Formula E Live Stream on Ziggo Sport

You can watch the Formula E tournament online on the website of Ziggo Sport. You can visit on your computer and laptop to watch the tournament. However, Ziggo Sport is the official broadcaster of the tournament in the Netherlands. So, it may not be available in your location due to Geo-blocking. In such cases, you will need a VPN with servers in the Netherlands to get access.

Despite the availability of many free streaming sites to watch the Formula E world tournament, these channels are often not accessible everywhere. Most of them work only within a particular territory due to broadcasting rights and digital restrictions. But there is a solution to this problem. You keep reading our next sections, where we will address the problem and suggest a solution.

Why Do Streaming Sites Do Not Work Outside the Availability Zone?

First of all, Geo-blocking or digital restriction is the main reason why you don’t get access to various sites based on your location. Further, Geo-blocking is a technology where access to any online content is denied depending on the user’s location.

Almost all streaming sites today use this technology to read your IP address, which tells where you are located. After reading your IP address, if they find that you are operating within the permitted territory, they will allow you access. Otherwise, your access will be denied.

Further, broadcasters have to abide by this Geo-blocking norm due to the presence of a strict contract between them and Formula E authorities. Also, sometimes, the governments of various countries impose bans on certain sites due to their policies.

So, what is the way to overcome these problems? You should get connected to a VPN for redirecting and encrypting your traffic for accessing any site you want. However, many streaming sites today have advanced traffic detection technology. To put it simply, they can track traffic even when coming through a VPN. So, you need a powerful VPN like ExpressVPN with obfuscated servers to unblock restricted sites.

Why Do I Need a VPN to Unblock the Sites Showing the Formula E World Tournament?

You need a VPN to watch Formula E live stream for accessibility, safety, privacy, and speed. Once you use a VPN, it will work as a mediating entity between your internet connection and device. Further, once you connect to the chosen VPN’s server, you will get a new IP from the server. In addition, your IP address will be hidden, and the server will then redirect your traffic.

Here, please make a note that you need to choose a server location where the channel you want to access works. In this way, it will appear to the streaming site that your traffic is coming from a permitted zone by reading the IP address assigned by the VPN’s server. So, the site will give you access. Also, leading VPNs like ExpressVPN have specialty servers so that the traffic coming through them cannot be detected even with the most advanced detection technology.

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Furthermore, a VPN with private DNS on every server will block DNS requests from third parties. So, unwanted third parties will never be able to track your IP from Domain Name System or DNS. Above all, you will remain protected through Network Lock or Kill Switch mechanism even if the connection to the VPN is lost for a while.

VPNs will have powerful encryption standards, and protocol will also protect your online data through coding. So, hackers and spammers will fail to access or steal your data. The VPN will keep your logging patterns and browsing data safe as you stream the Formula E tournament. Moreover, the VPN will ensure a good streaming speed by keeping your traffic out of throttling measures.

How You Can Unblock a Streaming Site with a VPN

You can access any streaming site you want by using a VPN. Here is a step-by-step guide for using a VPN to watch Formula E matches.

  1. First, select a VPN that is reliable and offers optimum safety. We would advise choosing ExpressVPN as it has servers in various parts of the world and ensures complete online anonymity.
  2. Then, download the VPN app on your device. Make sure that you are downloading the app according to your device and its operating system.
  3. Further, create an account. Once the account is created, you can go through the various pricing plans to make payments to the chosen plan and subscribe to it.
  4. Next, use your credentials to log into your account and choose a server location where the site you want to stream is available. For example, if you are outside India, you can connect to an Indian server and watch the tournament on Disney+Hotstar.
  5. There you go! You are ready to stream the tournament online on your chosen site, and you can even enjoy the tournament by downloading the app version of the channel on your device.

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Watch Formula E Live Stream with ExpressVPN Free Trial

You can take advantage of the ExpressVPN free trial and money-back guarantee to watch Formula E online free. ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing every user to get a complete refund if they are not satisfied with the VPN service. No questions will be asked to process the refund.

In addition, ExpressVPN offers a 7-day free trial for Android and iOS mobile users. With ExpressVPN free trial, you can watch Formula E free live stream from anywhere.

Best VPNs to Watch the Formula E World Tournament Live

Finding the best VPN for watching Formula E matches has not been easy for us. We have assessed many services because we follow a 360-degree approach to finding the best service. Finally, we have found the following service providers, which excel in their number of servers, security protocol, encryption standard, and speed. Here is your list.

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With a server presence in 94 countries, ExpressVPN tops our list. Further, its speed-optimized servers with TrustedServer technology ensure that your browsing patterns and logging information are not tracked or stored. Also, the obfuscated servers ensure that your online traffic flowing through the VPN never gets detected.

ExpressVPN is even the best in IP protection and safeguarding your confidential data. Its encryption standard is military grade and has a one-of-a-kind protocol called Lightway. Moreover, tunneling your traffic, it will ensure that your bandwidth is never controlled.

Benefits of Using a VPN

You already know that a trusted VPN will hide your IP and help you access the sites showing the Formula E World Tournament. A VPN will also fight Geo-blocking and censorship problems so that watching Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other leading sites does not seem a problem to you.

Further, the strong encryption standard will ensure data safety, while the bolstered tunneling will keep your online activities and patterns out of the reach of hackers, spammers, and unwanted third-party entities. Therefore, you can remain completely relaxed about your safety even while using a free Wi-Fi network.

Additionally, a VPN makes gaming and torrenting more enjoyable by freeing your bandwidth of throttles. Professionals can also benefit from using VPNs as file sharing, and remote working becomes extremely safe with a VPN.


To sum up, a VPN is the smartest solution you can have for streaming the Formula E World Tournament on any chosen site. If you seek our recommendation, we will tell you to choose ExpressVPN simply because it’s matchless in its safety features and consistency. So, it’s time to choose ExpressVPN and see how your streaming experience gets redefined without compromising safety. Happy streaming!

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