Watch Carabao Cup Live Stream from Anywhere in 2024

The countdown has started for Carabao Cup 2024, a competition most managers and clubs consider a fun ride to test their talent and strength. As a sports aficionado, you don’t want to miss a single second of this prestigious fight to become an EFL Cup winner. Let’s find out how anyone can see the Carabao Cup live stream from any corner of the globe.

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Last updated on 18 June 2024

The Best Streaming Sites for Carabao Cup Live Stream

EFL has announced the names of the official broadcaster across different regions worldwide. They all have broadcasting right for the Carabao Cup stream live on their app platforms. No doubt, the list is too long. Let’s look at the name of confirmed broadcasters for some major countries. For India, the broadcasting right belongs to only Voot, just like ESPN+ for USA and Sky Sports for the entire UK. Besides, the official broadcaster for Canada is DAZN and for Australia is beIN Sports.

efl cup live stream

Watch EFL Cup Streaming Live in India on Voot

The television broadcasting right of the Carabao Cup is owned by Viacom 18. They will live-telecast all the matches on their Colors Infinity SD and HD TV channels. Apart from that, the company also offers the EFL Cup live stream on its app platform: Voot. So, till now, if you don’t have Voot on your smartphone, the time has come to install it from Google Play Store or App Store.

However, you have to buy a subscription plan to Carabao Cup stream live. The company offers two different subscription plans based on the subscription period. For 1 month’s subscription, it will cost you 99 INR. And for 12 month’s subscription, it will cost you 499 INR.

Enjoy EFL Cup Streaming Live in USA on ESPN+

The live telecast of the EFL Cup in the USA will be broadcasted through ESPN+. However, you should have a subscription plan to enjoy the live Carabao Cup stream. At present, the company offers one monthly and one yearly subscription plan. The first one will cost you $6.99, and the latter one will cost you $69.99.

Enjoy EFL Cup Streaming Live in the UK on Sky Sports

Sky Sports is the official TV broadcaster of the Carabao Cup in the United Kingdom. Besides that, the broadcaster also offers Carabao Cup watch online facility on the Sky Go app. So, if you have Sky Sports on your TV, you have access to its app to watch EFL Cup live stream. Otherwise, you have to buy a one-day membership with a one-time payment of £11.99 or a sports membership + 1-month free boost plan at £25 to get access to the Carabao Cup stream.

However, apart from the above streaming sites, there are many free streaming sites that offer you to view the Carabao Cup live stream online from any corner of the globe. We will discuss those free streaming sites in the next section.

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Best Free Streaming Sites

You can even find a good number of free EFL Cup streaming sites on the internet. All of these sites offer you free access to see Carabao Cup live without any legal complications. Let’s take a look at the best free streaming sites that offer free EFL Cup streaming.

Enjoy Uninterrupted EFL Cup Streaming with Wiziwig

Wiziwig is a free streaming site to enjoy EFL Cup live streaming free without lag from all over the world. Apart from EFL Cup, you can watch here almost all types of sports matches including football, baseball, tennis, basketball, and many more. In fact, this free platform offers an exceptional level of access to watch live games for all users. So, with Wiziwig, you are free to have access to the free Carabao Cup live stream and also the highlights.

Take Advantages of First Row Sports to Get Access to Free EFL Cup Streaming

First Row Sports is one of the most popular football streaming sites among football lovers. Like the other free streaming sites, this stream site’s UI is quite interactive. Here, you can watch any live game, including football, Ice Hockey, Basketball, UFC, and much more. So you can easily enjoy the live Carabao Cup live stream with First Row Sports.

carabao cup live stream

Experience a Free EFL Cup Streaming with Sportlemons TV

Sportlemons can be your perfect match to see Carabao Cup live stream from any corner of the world. It offers many US and UK sports channels, including the channels from ESPN and Sky Sports Network. No doubt, it has a decent video player that can load any live streaming content pretty quickly without any issue. So, you will not face any issues while watching the Carabao Cup stream live through Sportlemons TV.

However, you can find thousands of links to free sites on the internet to live the Carabao Cup stream just before the kickoff of every match. So, always keep a sharp lookout on the internet to find the free streaming site to watch EFL Cup apart from the above list. However, one thing you should always remember. There are strict censorship rules for watching live EFL Cup matches. So, always obtain a secured VPN to watch EFL Cup live stream from any corner of the world without any issues. Otherwise, you will not get access to the live Carabao Cup stream and will surely miss all the funs and excitement.

Issues Watching EFL Cup Streaming Live on These Channels

Yes, there are always some issues if you stream those channels outside of the availability zone. And the reason is quite simple.  Every broadcaster has to follow a certain geo-restriction. That is why its circulation is allowed only in a specified area. Otherwise, the geo-blocking technology will obstruct the live streaming and show you an error message. This actually happens when streaming providers identify your IP address and decide to deny your request as you are outside of the availability zone. Besides, there are still some countries where the TV broadcast rights for EFL Cup live stream are unavailable. So, if you live in any of those countries, you have to watch EFL Cup live online through free streaming sites.

efl cup streaming

Now the question is: is there any solution to experience uninterrupted live streaming of the EFL cup from outside of the availability zone? Well, there is only one solution, and it is a VPN! VPN is basically a private network created out of a public internet connection.  In fact, it comes with advanced data algorithms and encryptions. As a result, this ensures data safety as well as completely protected internet activities. Hence, a secured VPN like ExpressVPN can offer you an uninterrupted Carabao Cup stream live outside of the availability zone by removing the geo-restriction barrier. So, you should have a secured VPN to watch Carabao Cup live stream without facing any issues.

How to Watch EFL Cup Live Stream with a VPN?

You can easily connect to a VPN to watch EFL Cup live stream from any corner of the world. All you have to do is to follow the below step-by-process:

  1. Select a secured VPN for the EFL Cup stream, and install the app. We recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Then, set up an account and become a subscriber of that VPN.
  3. Next, access the user interface to select your desired security settings for streaming.
  4. After that, select an IP address from any country within the availability zone.
  5. Now, visit the blocked site and watch the live streaming without any interruption.

So, if you currently live outside of the USA and want to get access to Carabao Cup live stream, then you should connect to a USA server through a VPN. After that, you can watch the Carabao Cup live stream on the ESPN+ app. Similarly, if you live in the UK, you have to connect to a UK server, and then you can watch the Carabao Cup stream live or EFL Cup live stream on the Sky Sports app.

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The Best VPNs to Carabao Cup Live Stream

Let us get familiar with some renowned global VPN service providers. You can get access to EFL Cup streaming uninterruptedly with any of the following VPN service providers:

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The Benefits of VPNs

A good VPN always provides you with unlimited access to live streaming sites. Apart from that, it has some other benefits like:

  • Safe file sharing as well as online financial transactions
  • Offers many facilities like encrypted data, IP cloaking, and many more
  • Providing improved cyber security while accessing public Wi-Fi systems
  • Bypass geo-blocks content platforms such as Netflix, Hulu and many more


We hope now you got all the answers to your question regarding how to watch EFL Cup live stream from anywhere in 2024. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to ExpressVPN. Try it for 30-days and if not satisfied, you can get a full money-back guarantee. Enjoy uninterrupted EFL Cup streaming!

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