Miami Open Live Streaming Straight from the Hard Rock Stadium

The Miami Open is high-voltage tennis and more than just a tournament! It’s an experience by itself, streamed live from the Hard Rock stadium. Scheduled between 21st March and 3rd April, a lot of folks outside the US want to know the options for Miami Open live streaming.

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Last updated on 8 April 2024

Feel the action with Miami Open tennis streaming

However, not all folks can be there in person. For those who can’t, the live stream is always available. But, where to watch Miami open? What are the possible issues with the live streaming of Miami Open?

miami open live stream

Those in the know will point out to geo-blocking obstructing Miami Open streaming. But don’t fret, as we will tell you how to drive a sliced shot over the geo-blocking net and still enjoy Miami Open matches.

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Which are the official channels for Miami Open tennis streaming?

The Miami Open belongs to the men’s ATP Tour 1000 circuit and the women’s WTA 1000 circuit. Here are the major TV channels on how to watch the Miami open. However, do note, ‘streaming’ is a term technically reserved for an online experience. Nonetheless, we liberally used it in this section for Miami Open live streaming on TV as well.

TV broadcast info for Miami Open live streaming worldwide

Firstly, the Tennis Channel in the US is the place to check out Miami Open streaming on TV. Viewers in the UK and Ireland must see the event on Amazon Prime Video. Other broadcasters include ESPN in Latin America, Sky Italia for Italy, Hellenic in Greece, and Eurosport in France.

In fact, the Eurosport Miami Open tennis streaming will cover most of Europe. Also, options are TV2 in Denmark, BeTV in Belgium, and Silk Media in Georgia. In addition, the Chinese can watch the live streaming of Miami Open on CCTV, Indians on Voot, and it’s Charlton for folks in Israel.

Issues watching Miami Open streaming on these channels

Did you notice? Some of the options mentioned above (such as Voot, Tennis Channel, and Amazon Prime Video) are online streaming platforms. As it is, even in the countries where TV broadcast for Miami Open tennis streaming is available, a lot of people prefer online platforms.

However, there are some issues with that. We already mentioned geo-blocking obstructing Miami Open streaming. This is essentially when streaming providers identify your IP address and decide to accept or deny your request based on your resident country. Besides, there are still some countries where the TV broadcast rights for Miami Open live streaming are unavailable.

miami open streaming

What’s the solution, then? One word: VPN! You need a secured Virtual Protocol Network/Virtual Private Network. So, keep reading to know more about how a VPN can help you get on with Miami Open tennis streaming.

With geo-restrictions gone, viewers from any country can log on to streaming platforms restricted to other countries to enjoy Miami Open live streaming.

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How to watch Miami Open tennis via a good VPN?

A VPN consists of a highly secured network of computer servers spread across the world. Here’s a simple tutorial on watching Miami Open live streaming via a VPN.

  • Firstly, you choose the right VPN for Miami Open streaming, and install the app. You can also access the service website.
  • Secondly, you access the user interface and choose your preferred security settings for Miami Open tennis streaming. This includes the IP address that you want to project as your source.
  • Next, choose an IP address from an accessible country. Visit the blocked site. It should be available. If it does not, try other relevant IP addresses for Miami Open tennis streaming.

A VPN is the most advanced security tool for safe and free web access. It uses military-grade 256-bit encryption beside other proprietary protocols to offer an anonymous, yet safe browsing experience for Miami Open streaming.

For streaming subscribers who have to travel abroad during the event, the VPN lets you enjoy Miami Open streaming as if you are at home. So, you can easily connect with Voot in India and Amazon Prime Video of the UK. Likewise, you can also access beIN Sports Australia, and TSN in Canada for Miami Open live streaming.

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Best VPNs for Miami Open tennis streaming

Our team has done the groundwork to find out the best VPNs for Miami Open live streaming. We tested three top solutions and tested them across different parameters to suggest the right one for Miami Open streaming.

The number one spot for Miami Open live streaming belongs to ExpressVPN. It has an extensive network of servers in more than 100 countries. It is also one of the safest browsing protocols with 256-bit encryption and the no-logs policy.

The next best option for Miami Open streaming is NordVPN. We have NordVPN as the preferred choice for Miami Open tennis streaming.  It has robust security features, good buffering speed, and a network of more than 5,000 servers.

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Why should you never use free VPNs for the Streaming of Miami Open?

Free VPNs are least recommended, if at all! They maintain shady logging policies, practice bandwidth reselling, and are notorious for data stealing. Furthermore, a free VPN will also likely install malware into your system.

Furthermore, these typically have strict data caps and are very slow even within the assigned free bandwidth. Also, you can get into legal trouble using them because they operate on banned IPs.

Instead, you should use ExpressVPN for the live streaming of Miami Open. It is the best one out there for the streaming of Miami Open. Besides, it is available on a 30-day free trial coupled with a money-back guarantee.

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Summary of benefits of using a VPN

You can bypass geo-blocks to not only watch the Miami Open but do much more! For example, you can also enjoy the US channels, such as Netflix and Hulu, from anywhere in the world. It is a strong tool to make a statement against the distorted culture of surveillance and censorship.

miami open tennis streaming

Furthermore, it provides the security you need for conducting financial transactions online. Facilities such as encrypted data, and IP cloaking are simply awesome. In addition, you should always use a good VPN before accessing public wi-fi systems on the road.


Where can I watch the Miami open? Was that your question? Simply create an account with ExpressVPN because it is the best. Also, the 30-day free trial and money-back guarantee present the perfect reasons. Just get it already!

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