How to Watch NBA Live Stream in India in 2021

NBA is finally back in 2020-21! Are you passionate about the premier basketball games? Do you want to watch NBA live stream India?  Like every patron, the news also came to me as a shocker that NBA is yet to seal an official pact with any broadcaster in this part of the world. Do we only have the choice of buying an NBA league pass to watch it live on official NBA app or desktop site? It seems that getting a virtual private network service is the only way out for NBA stream India this year. The league has been kept shorter this year considering the safety of the players in this Covid situation. Each team will play only 72 games compared to the 82 games played in every season.

Officially, you can NBA live stream India  on a subscription basis as mentioned before. Do you want more knowledge about where to watch NBA in India? Wait! We will introduce you to a host of paid and free platforms for enjoying NBA live stream India. The experience of watching Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics in the action is surely going to be unforgettable.

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Best Streaming Sites or Platforms to Watch NBA Live Stream India

Now that you know how to watch NBA in India, you can have a look at the paid and free OTT channels where NBA live stream India can be seen by the Indian fans who are residing in the country or have settled abroad. Have you heard of VPN or Virtual Private Network? It  gives you seamless access to subscription based and complementary digital channels for watching NBA stream India. If you want to know  how to watch NBA in India when you are outside the country, VPN is your only savior. It helps you to overcome the obstacle of Geo blocking or digital restriction for making the most of NBA live stream India.

NBA Live Stream India

Paid Channels for NBA stream India:

  • YouTube TV:

    Great matches of NBA are waiting and you don’t know yet how to watch NBA in India. YouTube TV is the best platform to enjoy NBA live stream India. It does cost you the membership price but will surely impress you with the DVR features and matchless performance.

  • fuboTV:

    fuboTV is another paid platform if you are curious where to watch NBA in India. It has excellent line up of sports streaming videos. Your experience of NBA live stream India will be more enjoyable thanks to its user-friendly DVR capabilities.

  • hulu:

    The platform named hulu is one of the best places to watch NBA live stream India. It is available on almost all media devices. Besides, it will make NBA stream India fun for you because of its cloud DVR feature.

  • AT&T TV:

    Features such as parental control options and restart & look back playback make this one of the best platforms for NBA live stream India. Its performance is known to be quite consistent and it is the only place for NBA stream India to come up with RSNs from AT&T, Comcast and Sinclair.

  • Sling TV:

    Are you willing to know how to watch NBA in India apart from the above mentioned platforms? Sling TV is one of the best places for viewing NBA live stream India with a flexible subscription plan. Its performance is quite reliable.

Want to Know Where to Watch NBA in India for Free?

  • NextVR:

    This app is free and this will make your NBA live streaming India experience all the more thrilling. It is adored for being a virtual reality application. It has partnered with most of the leading sports channels of the world and with this your worry of how to watch NBA in India

  • Total Sportek:

    Along with being the best free platform for watching Champions League live in India, Total Sporktek will also allow you to watch NBA live streaming India. They have come up with a dedicated page for NBA stream India where you can find the links for your favorite matches.

  • BossCast:

    Are you willing to know how to watch NBA in India for free? BossCast is here. It is even preferred as a Champions League Channel India on the digital platform. You can enjoy NBA stream India there if you have a sound VPN connection.

  • FromHot:

    FromHot is one of the most adored platforms if you don’t know how to watch NBA live in India free. It’s homepage will give you easy access through the links to NBA streaming in india. Besides, it is known for a user-friendly and responsive interface.

  • WatchESPN:

    Do You want to watch NBA stream India on any free platform devoid of any advertisement? WatchESPN is the best place for NBA live stream in India. You can also watch the matches on its own app compatible with Android and iOS platforms.

If you want to get introduced to a world of limitless opportunities for watching NBA stream India, getting a VPN service is imperative. Want to get ideas about more channels where to watch NBA in India? Check out Stream2Watch, Laola 1, VIPLeague, Reddit to name a few.

Taking that Extra Step; NBA Frenzy Knows No Limits:

Curious to know how to watch NBA in India for free? Are you dying to watch players like Lebron James in action? It’s okay to stretch the restrictions a little bit for an avid basketball fan like you. Keep an eye for the links on the internet just before the match starts. You can enjoy limitless fun of NBA stream India by accessing those prohibited sites with the help of a VPN service. It will allow you to steer clear of the institutional, local and national vigilance.

Are you travelling abroad? Want to know where to watch NBA in India by connecting your device to a server of your country? Here also VPN comes to your rescue. It will help you get rid of Geo blocking so that you can watch NBA live seamlessly.

Why is Getting VPN Important for NBA stream India?

Some patrons are truly eager to know how to watch NBA in India with the absence of any official broadcaster for this season in this part of the world. The NBA fever is rising and it’s okay to twist the censorship guidelines a little for viewing NBA matches. If you don’t get a VPN, you may be forced to face a host of technical and legal issues. Read on to know the benefits of getting VPN for NBA live streaming.

NBA Live Stream in India

  • Broken Streaming:

    Now you know where to watch NBA in India, you should be aware of the problem while watching a match. How will you feel if it gets jittery while your favorite player is about to take that leap of faith? It’s annoying. Isn’t it? One of the most frustrating problems while live streaming is buffering.  Virtual Private Network can actually solve this problem.

Want to know how to watch NBA in India seamlessly with the help of VPN? Renowned VPN services such as ExpressVPN helps you maintain anonymity from even your service provider thanks to its advanced protocol, Lightway. The data encryption further transforms every bit of info into unbreakable codes. As a result, your streaming becomes seamless, free of any throttling measures.

  • Strict Monitoring and Censorship:

    Basketball experts and viewers do not have easy access to many streaming platforms in India. Internet censorship is a concern for you if you want to decide where to watch NBA in India. VPN keeps the user information protected from the eyes of regional and national vigilance because of its encryption feature.

The network administrators and management at your workplace or education center may impose restrictions on various sites. VPN allows you to break all the shackles as you enjoy the matches on a secured and protected platform. As discussed before, people travelling or residing abroad can also get rid of the hurdles of Geo blocking with VPN connection.

What is VPN and How to Watch NBA in India With It?

It’s time to know about  VPN if you have ideas where to watch NBA in India but can’t watch the games. VPN or Virtual Private Network makes your internet activities untraceable. Its encrypted connections render it safer than any secured Wi-Fi hotspot. This protected network is created from a public internet connection. It masks your IP address, keeps your surfing away from the eyes of the censorship polices and lets you connect to any platform for watching NBA games. What more can a fan ask for?

The Best VPN for Watching NBA Matches Live in India

Have you heard of free VPN services. Trust us. It doesn’t work. If you want to know how to watch NBA in India, you need to have an idea about the problems of setting up a free VPN network.

  • There is a huge probability of data leakage as the encryption is not reliable
  • Broken and disrupted connection
  • You can be subjected to penalty as censorship protection is often not full proof
  • Decrease in internet speed may be observed
  • Exposure to the hazards of logging and reselling your online patterns to third party

ExpressVPN is the choicest option if you want to watch NBA in India without any disruption. It is even offering a free trial for your convenience. The step-by-step guide for its installation is mentioned below.

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  • Where to watch NBA in India? Choose any device where you want to use ExpressVPN
  • Decide the operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Android and iOS
  • Sign in to your VPN account and subscribe
  • Download & install the app

Want to get introduced to some other VPN for watching NBA matches? Read on:

Additional Benefits Which VPN May offer:

Hopefully, you know Where to watch NBA in India and VPN can improve the experience by now. But, wait. The advantages are plenty. Those are:

  • Improved internet speed
  • Complete data safety
  • Protected file sharing
  • Remote access to any device within the virtual network


 Knowing where to watch NBA in India is not enough if you want your experience to be safe and smooth. ExpressVPN has taken one step ahead with its all-new protocol Lightway. It gets connected instantly and improves the internet speed of your device. Besides, the servers of this VPN service are present worldwide and it has advanced data protection mechanism. Go, start using ExpressVPN today.

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