How to Watch Italian Open Live Streaming in India in 2024

Italian Open is ready to hit the court in 2024. The bubbling excitement of the fans across the globe is palpable. Like an avid patron, we are also awaiting the beginning of this tournament on 9th May 2024. And, this enthusiasm is quite natural as it is the most prestigious clay tournament after the French Open. Meanwhile, let us be aware of the platforms for Italian Open live streaming. The official announcement on the participating players are also yet to happen. If we can make prior arrangements to watch Italian Open 2024 we can eliminate the scope for last minute goof ups.

Italian Open Live Streaming is Going to be Exciting:

The great Rodger Federer has made a come back in Doha after 13 months long sabbatical. Besides, icons such as Noval Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Simona Halep, Karolina Pliskova and others are ready to pump up your exhilaration. The official channel to enjoy Italian Open live stream India  is MSM (Sony). However, you can also enjoy Italian Open 2024 live stream on bet365. But, you cannot access this for Italian Open live stream India owing to Geo blocking or digital restrictions.

If there’s a problem, there must be a solution. What is the key to unlock the platforms for Italian Open live stream India? The answer is VPN or virtual private network.

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Best Streaming Sites or Platforms for Italian Open Live Streaming

There are  various sites or platforms for Italian Open live stream India. As mentioned before, MSM (Sony) is the official broadcaster of Italian Open. But, no need to be anxious if you are not a subscriber of this particular channel. VPN or virtual private network can offer you plentiful options to watch Italian Open live.  Besides, you can use reputable VPN service such as ExpressVPN if you are outside the country (residing/traveling) and cannot access to the streaming platforms for Geo restriction.

italian open live streaming

  • Paid Channels to Watch Italian Open live streaming in India are:


      Are you looking for the best paid platform for Italian Open live streaming? You can watch the matches on WTATV.COM. You need to pay the subscription on a monthly basis to watch Italian Open tennis live. It comes with the features such as HD quality video output, multi-watch viewing, pause and rewind and English commentary.

    • Tennis TV:

      Another paid platform for Italian Open live streaming  is Tennis TV. It promises to offer you 1080 HD experience and it even does not bug you with annoying advertisements.

    • EuroSport:

      EuroSport, a subsidiary of Discovery will enable you to enjoy Italian Open live streaming from any device through their app. You have to buy a monthly pass to watch your favorite sports events on this channel. Its excellent video and audio output are bound to fuel your passion for sports. However, you will need VPN service if you want to access this platform for Italian Open live stream India.

    • SkySports:

      The residents of Europe can also enjoy Italian Open live streaming on SkySports. True to its tagline, this platform offers better experience in live streaming. But, you may have to face Geo blocking if you are trying to access this channel from India. You will need reputable VPN service such as ExpressVPN to avoid the restrictions of national censorship or Geo blocking.

    • ESPN:

      ESPN will be one of the best platforms to watch Italian Open live for the sports lovers of the USA. It comes with the links of the matches on the home page. For Italian Open live stream India on ESPN, get a VPN service.

There are also other paid foreign platforms for Italian Open live streaming  such as Rogers SportsNet, TSN and TVA  for Canada, Tennis Channel for the USA or Amazon Prime Video in UK.  You can choose any of these platforms to watch Italian Open live if you have virtual private network.

  • Are There Any Free Platform to Watch Italian Open Online Free?

    • SuperSport:

      Planning to watch Italian Open tennis online free? Choose SuperSport. The interface of this app looks brilliant and you can check out the scheduled matches on the home page.

    • Watch Live Sport:

      This free Italian Open live streaming channel is known for user comfort. Besides, it does not follow any TV schedule. Moreover, you can watch your favorite match at any time of your convenience.

    • Reddit:

      Do you want to enjoy Italian Open live stream India on free channels? This platform is adored for excellent video quality and even the users can share videos there. Choose the best links to watch Italian Open live without any treats or commercials.

  • The Fever for Italian Open Live Stream India is Rising:

The dates for Italian Live 2024 have been announced. Are you still hesitant to bend the rules a little? Is it possible for every fan to pay the huge subscription to watch the tournament. The answer is no. Then how to make the most of Italian Open live tournament? Be alert just before the match starts and find the links to prohibited sites. Get VPN service and enjoy Italian Open live stream India. Virtual private network further allows you steer clear of institutional, local or national vigilance.

Issues During Italian Open Live Streaming Free

If you haven’t got a VPN service yet, there are some legal or technical problems that can bother you. Read on to know how a virtual private network can make your Italian Open live stream India better.

watch italian open live

  • Get Rid of Buffering and Broken Streaming: Now, I don’t need to explain to you what buffering is. How will you feel if you have to miss the smashing hit of Roger Federer due to this issue? Now, what do VPN services like ExpressVPN do? They keep you away from the eyes of your internet service provider. Further, the advanced protocol does not allow anything to throttle your internet connection. How cool is this?
  • Smash Out Local, National and Institutional Censorship: Is the national or local censorship not allowing you access to Italian Open live stream India platforms? Are the sports channels blocked in your workplace? VPN will keep you away from the vigilance of network administrators and management. So, you can now watch Italian Open live anytime anywhere.

Do You Know What VPN is? How to Watch Italian Open Live With it?

By now, I have repeatedly harped on getting a VPN service to watch Italian Open live. But, what is VPN? It is a private network created from public internet connection. It makes your IP address untraceable, keeps your internet activity away from the control of the censorship policies. Moreover, it gives you access to every platform to watch Italian Open live.

A Word or Two About the Best VPN Service

I know it’s difficult to win over the lure of getting a free service. But, a free VPN service is like ruining your internet safety with your own hands. In case, you are choosing a free virtual private network to watch Italian Open live, be prepared to face the risks such as:

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  1. Data leakage
  2. Disrupted and broken connection
  3. You can be penalized for lack of censorship protection
  4. Internet speed may be affected
  5. Hazards such as logging and reselling your online patterns to a third party can occur

ExpressVPN is the most reliable option if you want to enjoy Italian Open tournament without any hassle. It is also offering a free trial to add to your joy. Read on to know how to set it up.

  1. Choose a device to watch the tennis matches
  2. Decide the operating system such as Windows, Linux, Android or iOS
  3. Sign in to your VPN account and subscribe
  4. Download and install the application

Other reputable VPN service providers are:

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2 CyberGhost VPN Review 2024
3 Private Internet Access Review – Everything you need to know
4 Know About IPVanish VPN Review 2024
5 NordVPN India Review 2024: Safe, But How Good is it?

Other Benefits of VPN Service:

italian open live stream

Are you ready to experience the Italian Open frenzy? With VPN, your enjoyment will know no limit. But, a virtual private network allows you to enjoy some additional benefits. Those are:

  • You can share the file in the most protected way
  • It improves internet speed
  • You can have remote access to any device within the virtual network
  • It ensures holistic data safety


Now, knowing where to watch Italian Open live is not enough if you don’t know how to get access. ExpressVPN has worldwide servers and it has also introduced its new protocol called Lightway. This service provider promises to protect your data and make your every streaming experience exciting. With these exceptional features, who won’t drool over ExpressVPN?

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