TikTok VPN: How to access it in India after ban?

The year 2020 has seen a massive decision in terms of the economic activities in India. The Government was forced to ban around fifty-nine apps citing the citizens’ national security and privacy concerns. TikTok app is one such app that had created a wave among the people. This is why out of all the Chinese Apps banned in India, TikTok was also removed from the App Store and Play Store. While many people supported banning the app, many still miss watching TikTok Videos. This is the reason why they look for opportunities of unblocking TikTok in any way possible. So, virtual private networks are the most reliable methods for accessing TikTok in India. By hiring a reliable TikTok VPN service, you will hide the IP address and hence the server location to access video sharing once again.

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How to access TikTok in India after the ban

Let us discuss How to use TikTok after ban in India. A lot has been said and done since the ban. The Chinese Government had been highly skeptical of the Government’s decision to ban TikTok. And, people have been looking for the best VPN servers to access the app. So, no matter the country where TikTok is banned, a reliable VPN TikTok will come to their rescue.

tiktok vpn

Hence, if you live in India, you can easily do so by changing the VPN for TikTok. Here are the three alternative methods that will help you with the setup.

  • Change the App Store Location Settings of your iOS device
  • Wipe your phone and use the best VPN for TikTok from anywhere in the world.
  • Sideload the APK file of VPN TikTok on your android device

Changing the VPN settings is not a difficulty. All you need to do is get to know the steps of doing the same and, the journey of accessing all the banned apps will be easy for you.

Why a VPN?

So, are you worried about how to use TikTok in India with VPN? Using a VPN TikTok has many perks and benefits. Suppose you give the exclusive privilege of accessing VPN TikTok and keep your online activities protected. A typical TikTok VPN will mask your location and your IP details and give you the best in class encryption support.

However, most people have always used it for unblocking their kind of entertainment portals, which are otherwise not available in their location. Although unblocking major streaming sites like Hulu can be difficult, you can still access VPN TikTok with ease. This is because such sites will have different layers of protection attached to them.

Therefore, before knowing How to use TikTok in India after ban, know that role of a private TikTok VPN or a VPN for TikTok is tantamount. A VPN for TikTok concentrates on providing quality entertainment with minimal servers. So, you will easily be able to unblock major streaming sites and portals with a few hundred servers compared to a thousand.

And, if you are still unsure about their usage, you can try them for free for seven days. And, only when you are satisfied you can subscribe to them. They have an amazing customer care service which will ensure that their user experience is amazing.

Is it safe to use it? Do I risk getting caught?

Do you want to know How to use TikTok in India after ban? Using a Tiktok VPN or is extremely safe and legal in every country. It is the safest way of using the internet. Most people rely on these VPNs. This is because it enables their online activity and data from being snooped by the different government agencies to access as many blocked sites as you want without having to worry about data leakage concerns.

how to use tiktok in india after ban

However, you cannot say the same with a VPN that comes free. Since maintaining a VPN server incurs a huge expenditure, these service providers cut deals with third parties. They sell your private data to these third parties to redeem the said costs. Hence, it would help if you were extra careful before relying on such VPNs. This is what you need to know about how to use TikTok in India after ban?

Can I use a free VPN?

What should you know about How to use TikTok in India after ban? As discussed above, these VPNs, which does not charge anything from you, will reimburse their costs by selling your private. Rather, they will also leak your online activity tracks to various third parties. Hence, you need to make the right decision and choose a VPN wisely. I would suggest you use the free trial version of ExpressVPN for 30 days so that you can understand its relevance.

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Do you still ask How to use TikTok in India after ban? A paid TikTok VPN is always the right choice as the service provider will guarantee complete privacy and security. So before hiring any such service, always take your time and research well.

Step-by-step guide on How to Access TikTok with VPN from India

Accessing VPN TikTok is not as difficult as it may sound. Let us now discuss the different steps of the same. Understand how to use TikTok in India after ban. Since I always recommend ExpressVPN, I will use its example to make you understand the ease of its use.

vpn for tiktok

  • Set up an account with ExpressVPN and sign in
  • Download the app on your device for TikTok VPN or a VPN for TikTok
  • Set up the app by following the setup instruction for best free VPN for tiktok
  • Once the installation is complete, you can search and unblock TikTok

As you can see, the installation and utilization of the VPN TikTok are quite simple. So, go for it without a second thought of how to use TikTok in India after ban.

Best VPNs for TikTok

While I have already made it clear that ExpressVPN is the most reliable TikTok VPN or a VPN for TikTok service for unblocking TikTok, using the same will enable a wide range of benefits for you. However, many are reliable and reputed VPNs that will provide you with uninterrupted services of unblocking the different geo-restricted content. Such services are also quite affordable for every user and have already taken the industry by storm. Here are some of them listed for your perusal. Are you still unsure of how to use TikTok in India after ban?

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Such VPN TikTok not only provides you with uninterrupted streaming but also provides you with added benefits and security. So, if you want to get back to the fun and frolic of the app, install a reliable TikTok VPN or a VPN for TikTok today! But get to know How to use TikTok in India after ban!

Additional advantage of a VPN

I hope by now your enthusiasm on How to use TikTok app in India is resolved. I have made it clear throughout this entire article that using a reliable TikTok VPN or a VPN for TikTok has many additional benefits. Apart from unblocking the geo-restrictions and giving you exclusive access to TikTok, it also protects your online activities. Let us now elaborate on the few additional advantages that you may get from the same. Read on to know more on How to use TikTok in India after ban.

  • The biggest benefit of using a good TikTok VPN or a VPN for TikTok is the additional security that it encompasses
  • The prices of VPN TikTok are so affordable that everybody can install and use them for the best services
  • The process of file sharing through VPN TikTok gets secured through amazing encryption
  • If you want to boost the performance of your favorite show, using a VPN is the right option for you
  • A reliable VPN will surpass all the geo-blocks and filters with ease
  • Since it works in a cloud-based mechanism, it will give you a remote access facility to work from any part of the world
  • Your user data anonymity is preserved by using a VPN TikTok


TikTok had become an integral part of unwinding and entertainment since the time of its advent. And more so during the time of lockdown when lives took an abrupt halt. Every common man either started creating and sharing videos on this platform or could spend quality time merely watching content from other users. This is the reason why not every common man could take the ban on the app in its right stride. And hence, many desperate users have to look for the right methods to get back the app. This is when they stumble upon the idea of using a VPN for the best results. We hope that now you know How to use TikTok in India after ban. And, if you are one of those who miss the app, install a TikTok VPN or a VPN for TikTok today. Good luck!

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