The Best Free VPN for Ubuntu 2024

Are you one of the admirers of Linux Ubuntu for its safety features and speed? Well, there is no denial of the fact that Ubuntu is known for its sturdiness. Besides, developers love Linux Ubuntu as this open-source operating system allows them to experiment and have better control over their systems. However, this operating system is not completely free of vulnerabilities. So, the users keep searching for the best free VPN for Ubuntu to keep the cybercriminals and unwanted vigilances away. However, the free VPNs for Ubuntu are not safe no matter how convincing the features look. Therefore, we felt like finding the best free VPN for Ubuntu that has a free trial so that you can check its efficacy.

Further, many users complain that installing a free VPN Ubuntu is not an easy task. The usual installation process using the command line may be a little difficult for beginners. However, a leading VPN for Linux Ubuntu free will come with installation guides and friendly customer service. So, in this context, let’s have a look at how we ranked the best free VPN for Ubuntu or what are factors to consider while choosing a particular service.

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What is the Best Free VPN for Ubuntu?

As mentioned before, using a free VPN is not free of trouble. So, we found out some premium VPNs and assessed them on various parameters. However, the best free VPN for Ubuntu is ExpressVPN, thanks to its free-trial and refund guarantee. Further, here goes our list of the 5 top VPNs for Ubuntu.

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But, Why do I Need the Best Free VPN for Ubuntu?

Every one of us is aware of the surging cases of cybercrimes these days. We need the best free VPN for Ubuntu to combat that. Now, what do the hackers or spammers do? They use our personal information, including confidential banking details to carry out harmful and unlawful actions. So, we cannot afford to compromise data security, and we will need a powerful VPN to bolster data security.

This is all more important when almost everyone is working remotely. In other words, professionals need a safe file-sharing mechanism so that important information about the company is not leaked. Well, the best free VPN for Ubuntu creates a safe tunnel for sharing data and information even when you are using a public Wi-Fi connection. Further, leading VPNs have powerful encryption protocols that encrypt confidential data to make it inaccessible to hackers or spammers.

Now let us discuss further how we found the best free VPN for Ubuntu.

How We Found the Best Free VPN for Ubuntu?

You know the importance of using the best free VPN for Ubuntu. It’s time we discuss how we assessed and found the best Ubuntu free VPN.

Best Free VPN for Ubuntu

The Best Ubuntu Free VPN Must Have a Wide Server Base:

According to us, the best Ubuntu free VPN needs to have a wide server base to avoid Geo-blocking. Now, what is Geo-blocking? Also known as a digital restriction, Geo-blocking is the main reason behind the inaccessibility of various sites and applications in various countries. Especially if you live in India or any other country with a stringent censorship policy, you can be a victim of Geo-blocking.

However, a VPN can solve this problem as it helps to connect your internet connection outside the restricted zone. Further, the best Ubuntu free VPN will fetch an IP address from that remote server. In other words, your IP address or real location will be masked.

This function of a VPN has greater importance than giving access to unlimited streaming platforms. A business with a presence in multiple cities or countries may benefit from using a Ubuntu free VPN. Further, a company may also have many remote workers. A powerful Ubuntu free VPN will bring all the workers under one private network.

The Best Ubuntu Free VPN Must Work in India and Other Countries with Strict Censorship Policies:

As already mentioned, India has one of the most stringent censorship policies. There are also countries like China, Korea, etc., where the concept of free internet does not exist. So, people living or working in these countries often feel the need to bypass censorship rules. So, the best Ubuntu free VPN must work in India and these countries to make the online working or streaming experience better.

A Ubuntu Free VPN Must Offer Enhanced Internet Speed:

With the best Ubuntu free VPN, you will enjoy a better internet speed. The best Ubuntu free VPN will mask your IP address so that your internet service provider, vigilant authorities, or any wanted entity fails to control your bandwidth. As a result, in the absence of throttling measures, you enjoy a better internet speed. Further, an increased internet speed makes the ping rate go down, improving your gaming and streaming experience.

The Best VPN for Ubuntu Free will Keep Your Data Safe:

best vpn for ubuntu free

The best VPN for Ubuntu free will never keep a record of your online data or activity. This is called a no-log policy. Further, the best VPN will remove all the information after the server is rebooted. Also, the best VPN for Ubuntu free will come with a strong encryption protocol. ExpressVPN, the best VPN for Ubuntu free, according to us, offers military-grade data encryptions, thanks to its advanced protocol, Lightway.

It encrypts all the confidential data and makes those inaccessible for unwanted entities. As a result, hackers or spammers fail to steal your important data.

The Best VPN for Ubuntu Free Needs to Have a Great Customer Service:

Using a VPN for Linux Ubuntu is a little difficult. Especially, the users of macOS, Windows, and beginners may find the installation process complicated. So, there should be a well-defined step-by-step guideline for installing the best VPN for Ubuntu free. Also, there needs to be 24/7 customer service to help the users.

Pricing is an Essential Factor While Choosing the Best VPN for Ubuntu Free

Nothing great comes for free. So, obviously, there will be a subscription charge for a VPN you are choosing. However, the pricing should be pocket-friendly and at per with the quality of service offered. However, the best VPN for Ubuntu free will always come with a free trial so that you can check the quality of services yourself.

Quality of Service: Another Determinant for Choosing the Best VPN for Ubuntu Free

When we talk about the quality of service provided by a VPN, we refer to the following:

  1. The ability to bypass Geo-blocking.
  2. The internet speed it offers.
  3. How strong the security encryption is.

The best VPN for Ubuntu free needs to be the leader in these parameters.

However, you will find many services claiming to be the best VPN for Ubuntu free. You should be careful if you do not want to fall prey to problems associated with this so-called best free Ubuntu VPN. You will find the reasons why we don’t recommend using a free VPN in the next section.

Can I Use a Free VPN for Linux Ubuntu?

No, you cannot subscribe to a free VPN for using Ubuntu. Even if a service claims to be the best free Ubuntu VPN, it will likely have the following loopholes.

best free ubuntu vpn

  1. Even the best of the best free Ubuntu VPN will have limited servers. So, it may fail to help you evade Geo-blocking.
  2. Besides, the so-called best free Ubuntu VPN will make your confidential data and logging-in patterns vulnerable in the absence of proper safety protocols.
  3. Also, a self-proclaimed best free Ubuntu VPN will eventually fail to protect your online anonymity. As a result, vigilant authorities will easily track you down and punish you for breaking censorship rules.
  4. Finally, a free VPN will fail to offer a consistent internet speed and streaming quality.

So, it’s time you and we are on the same page. When we talk about the best free Ubuntu VPN, we refer to ExpressVPN. It has the widest server base, most advanced protocol, and advanced features like Kill Switch, DNS, and IP leak protection. Besides, you can call the best free Ubuntu VPN as it has a 30-day trial period and a money-back guarantee.

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How to Set Up the Best Free Ubuntu VPN?

Follow this step-by-step guide to set up the best free Ubuntu VPN.

  1. First of all, you will have to open the Activities overview and type Network.
  2. Then, you will have to open the panel by clicking on Network.
  3. Then, you will find and click on the “+” button at the bottom of the list on your left side.
  4. Afterwards, you will be selecting VPN in the interface list.
  5. Again, you will fill up the details of the best free Ubuntu VPN
  6. Further, you will click on Add after filling up the details.
  7. After setting up the VPN, you will have to open the system menu, found at the top bar’s right side. Then, you will click on connect and select VPN off. Before establishing the connection, you may have to provide a password for the connection.
  8. If the connection is established properly, there will be a lock-like icon visible in the top bar.
  9. If the VPN is not up and working, you can check the VPN settings entered by you using the Network Panel.


We have already mentioned that ExpressVPN is the best free Ubuntu VPN. It has unmatched safety features, the widest server base, and the fastest speed. So, once again, instead of choosing an unreliable free service, choose a VPN that works as your real online protector.

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