How to Watch Tokyo Summer Olympics Live Stream in India

Finally we are talking about Tokyo Summer Olympics! Literally, it’s giving me goosebumps. I really want to watch Olympics live stream in India without any goof up this year. Our wait has been long and the excitement to watch C.A. Bhavani Devi in action is palpable. Indians across the globe will be routing for her as she becomes the first Indian fencer to qualify for the Olympics. So, naturally, the internet is getting flooded with the question, “how to watch Olympics live.”  Sony Pictures Networks India is the official broadcaster of the Olympics in this part of the world. Also, the matches are available on Sony LIV, their digital counterpart. You can even watch Olympics live stream in India on Sling TV, the OTT TV service of Dish Network.

There are also some foreign channels and digital platforms where you can watch Olympics live stream in India. Especially, the fans who don’t subscribe to the official channels need to have access to the alternative. However, it’s tough when you don’t have a VPN. Internet censorship is huge in India. And, you cannot supersede that easily. To put it simply, get a VPN if you want to watch Olympics live stream in India seamlessly. And oh yes, without a big pocket pinch!

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Some Foreign Channels to Watch Olympics Live Stream in India

olympics live stream in india

The enthusiasts will be glad to hear that 5 new sports have been added to Tokyo Olympics circuit. So, everyone is eagerly waiting to watch Olympics live stream in India. Besides, Indian wrestling has claimed its glory in the last few Olympics. Therefore, we are expecting some spectacular performances this year also.  In this article, we will jot down foreign channels, which can end your worry of where to watch the Olympics. But, some channels may not be accessible to you owing to Geo-blocking or digital restrictions. Do you have any idea about VPN or virtual private network? It will open up an array of platforms to watch Olympics live stream in India.

Choose among the leading foreign broadcasting channels, mentioned below.

  • Eurosport, Discovery Communications:

    It is the official broadcaster of the Tokyo Olympics in Europe. It has its own app, which is available on various devices. Though you have to buy a monthly pass for it, the excellent video and audio quality will surely more than compensate for the charges. If you can’t watch Olympics live stream in India on it, get a reputable service such as ExpressVPN.

  • NBC Universal:

    You can watch Olympics live stream in India on NBC Universal by using a VPN. It holds the official right to broadcast the Olympics matches in the USA. You will also enjoy watching the matches on Peacock TV, an excellent streaming app from this channel.

  • Sportsnet, CBC, Radio Canada, TLN, TSN:

    It’s really good news for the Canadians. They have got these many channels across all media to watch Tokyo Olympics. If you have a VPN connection, you can pick any of these to watch Olympics live stream in India.

  • Seven Network:

    Seven Network is the official broadcaster of Tokyo Olympics in Australia. It ensures high-quality streaming experience with a stable internet connection. You can think about getting a VPN so that you can watch Olympics live stream in India without a drop in the speed.

  • Japan Consortium:

    The hosting nation will get to see the matches on Japan Consortium. For Olympics live stream India on Japan Consortium, you will need a VPN.

Apart from these five, there are also some other TV channels where you can enjoy Olympics live stream India. To name a few, Grupo Globo will broadcast the matches in Brazil, CCTV in China and ARD, ZDF in Germany.

Olympics Live Stream India on Digital Platforms:

watch olympics live stream in india

Nowadays, the internet is full of digital channels for Olympic online streaming. Some of these are paid and some of these will allow you to watch Olympics free. Besides, you can find uncountable links to many sites for Olympics live stream India just when the matches are about to begin. But, these channels are apparently banned according to the censorship policies. So, who will be the savior? Choose a VPN, who will keep your browsing activities untraceable while you enjoy Olympics live stream India.

  • Free Digital Channels for Olympics Live Stream India

  • Official Olympic Channel:

    This app for Olympics live stream India is available on almost all devices. You can watch the Olympics live online on connected TV sets for Amazon Fire TV, the Roku platform, Android TV and Apple TV. You can also enjoy Olympics live stream India on mobiles and tablets thanks to this app.

  • BossCast:

    Choose BossCast if you want to enjoy Olympics live stream India for free. But, you will definitely need a VPN for a non-invasive experience.

  • Stream2Watch:

    Stream2Watch is a unique platform for Olympics live stream India thanks to its multi-language audio options. It is also known for its adaptive videos.

  • CricFree:

    This digital platform attracts huge traffic every month thanks to its premium content and advanced features. So, you can definitely try out CricFree for Olympics live stream India.

  • FromHot:

    Talking about Olympics streaming online, you just cannot leave FromHot out. Here, you will find many streaming links to make your viewing experience all the more special.

  • Paid Digital Channels to Watch the Olympics Online Live

  • Hulu with Live TV:

    If you are a subscriber of NBC Universal, you can watch the Olympics online live on Hulu with Live TV. Try out a VPN if it is not available in the country, you are living in. Perhaps, ExpressVPN will be the best to choose owing to the presence of large number of servers worldwide.

  • DirecTV Now:

    It is a leading bundled streaming site to watch the Olympics online live. Its subscription charges depend upon how many channels you choose

  • fuboTV:

    fuboTV gives you access to almost all the leading sports channels without a cable connection. It even offers a 7-day free trial to make your experience of watching the Olympics online live more enjoyable.

Get a VPN to Watch the Olympics Online Live Seamlessly:

how to watch olympics live stream in india

Be it streaming your favorite sports match or any popular series, you will need a VPN service. It offers you access to various sites to watch Olympics online live. Many of these sites are banned in India according to censorship guidelines. Besides, it’s not possible to subscribe every channel with the broadcaster, increasing the subscriptions taking advantages of digital restrictions. Have a look at the hazards which you can face during watching the Olympics online live.

  • Inferior Streaming Quality While Watching Olympics Online Live

How to watch Olympics in India without any disruption? If you are planning to watch Olympics online live without a VPN, there are high chances of broken images. How does a VPN can improve the streaming experience? Reliable providers such as ExpressVPN protects your internet activities from the eyes of internet service providers. As a result, your internet connection is not throttled and you can watch Olympics online live without any worry. Therefore, getting a VPN is imperative during live sports streaming.

  • Censorship Issues:

Are you dying to catch the updates of a particular match when in office? Is the site you want to access to watch Olympics online live banned at your workplace? A trustworthy VPN service will help you to avoid the vigilance of network administrators and management. Some sites to watch the Olympics may also be banned in your country. VPN services will offer you unlimited access to any site you want to visit.

What is a VPN? How to watch Olympics in India with It?

A VPN or virtual private network is a private network created out of a public internet connection. It creates a sub tunnel within the public tunnel for safe transportation of info from the users to the servers or vice versa. Thus, it keeps your internet activities away from the censorship vigilance.

Now to how to watch Olympics in India, VPN gives you access to all the sites for watching the games. Most of the sites are banned in our country owing to strict internet censorship policies. Hopefully, I have been able to answer your question about how to watch Olympics in India with VPN.

How to Watch Olympics in India with Adequate Safety? Can I use a Free VPN?

Free service! A temptation, hard to avoid! But, you have to leave the idea of getting a free VPN. It is not a safe way at all if you ask me how to watch Olympics in India. Trust us! The perils of using a free VPN are irreparable. Read on to know.

  1. Data leakage can occur and any unwanted entity can have access to it
  2. You may be a victim of poor internet connection and broken streaming
  3. This is not at all a suitable solution if you ask me how to watch Olympics in India superseding censorship issues. You may be penalized for violating the rules.
  4. There may be cases of logging and reselling your online patterns

Want to know how to watch Olympics in India in the safest way? Choose ExpressVPN. According to me, it is the best virtual private network service in India. What’s more? It has an advanced protocol called, Lightway for offering matchless performance. It is also offering a 30-day free trial and money-back guarantee to add to your joy.

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  • How to Watch Olympics in India with ExpressVPN?

Have a look at the step-by-step guide of setting up ExpressVPN.

  1. Choose a device
  2. Then, decide the operating system such as Windows, Linux, Android or iOS
  3. Sign in to your VPN account and subscribe
  4. Download and install the application
  • Other VPNs for Watching Tokyo Olympics:

Do you want to know how to watch Olympics in India with some other VPNs? Apart from ExpressVPN, the best all-round performer, there are also some leading names such as:

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Additional Benefits of Using a VPN:

A virtual private network has various benefits. Apart from giving you an unlimited access to the streaming sites, it helps in:

  1. Sharing the files in the safest way
  2. Protecting the internet connection from any throttling measure that decreases speed
  3. Giving you remote access to any device within the virtual network


Got the answer to your question of how to watch Olympics in India? It’s time you get a VPN to enhance your streaming experience. Check out the pros and cons of every service provider to choose only the best for you.

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