How to watch NBA Finals Live Online from Anywhere in 2024

We can feel your excitement to watch NBA finals live online with your loved ones. You can watch the matches on the official broadcasting platform of your country, as NBA TV and ESPN are the official broadcasters in the USA.

But don’t worry if your country does not have an authorized broadcaster yet, as here will offer plenty of options and tell you how to access them. Keep reading to find out our trick!

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Last updated on 18 June 2024

The Best Paid Platforms to Watch NBA Finals Live Online

There are various paid TV and digital channels to watch NBA finals live online. Here, we will introduce a few of them and tell you in which country they are available. Further, we will give a brief idea about their fees and on which device they work.

Watch NBA Finals Live Online on NBA TV and ESPN in the USA


You can watch NBA finals live stream online on NBA TV in the USA. You can visit the website from your PC, laptop, mobile, or tablet for streaming the matches. Also, you can download the application for iOS and Android mobiles, Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, etc. Further, you can even watch it on streaming devices like Roku and Xbox One, and Xbox Series X in selected countries.

However, NBA TV is pretty expensive as a platform with various monthly and season packages post a 7-day free trial.

  • Monthly Pass: $14.99
  • Premium Monthly Pass: $19.99
  • NBA League Pass for One Team for the Entire Season: $89.99
  • Seasonal NBA League Pass for One Device with Commercials: $99.99
  • Seasonal NBA League Pass without Ads: $129.99


ESPN is another platform to watch NBA finals live stream online in the USA. You can visit the website or download the ESPN+ app on your device. The ESPN+ app comes at $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. Further, it works with Android and iOS mobiles and tablets, XBOX One, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and many other devices.

Along with NBA TV and ESPN, you can choose FuboTV, YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, and ABC for live streaming NBA finals.

NBA finals live stream online

Watch NBA Finals Live on TSN Direct and Sportsnet Now in Canada

TSN Direct

TSN Direct is the best platform to watch NBA finals live stream online in Canada. You can visit its official website or download the TSN Go app on your device. As a platform, it is versatile and works with devices like Windows and Mac PCs, Android and iOS phones, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Kodi, Firestick, etc. Also, right now, it offers many flexible plans.

  • Month Pass: $19.99 per month+tax
  • 4-Month Pass: Billed 49.99+ Tax every 4 months ($12.49 per month)
  • And, Annual Pass: $199.90+ Tax annually ($16.66 per month)

Sportsnet Now

Sportsnet Now is also a reliable platform for Canadians to watch NBA finals live stream online. You can visit the website or download the Sportsnet app, SN Now, on your device. Further, the app is compatible with many devices like mobiles, tablets, laptops, Apple TV, Android TV, XBOX, etc.

In addition, it allows you to choose among its many pricing plans. Primarily, its subscription plans are of two types, standard and premium.

  • Standard Monthly Pass: $14.99
  • Standard Annual Pass: $149.99 with a 17% discount
  • Premium Monthly Pass: $34.99
  • Premium 6-Monthly Pass: $134.99 every 6 months with a 35% discount
  • Premium Annual Pass: $249.99 annually with a 40% discount

Watch NBA finals live stream online with Sky Sports in the UK

Choose Sky Sports for the NBA finals online stream in the UK. You can visit skysports browser or download the Sky Go app or the Now app. On the Now app, Sky Sports is available for £34.99 a month. You can even buy a daily pass for Sky Sports by paying £11.99 for a single day.

Further, you can choose among its various monthly and long-term plans available. You can stream Sky Sports on devices like Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets, Apple TV, etc.

Don’t worry if you don’t want to spend extra money to stream NBA finals online. In the next section, we will talk about some channels for the NBA finals live stream free.

NBA finals online stream

Watch NBA Finals Live Free Streaming Channels

Nowadays, there is a trend of the internet showing many links directed toward free sites to watch major sports events. However, in many cases, these sites are malicious and can make you a victim of cybercrime in many ways.

So, we felt the need to mention the name of some reliable channels to watch NBA finals live free.

Watch NBA Finals Live Free on Crackstreams

Crackstreams is another free platform to watch NBA finals live stream online without any cost. It does not require registration, and its Electronic Progam Guide or EPG makes it stand out.

Further, it works with many devices, including Android and iOS phones, macOS and Windows computers, Amazon Fire TV, etc. However, if you cannot watch NBA finals live free on Crackstreams in your location, try using a VPN that will allow you to connect to a remote server.

Buffstreams is a Good Platform to Watch NBA Finals Live Free

You can choose Buffstreams to watch NBA finals live stream online for free. This platform covers major American sports events and is compatible with various devices like iOS and Android phones, Windows and macOS PCs, Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, etc. However, you may fail to watch NBA finals live stream online outside the USA due to Geo-blocking.

However, these free platforms for NBA finals online stream will not work beyond a particular territory thanks to Geo-blocking and broadcasting rights. But don’t worry, as the problem can be solved by using a VPN. Read the upcoming two sections to know more details.

Why is NBA Finals Online Stream On any Platform Only Allowed in a Specific Country/Zone?

Every broadcasting platform to watch NBA finals live online has to sign and follow exclusive contracts with the NBA authority. Further, because of this broadcasting right, a channel has to apply Geo-blocking, and it can only allow you to watch NBA finals online stream within a specific territory.

To explain further, when you try to access a streaming site to watch NBA finals live online, it reads your IP address. If it finds your IP address and Geo-location to be local, it permits access. However, it immediately blocks access when it finds a user operating from a foreign IP address.

watch NBA finals live free

Why a VPN Can Help to Watch NBA Finals Online Stream?

A VPN can help you to access any streaming site outside its permitted zone as it is able to hide your actual IP address and protect it from getting leaked. Further, once you connect to a VPN’s new server, it will assign you a new IP address as per its location. So, when you attempt to unblock a streaming site, the site will read your IP address as a local one and allow you access.

In simple words, a VPN will help you to have an IP address of a location that is completely different from your actual Geo-location. Thus, it enables you to unblock foreign streaming sites.

Also, in many restrictive functions, VPNs are banned. In addition, many streaming sites today can detect and block VPN traffic. However, a leading VPN like ExpressVPN has the capacity to solve this problem thanks to advanced obfuscation technology. This advanced technology does not allow anyone to differentiate between regular traffic and VPN traffic with stronger encryption standards.

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How to Use a VPN to Watch NBA Finals Online Stream?

You can easily use a VPN to watch the NBA finals on your favorite channel and device. However, you need to follow the simple step-by-step guide below.

  1. At first, choose a VPN service with a proper server network and architecture, privacy, and safety features. We recommend ExpressVPN for its ability to evade Geo-blocking and consistency in performance.
  2. Then, you can choose a suitable subscription plan and enter your email address and payment info to complete the subscription process.
  3. Next, carefully download and install the VPN app as per the operating system of your device.
  4. Now, you can log in to the VPN account and choose a server based on the streaming platform you want to access. For example, to watch NBA TV or ESPN from a foreign country, you will need to connect to a USA server. To watch TSN Direct or Sportsnet Now, you have to connect to the Canada server and for Sky Sports you have to connect to the UK server.
  5. Afterward, your chosen site to watch NBA finals online stream will get unblocked almost instantly as your real IP address gets hidden and the connected server assigns you a new IP address.
  6. At this stage, you can visit your favorite site or download and install your favorite app to watch the NBA finals online stream.
  7. However, if the VPN is not working, you can troubleshoot or get in touch with the customer support team for help to watch NBA finals online stream.

Watch NBA Finals Live Free with ExpressVPN 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Like many other leading VPNs, ExpressVPN also offers a money-back guarantee for 30 days. However, the ExpressVPN money-back offer stands out for being a no-questions-asked guarantee and the transparency of practices.

In case you don’t find the service as promised or don’t want to continue further, you can place a refund request within 30 days of your purchase. You can take the assistance of its live chat and email facility to place your request. Also, the best thing is that you don’t have to come up with reasons to cancel your subscription post the 30-day trial.

Once your refund request is placed, you can expect to receive the money-back to the source within 5 business days.

Considering the consistency and reliability of ExpressVPN, we will always advise you to use this VPN service. However, if you want to cancel the subscription post the money-back period and claim a refund, you can do that without any hassle.

NBA finals live stream

Best VPNs for NBA Finals Live Stream Online

To find the best VPNs to watch the NBA finals, we have conducted a 360-degree assessment. In this regard, the parameters we prioritized are the number of servers, tunneling protocols, no-log policy, encryption standard, IP and DNS protection, ability to bypass Geo-blocking, advanced privacy and safety features, etc. Here is our list of best VPNs post the complete assessment.

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Benefits of Using a Trusted VPN

A VPN or virtual private network is known to offer all-inclusive digital privacy and safety. As it helps hide your Geolocation by masking your IP address and providing a new IP address, you can access Netflix, Hulu, and other leading streaming sites with it.

Further, by protecting your IP address and online activities, it safeguards your online anonymity. Also, it makes sure that your sensitive data remains encrypted and that no third party gets to trace or monitor your digital activities. So, even using a public Wi-Fi network becomes much safer with a VPN.

VPNs further stop bandwidth and ISP throttling and hence are helpful in playing games and torrenting. In addition, VPNs are now widely used in offices to support remote working and make the file-sharing mechanism safer.


We hope that now you have a clear idea about where and how to watch NBA finals live online.  NBA finals live stream online is available on NBATV, ESPN, TSN Direct, Sportsnet Now and Sky Sports. You can also watch NBA finals live free on other streaming such as, Crackstreams and  Buffstreams.

Further, we have discussed how a VPN can help you access paid and free foreign channels to watch the event by bypassing censorship problems. Also, a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN can hide your real IP, assign you a remote IP address based on the channel you want to stream, prevent ISP throttling to resolve bandwidth issues and maintain online anonymity.

So, subscribe to ExpressVPN today and watch the NBA finals on your favorite streaming platform. Happy streaming!

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