How to Watch Laver Cup live 2024 in India

With Laver Cup scheduled in Vancouver, Canada, on September 22-24,2024, you must be waiting eagerly for the tennis madness. Are you from India and thinking about how to watch star-studded doubles and singles matches? So, let’s find out here how to watch Laver Cup live stream in India.

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Last updated on 9 July 2024

Best Streaming Sites for Laver Cup Live 2024

Laver Cup has many official broadcasters in India. Let’s explore several paid platforms to stream Laver Cup.

Watch Laver Cup Online Stream in Eurosport in India

You can use Eurosport to watch Laver Cup if you are in India. The Eurosport subscription comes at a plan starting from monthly £6.99. Also, you can get the yearly plan at £39.99. You can download the platform from the Google play store.

Further, you have plenty of devices that support Eurosport. It includes Android TV, Fire TV, and Samsung TV. Among mobiles and tablets, you have iPads and iPhones supported by iOS 14.0 or advanced versions. Also, you access Eurosport from advanced versions of Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.

Watch Live Streaming of Laver Cup in Stan Sport in India

You can get Stan Sport to watch Laver Cup Live in India. Stan comes with three plans, including basic, standard, and premium. You need to pay AU$10 for the basic, while the other plans are a bit pricey. On the other hand, the standard costs you AU$16 while the premium requires AU$21.

Further, you can download Stan from Google Play or Microsoft. Coming to compatible devices, you have several for Stan. Starting from gaming consoles to media devices like Apple TV and Chromecast, you have various options. Also, Stan Sport is good to run on iPad, iPod, iPhone, Microsoft, and Firefox.

Laver cup online stream

Watch Laver Cup Streaming in beIN Sports in India

You can settle for beIN Sports in India to stream Laver Cup. You can download beIN Sports from the official website or Google Play. You have quite several options which support beIN. The compatible devices include mobile apps like Apple iOS or Android, Apple TV, Android TV, and Samsung Smart TV. Also, you can view beIN Sports from a laptop or desktop.

You have two subscription plans for beIN Sports. The monthly subscription costs $19.99, while the yearly plan requires you to pay $179.99.

Watch Laver Cup Online Stream on Tennis Channel in India

To get Laver Cup online stream in India, you can choose Tennis Chanel. You can download Tennis Channel from Google Play or the official website. You can watch the sports events from the website itself from your desktop or laptop.

Also, you have devices like Apple TV, and iOS supported iPhone and iPad that support Tennis Channel. You can further access the channel from Amazon Fire TV, Android Phone or Tablet, Roku, and Fire Stick.

Tennis Channel comes at a yearly subscription of $109.99.

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Best Platforms to Watch Laver Cup Live Stream Free 2024

Who can’t ignore the pull to stream Laver Cup free? But seems like there’s a scarcity of free options. Thankfully we have found an option given below.

Watch Laver Cup Online Stream Free from T2

Tennis Channel offers an excellent initiative T2 which offers free ad-supported content. You can attempt to download the platform from Tennis Channel. However, despite the platform being free, you need to pay the price for your selected VPN to mask your location.

Also, T2 appears on YouTube TV, which comes with $64.99 for each of the first three months. Then you need to pay $72.99 per month for the year’s remaining months.

Further, you can watch T2 from mobiles, tablets, Samsung TV Plus, and Samsung Smart TV.

Why is Laver Cup Live Streaming prohibited outside the permissible zone?

You cannot opt for Laver Cup watch online India mainly for two reasons. The platforms or channels showing the full coverage of the Laver Cup are bound by contract to show the sports events within Canada. In this case, georestrictions come into play. So, the channels catching the live event there cannot make the content available to viewers outside Canada.

Further, if you want to access the streaming sites showing Laver Cup live, the sites can see your IP address. Seeing your location away from the permissible zone, they block you from Laver Cup live streaming in India.

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How Can a VPN Help You Do Laver Cup Online Stream?

If you are from India or anywhere other than Canada and wish to stream Laver Cup where to watch can be your biggest concern. But with a VPN, you can opt for laver cup live stream from several platforms. An internet connection lets you get an IP address linked to your geographic location.

But a VPN lets you connect to the server location you prefer. That gives you a new IP address. So with a VPN connection, you mimic the location where your favorite events or shows are accessible. So, it appears as if you are accessing the internet from a location that is not your home address.

So, now the sites you are trying to access read your new IP and allow you to watch your favorite shows or live events. Like if you live in India, you get an IP address that shows your location.

That prevents you from watching Laver Cup on foreign platforms. These platforms see your location and block your traffic. A VPN lets you get a server connection of a location like in the USA and thus mimics a USA-based IP address. The sites now read your location as USA and allow you to watch their broadcasted shows.

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How To Watch Laver Cup Online Stream with a VPN?

You can watch Laver Cup live stream with ease with a VPN. Let’s take a look at our comprehensive guide.

  1. Start by selecting a VPN that you perceive as suitable to stream Laver Cup live in India or from anywhere worldwide. In this context, we would suggest ExpressVPN compatible for meeting your craving to watch sports events.
  2. Any VPN usually has many plans differing in subscription features and cost. Check which plan suit you and subscribe to it.
  3. Then, download and install the VPN application on your device as per its operating system.
  4. Then log in to your account.
  5. Importantly you must select a server location depending on the channel you want to view.
  6. Like, if you wish to watch Eurosport, you must connect to UK servers. Likewise, you must connect to the Australia server to access Stan Sport from India.
  7. To see Laver Cup in beIN Sports from India using a VPN, select France as the VPN server. Select USA as a server for watching the sports event on Tennis Channel. Also, you must connect to the USA server to catch Laver Cup from T2.
  8. Now you are set to get the fun to stream Laver Cup 2024 from India or anywhere outside Canada.

Watch laver cup online stream with ExpressVPN 30-days Free Trial

A smart way to make the most of a 30-day free trial of ExpressVPN is to watch Laver Cup Live in the trial period. Yes, there are many VPNs with free trial plans. But with Express VPN, you get a refund feature without having any complicated rules to follow.

Plus, their return policy is transparent. Most importantly, the said VPN never raises complex questions to get deep inside your decision for cancellation.

You can subscribe to any plan of ExpressVPN. The best thing you can do is subscribe to a 12-month plan with 3 months free to access every amazing feature. Still, you can go with any other plan you find suitable.

Then, if you aren’t satisfied with the service, you can contact the Support team within the first 30 days following the subscription. Also, with 24/7 customer support, it will be easy to contact ExpressVPN. As this VPN gives a 100% risk-free guarantee, you get your full refund within 1 week.

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What is the Best VPN to Watch Laver Cup Live 2024 in India?

We have checked many VPNs to get the compatible one for watching Laver Cup Live. We used factors like the total number of global servers and the comprehensiveness of server architecture.

Also, we have considered how strong the VPN is in masking IP addresses and offering virtual security. Importantly the ease of subscription plans of VPNs plays a strong role in our VPN ranking or selection.

After our thorough evaluation, we think the following VPNs are the best way to stream laver cup.

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The Benefits of Using a VPN

Having a VPN is the best way to get a seamless internet experience. Importantly, the VPN masks your actual IP address and thus helps in hiding your location. With the VPN Connection, you get joined to a VPN server. Thus you get an IP address of a location that isn’t actually your residing place. The new IP address immensely helps in bypassing georestrictions.

If sites like Hulu and Sling TV are blocked in your location, you can use VPN to mimic a location where these sites are accessible. Also, geoblocks restrict you from viewing the entire library of Netflix or Amazon Prime. Thankfully, VPN lets you mimic a location where you can watch Netflix content.

Also, your data can face security risks in public Wi-Fi. But VPN offers ultimate protection on public Wi-Fi, thanks to its data encryption features.

Encryption enables keeping data in coded format to the extent that it appears concealed or meaningless as it falls into the hands of hackers. This encryption feature particularly comes in handy when handling confidential data or office work.

Laver cup live stream free

Plus, VPN immaculately maintains virtual privacy. Your internet service provider can easily access your internet history. To make things more disturbing, these data can be sold to advertisers. But a VPN lets you mask your IP address making your internet data inaccessible from your service provider.

Further, the apps and services you use can get your internet data. With a VPN and a “new” IP address, you prevent these parties from accessing your information.

Plus, there are reports highlighting internet service providers and other services selling your online data to the government. So if you aren’t happy with the government poking its nose in online behavior, you better get a VPN for confidentiality.


We hope now you have a solid idea of where and how to watch Laver Cup 2024 live streaming from anywhere in India. Since the event is scheduled in Canada, you can have a problem watching it from India. But with a VPN, you can spoof your IP address and make it seem like you are within the permissible zone.

So a VPN lets you get Laver Cup online stream even away from Canada. There are several streaming channels that will live broadcast Laver Cup such as, Eurosport, Stan Sport, beIN Sports, Tennis Channel.

Further, we think ExpressVPN can be the best to stream Laver Cup. Importantly, it has a transparent refund policy and a strong money-back guarantee. Take advantage of its excellent encryption and accessibility of geoblocked sites. So why don’t you get an ExpressVPN to get Laver Cup live stream? Happy Streaming!

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