How to Watch PSL Live Streaming in India 2022

A huge number of Indian cricket fans appreciate PSL! With the S7 draft finally over, the teams look good. A total of 443 foreign players will be on the grounds, along with 495 natives. Therefore, you must be wondering about PSL live streaming in India.

Given the all-so-familiar diplomatic tussles, many fans are not sure! Can they watch PSL live in India on TV? Can you watch it on the go? Also, is it possible to watch PSL live online for free?

If so, what are the options to check out the PSL live stream in India? We hear you, die-hard cricket lovers! Your search ends here. This is because we made this all-in-all guide to PSL live streaming in India just for you.

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What are the best sites for watching the PSL live in India?

Full information is available for the 2022 PSL live stream in India. The Sony Six channel had the TV rights for PSL live in India 2021. The PSL live online contract with Sony is up to 2022, which includes TV coverage. Therefore, TV viewers can enjoy the action on Sony Six and Sony Six HD.

psl live in india

However, many fans want information on Pakistan Super League live streaming in India. Not all people prefer watching TV with all the ad interruptions! Besides, watching PSL live online is the trend! As for watching PSL live streaming in India, the only official option is the Sony Liv app. But, it is a paid app for PSL live in India.

We know a lot of fans reading this want to know how to watch PSL live online free. This is why information on that is available in the next section. You can skip to it now, or keep reading here for paid channels to watch PSL live online.

Worldwide paid streaming to watch PSL online

We prepared a worldwide list of channels for PSL live online. But, all of these are paid online services. However, not all sites would be accessible due to restrictive geo-blocking. But, we will also tell you how to overcome geo-block easily and enjoy PSL live streaming in India. Moreover, it is a completely legal way. Besides, you don’t have to be a total geek for using it!

Therefore, here is the channels info for PSL in select countries. Fans in Pakistan can access PTV Sports, Tapmad TV, and Geo Super. Moreover, Tapmad TV has a bigger network covering Australia, Bahrain, Brunei, Cambodia, Central Asia, China, and East Asia. In addition, it covers Germany, France, Italy, Iran, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and North Africa for PSL live online.

PSL live stream in India even on paid international channels

Although Tapmad TV is not usually available in India, yet you can still access it with our advice here. However, you will only have to obtain the login credentials for Tapmad TV. Then, we will tell you how to bypass geo-block legally and watch PSL.

Willow TV is available in the United States for PSL live online. In addition, SuperSport is for Zimbabwe, and Flow Sports is for West Indies. Also, fans in the UK can enjoy PSL live online on Sky Sports. Folks in New Zealand can access the event on Sky Sport.

Nevertheless, we can also tell you how to bypass geo-block on these channels and watch PSL live in India. But, you have to obtain login credentials on these foreign paid channels. Leave the rest to our suggestion and see PSL live stream in India.

What are the top free services for PSL live streaming in India?

It’s time to keep our commitment and let you know the free services for PSL live stream in India. To be honest, there are quite a few of these options. However, there can be several issues watching free PSL live streaming in India. We will inform you of the same in the following section. Don’t worry, as we will also tell you how to safely watch the PSL live stream in India for free.

psl live online

Look up these sites for a free PSL live stream in India.

  • CricketWorld
  • CricBuzz
  • Crictime
  • CricHD
  • BatManStream
  • WebCric
  • CricFree
  • SmartCric

However, it is fair to mention that neither of these has official streaming rights for PSL live in India. That’s the reason why they are free channels for PSL live in India. Usually, the links to PSL live streaming in India get updated on the site a day prior to the match. Besides, they generally offer multiple links for PSL live stream India to offset the fact that some of the links may not be working.

Usual problems for watching PSL live streaming in India

Firstly, there would be a paywall with any official streaming partner of PSL. This includes PSL live in India or elsewhere in the world. You are already aware of geo-restrictions with paid streaming sites. This issue persists even for some of the free sites for PSL live streaming in India. In addition, some free channels may even get blocked by the browser or your ISP. However, even these can be unblocked! We will tell you how.

Furthermore, free sites for PSL live stream in India will have ads popping up. Some are NSFW, therefore not a viable option to use in a public place. Also, some free sites may want to lure you into providing sensitive financial data. This can be a huge price to pay just to enjoy the PSL live stream in India!

Besides, it is not unusual for a dubious free site to install malware into your device. Finally, a free streaming site may not be speedy enough to offer uninterrupted broadcasts. None of these risks is worth taking when you want to watch PSL live streaming online free.

Sometimes, Indian ex-pats with a paid streaming subscription still can’t access the channels for PSL live streaming India. This is because they are abroad during the event. However, even this is avoidable with the solution we are about to suggest.

Use a VPN to watch PSL live in India

Here’s the solution we recommend. VPN is the silver bullet to all the problems for watching PSL. A Virtual Private Network refers to worldwide server setups managed by private providers. The trusted provider retains thousands of connected servers spread across multiple countries.

psl live stream in india

Therefore, even when the content is unavailable in a particular country, you can still access a server from that country. For example, you are in India, and you want to access a blocked Pakistani site. With a VPN, you can unblock that site by re-routing your connection via a Pakistani server. It’s very easy to do so and is completely legal.

Similarly, you can bypass the block on a free streaming site for PSL live in India. In addition, VPNs provide a safe way to access sites because they cloak your IP address. They also use military-grade encryption to keep your online activity safe. Top VPNs also deliver fantastic speed so that you can have a great experience watching PSL live online.

Try the ExpressVPN free trial for PSL live stream in India

We recommend ExpressVPN for PSL live streaming in India. It is one of the top VPN providers in the world, and is widely recommended. They have more than three thousand servers spread across countries all over the world. Their support system is phenomenal and can resolve any problem easily. The speed is amazing, and they also maintain a strict no-log policy.

To top it all, ExpressVPN offers a 30-day free trial for all new users. It is backed by a money-back guarantee without any obligation. Setting up ExpressVPN for PSL live stream in India will ensure that you enjoy the thrilling tournament fully.

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Setting up ExpressVPN is super easy. Simply sign up at the website and choose the package. Then, download the installer and follow the step-by-step guide. That’s it! You are all set to enjoy PSL live online.

How to watch PSL live streaming in India with VPN?

You can choose the best VPN from this list.

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Why do so many people choose VPNs?

VPNs can do much more than being a gateway to PSL live in India. You can use it to browse online safely, especially while undertaking financial transactions. Also, a lot of people use it to book flight tickets without the booking sites placing cookies on their browsers.


Choosing a good VPN should be the order of the day for all Indian fans who appreciate PSL. It can deliver an amazing experience while making it completely safe to browse online.

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