How To Watch Pro Kabaddi Live Streaming From Anywhere 2024

The Pro Kabaddi League is about to kick start on 7th October 2024. The matches will be played at Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium in Bengaluru. So, the local, national and international fans are eager to know about the Pro Kabaddi live streaming channels.

You can watch Pro Kabaddi live on Star Sports channels in India. It has won the media rights for broadcasting the matches from Seasons 8-12. The Star Sports Pro Kabaddi live streaming channels are Star Sports 1 Hindi, Star Sports 1 Hindi HD, Star Sports 2, and Star Sports 2 HD. Besides, some other Pro Kabaddi live streaming channels from Star India are Star Sports FIRST, Star Sports 1 Telugu, Star Sports 1 Tamil, and Star Sports 1 Kannada. Further, you can enjoy the Pro Kabaddi live streaming online on Disney+Hotstar in India.

However, some people may not have a subscription to these channels. So, they will try watching Pro Kabaddi live streaming free online on foreign streaming sites. Besides, people residing or traveling outside India will fail to access these channels for live Kabaddi match streaming. In both cases, geo-restriction will come into effect, banning the Pro Kabaddi live streaming channels outside a particular geographical territory. Don’t worry, as you can easily solve this problem with a VPN. So, let’s find out the details.

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What are the Pro Kabaddi Live Streaming Channels on Television?

pro kabaddi live streaming

There are many foreign TV channels that will show the Pro Kabaddi League matches. The popularity of this game has reached out to people beyond the geographical territories of India. You already know that Star Sports will show the matches in India. The other TV channels to watch the PKL are:

  1. Sky Sports Cricket for the UK
  2. Willow TV for the USA
  3. Fox Sports for Australia
  4. BeIN Sports for Mena
  5. SuperSport for South Africa
  6. Geo Super (TBC) for Pakistan

Along with these, there are also some other TV channels showing the PKL matches live. Some of those channels are SLRC (Channel Eye) for Srilanka, Sky Sports NZ for New Zealand, Channel 9, Gazi TV (GTV) for Bangladesh, etc. Do you want to know about the paid and free OTT platforms for live streaming Pro Kabaddi? Then, check out our next sections.

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What are the Paid OTT Pro Kabaddi Live Streaming Channels?

As already mentioned, Disney+Hotstar is the most prominent one if you are looking for the Pro Kabaddi live streaming channels.  However, this paid OTT channel may not be available in your country. You will need a VPN to watch the PKL matches on it, evading Geo-restrictions. Nonetheless, there are some other Pro Kabaddi live streaming channels operating in different countries or areas. So, let’s get familiar with some of those.

Yupp TV:

One of the best paid Pro Kabaddi live streaming channels is Yupp TV. It will broadcast the matches in more than 60 territories, including Norway, Poland, Portugal, etc.

Sling TV:

This US-based service is another OTT platform for watching the PKL matches. It comes with a web version and an app version. However, if you are planning to use it outside the USA, you will need a VPN with a USA server.

In the next section, we will discuss the free OTT Pro Kabaddi live streaming channels.

What are the Free Pro Kabaddi Live Streaming Channels?

 Watch the PKL Live Streaming on Mobdro App:

Do you have an android phone or tablet? Then Mobdro App is the best free platform to watch the PKL live streaming. It is easy to download and install.

Choose SuperSport App to Watch the PKL Live Streaming:

If you are residing in or traveling to Sub-Saharan Africa, choose SuperSport for the PKL live streaming. You can consider using a VPN if you are facing Geo-restrictions in accessing it outside the territory.

Enjoy the PKL Live Streaming on AOS TV:

AOS TV is a popular name among Asian people for free online streaming. Here you will get to enjoy the PKL live streaming in HD quality.

Watch the PKL Matches on Jio TV:

The Jio TV OTT platform surely has an impressive collection of movies, shows. Besides, it is compatible with a wide range of devices. You just need a Reliance Jio sim to watch the PKL live streaming on it for free.

Now you know about some TV and online channels to watch the PKL matches. Besides, you will find many links directing you to free websites for the PKL matches streaming when the games are about to begin. However, we recommend using a VPN for the online streaming of the matches. But why? You will find your answer in the next section.

Why do I Need a VPN to Watch the PKL Live Streaming?

pro kabaddi live streaming channels
According to us, VPNs are the best solution for unrestricted online streaming. It will protect your online identity, ensure data safety and offer a high-speed streaming facility. But, how can a VPN perform these many functions? Let’s find out.

You Need a VPN for Watching the PKL Matches Evading Geo-restrictions:

Many countries have strict digital laws and censorship policies. So, the governments of those countries impose bans on foreign OTT platforms and channels. This is called digital restriction or Geo-blocking.

Now, a VPN with a wide server base does not consider this restriction a threat. It will simply let you connect your internet with a server located in a place where watching that particular channel is allowed. So, you will be able to easily unblock any channel.

Further, it will hide your IP address and maintain your online anonymity. So, no vigilant authority will be able to track down or punish you for violating censorship rules.

A VPN will Ensure Seamless Experience While Watching the PKL Matches:

Do you know why the internet speed drops during online streaming? It is because your ISP or any other unwanted entity throttles your connection. However, a premium VPN (for example, ExpressVPN) will code your info with powerful encryptions. So, your internet service provider will not have access to your online activities.

As a result, there will be no unwanted controlling measures, causing a high internet speed and a low ping rate.

Getting a VPN is Important for Online Safety:

The incidents of cybercrime are on the rise. So, it’s time to bolster your online safety with a VPN. Advanced protocols and algorithms of a VPN transform your data into unbreakable ciphers. As a result, no hacker/spammer can steal your confidential information or logging in patterns.

Do you need a more definite idea about a VPN? Then, read on.

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What is a VPN? What is its Importance for Watching the PKL Matches?

Can rains make you wet when you are wearing a full-proof raincoat while going out on a rainy day? Rains cannot reach out to you. Similarly, a VPN will create a safe tunnel for your online activities. So, the malicious things happening in the public internet connection will be stopped by the tunnel walls before invading your data or online activities. Further, you will be invisible from the hawk eyes of the government bodies and other vigilant authorities.

So, the importance of a VPN or Virtual Private Network in streaming the PKL matches or any other sports event is unparalleled. However, you should be careful about the fake promises offered in the name of free VPN services.

Can I Use a Free VPN Service to Watch the PKL Live Streaming?

pro kabaddi live stream
No, you cannot watch the PKL matches using a free VPN. If you care about your data safety, you will never think of using a free VPN. In other words, a free VPN may pose the following problems for you.

  1. Any hacker or spammer can steal your online data or logging pattern if the encryption is not powerful.
  2. You may get caught and punished for violating the digital laws of your country.
  3. The internet speed may suddenly drop, being throttled by your internet service provider.
  4. A free VPN with a limited number of servers may fail to unblock the banned sites.

According to us, the safest way to watch the PKL live streaming is using ExpressVPN. It has an advanced protocol called Lightway. Besides, it has the widest server base and is known for offering the best speed. Moreover, it comes with a 30-day free trial and money-back guarantee.

So How to Set Up ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN is known for its user-friendly nature. So, almost anyone can set up ExpressVPN following this simple guideline.

  1. Choose a device
  2. Then select an operating system
  3. Sign in to your ExpressVPN account and subscribe to it
  4. Download and install the VPN app on your device

ExpressVPN should be already up and running once you have completed these stages. However, if you are facing any problem, you can contact their 24/7 customer service. Along with ExpressVPN, we have incorporated some other leading service providers to make a list of the best VPNs.

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What are the Best VPNs for Watching the PKL Matches?

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What are the Additional Benefits of Using a VPN?

The efficacy of a VPN does not just lie in unblocking the restricted sites. It has many other benefits, such as:

  1. Ensuring complete online safety
  2. Remote accessibility to all the devices within the same VPN
  3. The safest method of sharing files


By now, you know the names of the TV and online channels to watch the PKL live streaming. Hopefully, you also understand why you need a VPN to access those without compromising online safety. So, subscribe, download and install a VPN to overcome all the hurdles coming between you and watching your favorite online content. Happy streaming!

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