How to Mask My IP Address – Know Before Start the Process

You may have read different articles and even may have gone through the reviews, but exact report is hardly provided about the way to use for hide IP address on android phone. Some of the users often prefer hide IP Address free that is effective, but not a good way, just because of the free services that are often an open invitation to threats, hacking issues and misuse of your data. Every user focuses on keeping IP Addresses secure and protected from any potential threat. For this, there are a considerable number of ways – mainly to provide you the right solution for your query, “How to Hide My IP Address” or “hide IP address on android phone”. Here is an article to provide you with precise information and details about it.

Hide IP Address Online – VPN Is the Best Source

When it comes to hide IP Address in google chrome or through any other way, the first and important decision is to make use of VPN or Virtual Private Network. It is the best way of changing IP Address and replacing it with IP of server can be better and ideal way. Choosing the right VPN service is ideal way that brings to you a number of added benefits – mainly to improve your security and protect your privacy in successful way.

VPN server keeps your privacy and data protected as it works as an intermediary amid your device and the internet. You can try and check it by browsing websites and retrieve information you want. By using VPN, you don’t contact websites directly with your real IP address, leaving a dash of your activity.

A VPN Connection hide your IP Address and protect your data from unwanted threats and uses. Your real IP will be different from VPN server ID. That is all to provide you a way of hiding your IP Address, while browsing a site.

VPN Plays Pivotal Role in Hide IP Address

After knowing about the importance of VPN services, the main question that often raise its head is, “hide IP address on android phone” or something similar. Hackers, advertisers, government agencies and even websites can’t see your IP. They can see the ID of servers. In this way, using VPN means you are free from worrying about privacy of your IP Address. VPN encodes the data between your device and its server. In this way, it is not possible for hackers or anyone else to intercept your traffic.

Anyone cannot monitor your privacy because of the traffic that is blended with the traffic of all users that are connected to the same server. In this way, it is almost impossible to identify the requests that is yours; or someone else.

Don’t Try Free VPN Service to Hide IP Address Free

You can also mask my ip Address free and that is possible through free VPN Solutions. However, in case of free VPN services, you should be aware of unwanted threats that may occur in various forms. In case of using Free VPN, chances are higher for your data to be used by someone else. This is why mask my ip is an important step.

Tor to Hide IP Address Free, but in Slow Way

Tor – the Onion Router is an open source network that allows users to browse web without compromising privacy. It can be the best way of hiding your IP Address. Connect to Tor Network and you can hide the IP of your device. In this way, traffic may go through a series of nodes prior reaching network. Relay that you can call Node browses websites in the same way a VPN Server does.

Tor is the platform, where your data roams and that is encrypted between each node. In this way, adding a new layer of encryption. There is no denying the fact that TOR is the great source of hiding IP Address. However, your traffic has to pass through different nodes before reaching website. You will get heavy-duty encryption that slows your connection. It is easy and hassle-free to use and convenient. You can use Tor Browser to cover only your web traffic. For this, what all you have to do is set up each app to use.

Is It Better to Use Proxy – Mainly to Hide IP Address Online?

For those who are often searching for the right solution to hide IP Address free online, it is better to use VPN. Proxy server can be the best source, but it is not what should be recommended to you. It is not safe; while it is slow too. It doesn’t include any layer of security.

A proxy server can work as a mirror of your device. Proxy repeats everything you do on your device. Don’t forget to note you are not accessing websites directly, if you use a proxy. However, you need IP from server that relays data. By doing so, you will be free from using your real IP, but the IP of your proxy.

Proxies Are Web-Based and Masks IP Address

Using Proxies is can be the best source of hide ip Address for torrenting; while it can help users to bypass VPNs. Interesting thing is that encryption on your traffic doesn’t hamper. Everything is accessible (that you do) to your ISP and potential hackers or snoopers. Proxies also log your activities and really keep your online privacy open for anyone.

Proxies are web-based and cover IP addresses of web traffic. In simple words, with proxies, you can get the right solution for your query, “Mask MY IP”. You cannot use US Netflix and Download torrents with a proxy at the time of spoofing your IP. It is impossible. Keep in mind, proxy doesn’t interrupt torrenting traffic. It is done by web traffic that you get from your browser. If you are going to download torrents, it is better to do with other IPs. Don’t use your real one as copyright trolls won’t make mistakes.

Change Your IP Address – Follow a Step That Starts with Changing Your Network

Don’t forget to note that your IP is not linked to your device. Network plays a pivotal role in defining your IP and its situation. You can connect a new network and browse web with another IP, in case you don’t want to use your usual IP address.

You have more options to change your IP Address. Hotspot in your mobile phone is the best source to change network. However, it is directly linked to your identity. You can also connect to Wi-Fi Network (Public), if you want to hide your IP Address temporarily. You will get a new IP Address with a Wi-Fi Network. However, it always risky to connect with public Wi-Fi.

Hide My IP Online – Why Should You Do So?

No one wants to share email address, phone number and home address to third parties or snoopers. This is why mask my ip is important. They are personal details and may outcome as spamming or worse. It can happen to your IP too. Here, you will come to know about the ways of hiding your IP Address in successful way.

Here are a few simple steps to get right solution for your query, “Hide my IP Address”

The first and important thing to get right solution for hide IP address on android phone is to hide your location. Your IP is the may point to harbor your data. Chances are hire to locate your details by anyone.

You should check your IP page and list – the country, region and city you are in. GPS location can also be displayed. This is the main reason behind focusing on hide IP Address free online.

Protect Device from Attacks – Mainly for gaming enthusiasts, it is important to protect device from attacks. It is important to block DDoS attacks and it is possible by hide your IP Address.

Bypass IP Restrictions – The most vital part of mask my ip Address free online is to bypass IP Restrictions. You can see companies, government agencies and even individual’s set-up restrictions to block you from access content and website through IP Address. The best way to accessing content is to change IP Address.

Secret Browsing – Browsing secretly is one of the vital decisions to make to complete the process of hide IP address on android phone. You can hide your IP Address with VPN.

Reaching the right company is one of the important decisions to make that has been providing you VPN services. You have to search for the right company that is convenient for you and offering you such precise solutions. You have to go through the details and make contact.


For internet users, gaming enthusiasts and even all those who browse different websites or involved in surfing, a concern often take place that is Hide IP Address free Online or get the right solution for query, “How to mask my ip”, “How to hide IP address on android phone”. For this using VPN, Connection is an ideal way. You should also search for the right and best VPN Service providers. You can use VPN connection to download torrents secretly.

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