The Best VPN for Nepal 2024

Are you a Nepalese and facing some restrictions in accessing various regional and global streaming platforms? Or, are you having problems watching NetTV Nepal and other local streaming platforms outside Nepal? Then, you are a victim of Geo-blocking or digital restrictions. Let’s explain this issue in simpler words. According to the censorship policy of Nepal, many channels or OTT platforms may not be allowed in the country. Similarly, some Nepalese satellite and digital channels may be restricted in other parts of the world. So, it’s time we find a way out by using the best VPN for Nepal.
Many people search for the best free VPN for Nepal. However, we do not recommend using a free VPN as it has its share of risks and problems. And we will discuss that in detail in any of the upcoming sections. Instead of searching for a free VPN, you should consider using a reliable and effective VPN for Nepal to explore endless options for entertainment.

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Why Do I Need a Reliable VPN for Nepal?

As and when you use a Nepal server VPN, it will connect your connection to a Nepal VPN server address. So, a VPN with a Nepal server will make your IP address appear as a Nepalese one when you are residing or traveling outside of the country. Further, you will not have to miss your preferred Nepalese shows or series, thanks to this VPN for Nepal. Moreover, this is the way how a VPN for Nepal will help you supersede national, regional, and institutional censorship.

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Geo-blocking or digital restrictions also help the subscribers and broadcasters to increase their subscription charges. It is not possible for everyone to pay the subscription charges on a recurring basis, and that is where a VPN of Nepal will come to your rescue. In other words, a VPN for Nepal will enable you to enjoy your favorite shows on any platform without spending a hefty amount on premium packages and subscription charges.
In this article, we will highlight how to use a VPN for Nepal. But before that, we will share the name of the most reliable VPN for Nepal and the parameters we are using for assessing all the leading service providers.

Best Nepal VPN:

In this section, we will name the most trustworthy VPN for Nepal. We have judged every VPN for Nepal on multiple parameters to suggest only the best for you. So, let’s check out the list.

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We choose ExpressVPN as the best VPN in Nepal owing to its lightning-fast speed and military-grade encryption. Besides, it has a wide number of servers and an advanced protocol called Lightway. Further, it is offering a 30-day free trial and money-back guarantee. It is also quite popular among youngsters as it is the best VPN for PUBG mobile in Nepal. And setting up ExpressVPN is quite easy once you know how to use VPN in Nepal, as it is compatible with a wide range of devices. Finally, it will end your worry of how to change VPN in Nepal IP address, owing to its wide number of servers, present globally.

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How We Found the Topmost VPN in Nepal

As mentioned before, we have assessed each VPN in Nepal on various parameters. We truly believe that excellence in only one or two parameters does not make any service provider the top VPN in Nepal. In other words, we have tried to give you an overall view of how we judge a preferable VPN in Nepal. Our criteria include:

Number of servers:

It is important to know the number of servers a VPN in Nepal has so that you can have access to various channels and streaming sites globally. If a VPN in Nepal comes with a presence of a wide number of servers in different locations, it will be able to mask your IP address and help evade censorship policies easily.


No one likes poor or broken streaming while watching their favorite show, series, movies, or sports matches. So, you will need a VPN in Nepal that offers a satisfactory internet speed that will further improve the streaming quality. A leading VPN in Nepal will come with advanced algorithms and encryptions to keep your online activity invisible from any unwanted third-party entity, including your internet service provider. Thus, the best VPN Nepal will not allow anyone to control your internet activity and decrease speed.

Does it Work in Pakistan?

It is really crucial to know whether a VPN Nepal works in Pakistan or not. The topmost VPN Nepal that has servers in Pakistan will help Nepalese people to access various Pakistani entertainment platforms.

Can it help it in unblocking Nepalese content from India?

Nepal is a neighboring country of India. These two countries share many common attributes in terms of culture and other social practices. Besides, many Nepalese people live in India. Further, many people living in the mountains of West Bengal and other north-eastern states of India speak in Nepalese. So, many people from India need to have access to Nepalese entertainment programs.

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Also, it is important that you choose a VPN Nepal that can unblock Nepalese content from India as you cannot ignore the aspect of diplomatic relations between these two countries.

This sums up why we have tried to know which VPN has Nepal server.

Subscription Charges of a VPN Nepal

Well, naturally, no one will like to pay a hefty amount while choosing a leading VPN Nepal. The subscription charge for any reliable VPN Nepal should be pocket-friendly, and it should be justified in terms of the quality of services we are enjoying.


When we talk about the quality of a VPN Nepal, it includes the factors, such as:

  1. Security
  2. Privacy
  3. Speed
  4. Accessibility to various platforms

A VPN Nepal needs to have excellent records in all these parameters to quality as the best in the country.

Online Security and Privacy:

Nowadays, there are increasing incidents of cybercrime in Nepal. So, you should use a VPN Nepal that will work as a shield against hackers and scammers. Besides, it should be able to keep your online activity out of the reach of government monitoring. Moreover, a reliable VPN Nepal with a powerful encryption protocol will not allow any unwanted entity to log in to your online activity and pattern.

Ability to Evade Digital Law and Censorship Act:

Vague data retention laws are on the rise in Nepal. Besides, we have felt the need to judge the efficacy of a Nepal VPN in evading the stringent censorship restrictions followed by the Nepalese government. Further, it is important that we choose a VPN with many numbers of servers and a powerful protocol to supersede national, regional, or institutional censorships.

Versatile Compatibility:

Lastly, we have considered the compatibility of a Nepal VPN with various devices. Besides, we have kept in mind the compatibility of a Nepal VPN with a wide range of operating systems. A Nepal VPN with versatile compatibility will always win over a Nepal VPN with limited compatibilities.

Is VPN Illegal in Nepal?

VPNs are absolutely legal and allowed in Nepal. You should use a recommended Nepal VPN from our list to fight cybercrime and data protection laws.

Do Free VPNs for Nepal Exist?

Yes, free VPNs for Nepal exist. However, we do not recommend using a free VPN as it may make you face the following risks, such as:

best vpn nepal to use

  1. Data Theft
  2. Poor Internet Connection and Inferior Streaming Quality
  3. Logging and Reselling Your Online Patterns
  4. Punishment for Breaking Censorship Rules if the Security is Not Full-Proof
  5. Inability to Access Your Desired Streaming Platform

So, you should always go for a premium Nepal VPN to avoid these issues.

How to Connect to Nepal VPN?

You can easily connect to a VPN by following the simple step-by-step guide mentioned below.

  1. Line Up Key VPN Components
  2. Make Your Device and Network System Ready
  3. Then, Download and Install the VPN You Want to Use
  4. You can Refer to a Set-up Tutorial if You are Unable to Do it Easily on Your Own
  5. Afterward, Log in to the VPN
  6. Select VPN Protocols
  7. Finally, Troubleshoot if the VPN is not Up and Running Already


Hopefully, we have been able to share with you some insights about the choicest Nepal VPN. So, it’s time that you pick your preferred one from our list and subscribe to that. Happy streaming!

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