The Best VPN for Android in India 2024

Have you been able to go a weekend without watching a binge-worthy TV show on your go-to streaming service? How has your streaming experience been lately? Have you encountered any issues like difficulty accessing different digital channels or a decrease in internet speed? If this sounds familiar, it’s time to connect with the top choice for Android users – the **best VPN for Android**. This reliable VPN will not only enhance your online security but also hide your IP address, granting you unrestricted access to any website. Start enjoying seamless streaming and browse worry-free by using the best VPN for Android. Keep your internet activities secure and accessible with this essential tool!

In this article, we will discuss the best VPN for Android and why do you need it. Besides, here, we will furnish information, such as what are the criteria we have considered picking the top VPN for Android and what our recommendation is for choosing the safest VPN for Android.

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Why do I Need the Best VPN for Android?

You need the best VPN for Android for various reasons. The main advantages that you will enjoy with a subscription to the best VPN for Android are utmost online safety, evasion of censorship rules, and access to various streaming platforms.

Best VPN for Android

Online Privacy and Safety:

The best VPN for Android will come with advanced protocols and algorithms. It will keep your internet activity guarded against spammers, hackers, or any other threats. As a result, the chances of data leakage or theft will be minimized.

Evading Censorship Rules:

When you talk about the best VPN for Android, we make sure that it has servers present in various parts of the world. Besides, it will be able to mask your IP address and help your connection get linked to a server located in any country you want. Therefore, the best VPN for Android will help you access the blocked sites by overcoming digital restrictions or Geo-blocking and censorship rules.

What is the Best VPN for Android?

We have assessed various parameters and picked the best VPN for Android that scores fairly in all aspects. So, let’s find out the best VPN for Android without much ado.

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How We Have Chosen the Best VPN Android

There are various service providers in the market, claiming to offer the best speed and safety. However, we have not restricted our search for the best VPN Android to excellence in one single field. The factors that we have found important for naming a service the best VPN Android are:

High Speed and Low Ping:

Do you want to experience disruption in streaming while watching your favorite content online? Nobody loves a broken video. So, we think that the best VPN Android also has to be the fastest VPN for Android. Now, you may ask how a VPN can offer a faster speed. The best VPN Android will always have hard-to-decode encryptions (for example, the military-grade encryption of ExpressVPN). Therefore, it will maintain the anonymity of your connection. Even your internet service provider will not be able to have control over your connection, and you will enjoy an increased speed without throttling measures.

The best VPN Android with fast speed always results in a low ping. Low ping is further desired for enjoying streaming quality while watching shows and playing mobile games.

The Best VPN App for Android will Offer Privacy, Safety, and Security:

The numbers of cybercrime cases are on the rise these days. So, we have prioritized the factors of online privacy and safety while choosing the best VPN Android. A reliable VPN will come with a no-log policy, along with powerful encryption protocols. As a result, it will create a safe tunnel out of your public internet connection or private Wi-Fi connection for sharing information and files.

In this way, no hackers, spammers, or unwanted vigils will be able to access your confidential data.

Quality and Price: Two Important Factors in Choosing the Best VPN App for Android

Best VPN for Android Device

These are two interrelated factors. By referring to the quality of the best VPN Android, we mean its overall performance. Factors, including its speed, safety protocols, and more, have been our areas of assessment in this regard. A VPN connection is of no use if it cannot offer you protection against censorship rules, digital restrictions, digital crimes, and the hassles of a poor streaming experience.

We are also of the opinion that the best paid VPN for Android should ask for a subscription charge that justifies its quality of services. Besides, we always think that the best VPN Android will never deny a free trial so that the users can assess the quality of services on their own.

The Best VPN App for Android will have a Large Number of Servers

The best VPN Android needs to have a large number of servers in various parts of the world. But what is the significance of the number of servers? Now, let us explain. India and many other countries in the world follow strict digital restrictions and censorship policies. As a result, many of us fail to access several OTT problems, or, rather, end up being the victims of Geo-blocking.

The best VPN Android, on the other hand, can sync your internet connection with a server located in a different country where restrictions are not applicable. Therefore, you will be able to stream any site you want.

The Best VPN App for Android will Come with Versatile Compatibility

Compatibility is a major factor while choosing the best Android VPN. It should work with multiple mobile devices. Further, it should be compatible with various versions of the Android operating system.

Further, many VPNs allow customers to use the private network on multiple devices through a single-account sign-up.

Ability to Evade Digital Law is Important for the Best VPN App for Android

The best Android VPN should be able to evade digital restrictions and censorship rules. In other words, the encryption protocol of the best Android VPN should be able to bypass the vigilance of government authorities. Otherwise, you will end up being caught and punished for a failed attempt to break censorship rules.

Further, this is the area where we want to be careful while choosing the best Android VPN. Many will claim to be the best and that too with the promise of a free service. But, most of the time, these free VPNs do not have a fully proof safety protocol. So, the chances of coming under the radar of censorship authorities are high. We want to act wisely while choosing the best Android VPN, and here are our words of caution.

Moreover, many popular online games, such as PUBG, are restricted in many countries. If you want to feel that adrenaline rush, you will definitely need a VPN that can overcome the obstacles of digital restrictions.

Ease of Use and the Best VPN App for Android

Everyone cannot be technically sound with thorough knowledge about VPNs and other settings in an Android device. Therefore, the best Android VPN, according to us, should be easy to set up and demand minimum troubleshooting.

Our Suggestions Regarding the Best Android VPN

As we state our suggestions regarding the best Android VPN, we want to highlight three factors. The first one is why you should not use a free VPN, and the second one is a word or two about ExpressVPN, the one we think is the best Android VPN. And, the third one is how you can set up ExpressVPN.

Best VPN for Android Phone

Why We Don’t Recommend a Free VPN:

As mentioned earlier also, a free service may lure you with the promise of complete safety. However, if you end up choosing a free VPN instead of the best Android VPN, you will invite unwanted perils.

Unlike the best Android VPN, a free VPN may make you face data leakage and poor internet connection in the absence of a powerful encryption protocol. Further, there are high chances of getting tracked by the government vigilances. That may result in severe punishment for breaking the censorship and digital law of the country.

ExpressVPN is the Best VPN App for Android

We think that ExpressVPN is the best VPN app for Android after our 360-degree assessment. This best VPN app for Android comes with an advanced protocol called Lightway. Besides, it is the market leader in speed, safety, and accessibility, with servers present in ninety-four countries. Besides, it comes with a provision for a 30-day free trial and a money-back guarantee. We find these reasons enough to crown ExpressVPN as the best VPN app for Android.

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How to Setup ExpressVPN in an Android Device:

It’s an easy process that almost every user can perform. Follow the step-by-step instructions below.

  1. Choose the Android device you want to use
  2. Visit the order page on ExpressVPN’s official website and choose a suitable package
  3. Complete your payment through a secure payment gateway
  4. Download and install the ExpressVPN app on your chosen device
  5. Get connected to any of its many servers according to your requirements
  6. Consult the support team via email or chat if the VPN is not already up and running


Before we call it a wrap, we think that we have been able to provide a holistic idea about the best VPN app for Android and how we have picked it. So, it’s time that you make an informed decision and witness how a reliable VPN can redefine your online experience. Happy streaming and gaming!

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