A Netizen’s Guide for the Best UK VPN in 2024

The UK is one of the most surveillance savvy countries in the world. Truth be said that most folks in the UK are quite fed up with the state-sponsored invasion of privacy. Peeking in your bedrooms isn’t done, period! Long story short, you need a legal option to get rid of all these bugs everywhere. In other words, you need to use the best UK VPN.

For the uninitiated, a VPN stands for Virtual Private Network or a Virtual Protocol Network. Moreover, the best networks are entirely legal, offering phenomenal privacy protection. So, all you need to do is consult this list of best VPN providers UK. Use the best VPN for streaming UK tv that we recommend!

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Last updated on 9 July 2024

Let’s enlist the best VPN service UK

Our team is here to help you decide the best VPN for UK streaming. So, we spent several days trying out the best VPN for UK streaming options, weighing them point by point. In addition, we reviewed both paid and free VPN services to pick up the best UK VPN.

best vpn service uk

Also, our selection process included all the factors for choosing the best VPN service UK. We judged the best UK VPN services by their network of servers, security, encryption methods, customer support, and streaming speed, among other things.

Furthermore, the priority was to find the best UK VPN service to overcome even the most restrictive geo-blocking anywhere. Besides, user safety has been and will always be the fundamental factor in choosing the best UK VPN deals.

So, here’s the verdict on the best VPN for watching UK tv abroad.

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We think these are the best UK VPN services

Number one in this list is the formidable ExpressVPN. It passed with flying colors on all the criteria for being the best VPN service UK.

Secondly, we think NordVPN also makes the cut for being the best VPN for UK streaming. They do a great job covering up your digital footprints with IP cloaking. Besides, the streaming speed it offers also makes it a strong contender for being the best VPN for watching UK tv abroad.

Finally, we have a good word for CyberGhost in this list to pick the best VPN for UK streaming. Despite the confusing interface, it is still a good service for geo-unblocking and streaming speed. It can as well be the best VPN for watching UK tv abroad.

Server coverage data for the best UK VPN services

We would like to mention the server coverage span for the best VPN service UK in a separate section.

ExpressVPN (the best VPN service UK): It has 3,000 + servers across 160 locations.

NordVPN (Is it the best VPN for UK streaming?): This service has 5,100 + servers in 80 locations.

CyberGhost (Is this the best VPN for UK streaming?): It has a huge network of more than 7,400 servers in about 91 locations.

As you can see from this list, the extensive span of ExpressVPN is the reason why we think it is the best VPN for UK streaming.

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Are the best UK VPN offers worth the price?

We understand that pricing is a major aspect for deciding the best VPN for watching UK tv abroad.  Moreover, the key idea is to weigh the price against the quality of service. As for the service quality for choosing the best monthly VPN UK, we took into account the following aspects.

  • Connection speed
  • Privacy as a criterion for being the best VPN for watching UK tv abroad
  • Customer support

Here’s our judgment for the cost factor to pick up the best VPN for UK streaming.

Verdict for ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN delivered an average speed of 570-580 Mbps on a 1 Gbps line. It has one of the best privacy infrastructures in the bid to be the best VPN for watching UK tv abroad.  It uses 256-bit encryption and employs a proprietary protocol called Lightway to ensure speed and security. Also, it maintains a strict no-logs policy.

Our privacy testing also included checking against DNS leaks, and ExpressVPN had no problems at all. Furthermore, the best UK VPN has amazing customer support along with a helpful community of users.

The price fixed for the 1-month package is $12.95. However, it gets reduced to $9.99 per month for a 6-month deal. Furthermore, if you opt for the one-year deal, the price comes down to $6.67/month.

Verdict for NordVPN

It’s well in the race to become the best VPN service UK.  NordVPN got to score an average speed of 760- 880 Mbps on an average 1Gbps line for the UK. It is also great for privacy and boasts similar features like ExpressVPN. Just like it, NordVPN also has a kill switch protocol to immediately turn off the internet connection in case your anonymity is compromised.

Besides, it can effectively unlock streaming sites such as iPlayer, Netflix, and Hulu. This is why we think it counts as the best VPN for watching UK tv abroad. In addition, it has a reliable customer support mechanism, including live chat and online troubleshooting. The 1-month package of the best VPN service UK costs $11.95. Next, it has a one-year deal, whereby the cost comes down to $4.92 per month. Moreover, if you choose to subscribe for 2 years, you only pay $3.29 per month.  The relatively cheaper experience also makes it be the best VPN for UK tv.

Verdict for CyberGhost

Is CyberGhost the best VPN for UK streaming? As for speed, it delivered great results. The VPN was able to reach an average UK streaming speed of 760-860 Mbps against a 1 Gbps line. It does have a robust privacy policy and employs top-level encryption.

But, the lack of an independent audit report is a potential red flag. As for customer support, the live chat feature seems unavailable. In here too, you will have to submit a ticket and wait for the support staff to get back to you. So, these factors kind of outweigh its claim to be the best VPN for watching UK tv abroad.

The one-month deal will cost you $12.99. For 1 year, you pay $3.95 per month. If you subscribe to the 3-year package, it will be $2.15 per month.

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Why don’t free VPNs count in the race to pick the best UK VPN?

None of the free VPNs we checked made it to this list to choose the best VPN service UK. Instead, we totally recommend against them. Firstly, they don’t have widespread global server coverage. Besides, the free aspect is a farce because most of them will charge you beyond a very limited initial free data cap.

best vpn for uk streaming

Furthermore, no free service is the best VPN for UK streaming because it can’t unblock UK channels from abroad. In addition, you will have to deal with very slow streaming speeds, NSFW ads. Besides, a free service often has totally clueless customer support, if it is there at all. Also, the privacy protocols are useless. This is because these VPNs are notorious for planting malware in your systems.

Therefore, you are better off with ExpressVPN as the best VPN for watching UK tv abroad. The best VPN service UK comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee as a part of its initial free trial package.

How to access a UK IP address with ExpressVPN?

The easiest route to do this is to install the app and let the VPN do it automatically. However, the best VPN to watch UK tv also allows the flexibility of manual configurations.

Here’s how to do manual configuration in the best VPN service UK.  

  • Firstly, enter your login creds in the setup page and select Sign In at the best VPN for watching UK tv abroad.
  • Secondly, enter the verification code you received via email.
  • Thirdly, select L2TP/IPSec. It will show up your username, password, and server addresses all over the world. Keep this browser window open.
  • Next, for Windows 10, select the Network and Internet Settings.
  • Now, the left sidebar will show ‘VPN > Add a VPN connection’.
  • Add the VPN connection by selecting a UK server. As for VPN type, you will have to select L2TP/IPSec with a pre-shared key (12345678). Enter username, password, and click Save.
  • ExpressVPN, the best VPN for UK streaming, will show up in the left sidebar. Click on ‘Connect.’

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 Why do you even need VPNs?

The VPN does a lot more than unlocking Netflix and iPlayer. It empowers you to make a strong and legal statement against the Orwellian invasion of privacy. Privacy matters! After all, why are websites required to get your consent for cookies? So, should not it be the same for Governments as well?

best vpn for watching uk tv abroad

The GCHQ in Britain is quite infamous for imposing blanket surveillance, towing the same line as the ‘Great Firewall’ of China. The so-called Snooper’s Charter’s Bill (Investigatory Powers Act 2016) is one of the most invasive pieces of legislation in the world. It uses a system termed the ‘Black Box,’ which enables the decryption of private data, including your confidential emails.

These draconian surveillance systems are tied to the equivalent of the Patriot Act in the US and hold foreigners in infinite detention without trial. So, your digital security is in your hands, and you should seriously consider using a recommended VPN.

Of course, you can unblock other UK local TV channels such as Warner Media, Sky Group, Channel Four, Viacom CBS, and more. Furthermore, the best VPN for watching UK tv abroad also lets you safely browse public wi-fi systems when you are traveling.

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Conclusion: Best UK VPN

In conclusion, you need ExpressVPN, which is the best VPN service UK. This best UK VPN lets you bypass geo-block, offers great streaming speed, and has a compact privacy system. Besides, it is currently available in a free trial run for 30 days, coupled with a money-back guarantee. You should get it right away!

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