Torrenting with ExpressVPN: Complete Guide in 2024

Let’s be honest! Everyone wants to be that guy who has seen all the new movies. However, you don’t have to hit the multiplex yet. Simply try torrenting with ExpressVPN. Continue to read our easy guide on how to safely download torrents using ExpressVPN.

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Last updated on 18 June 2024

Is Torrenting with ExpressVPN Possible?

ExpressVPN is one of the top services in this category. This is because ExpressVPN torrenting is a safe and fast way to access any file in the public domain.

Moreover, the VPN provider offers highly secured features such as IP cloaking and the kill switch protocol. Theft of sensitive personal data is a major concern in the torrent territory. So, is ExpressVPN good for torrenting?

With ExpressVPN torrenting, you have complete peace of mind. So, let’s find out more about torrenting with ExpressVPN!

Is Torrenting with ExpressVPN Safe?

So, who knows about the elephant in the room? Is it legal to download files on torrent? Also, is it legal to use ExpressVPN torrenting?

Is torrenting legal?

Therefore, let’s tackle the first question about ExpressVPN torrenting. Consider this. Would your ISP even show you the torrent platform if there was a blanket ban on torrenting? Hence, as the website is accessible, so it is obvious that it is not illegal per se.

expressvpn torrenting

Nevertheless, it is always illegal to download copyrighted materials. This is because it puts you at risk for copyright infringement. So, you need to be careful about the file you are downloading.

Most downloaders follow the general rule of thumb to see whether the file is available in the public domain. Besides, if you want to display a different IP address than yours, you can always use ExpressVPN torrenting.

Is ExpressVPN torrenting legal?

Now, let’s consider the other important question. Is using Express VPN for torrenting legal? Rest your worries aside because VPN is a completely legal practice. However, the catch is never to use a VPN for any cybercrime activity.

Hence, as long as you follow these golden rules for digital safety, you are completely safe. Go ahead and have a field day torrenting with ExpressVPN!

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Why is ExpressVPN good for torrenting?

Now that you know about torrenting with ExpressVPN let’s highlight its advantages. After all, as an informed user, you need to have a fair idea of why ExpressVPN good for torrenting.

Unlimited Bandwidth Support

Unlike the so-called free VPNs, there is no data cap limit in ExpressVPN torrenting. While this is great news, the problem can arise from another quarter. As it is, the VPN service is not an Internet Service Provider. So, the bottom line is that you will still have to depend on your ISP data restrictions. However, you may say that you belong to an unlimited data plan.

Nevertheless, your ISP may still deliberately slow down your download speed by a process called throttling. Since torrenting a file is a matter of a huge amount of data, they do this to regulate your data usage.

expressvpn good for torrenting

So, here is the number one point why is ExpressVPN good for torrenting. It offers a highly secured encrypted pathway for data transfer.

Simply put, now your ISP can not track your data usage. Hence, you can use ExpressVPN torrenting as much as you want without slowed internet connection.

No Server Restrictions

This aspect is probably the best reason why is ExpressVPN good for torrenting. If you compare VPN services side by side, you often come across the term ‘dedicated torrent servers.’

While at first glance, this feature may seem to be a great one, unless you know the reality. Servers labeled for P2P typically witness heavy user activity and tend to slow down. However, there are no exclusive P2P ExpressVPN servers.

You can be torrenting with ExpressVPN via any of its servers. In other words, all ExpressVPN P2P servers are accessible to you! So, if you locate heavy traffic at a preferred server, switch to another favorable one.

Maintains a Strict No-Logs Policy

The no-logs policy is one of the most trusted aspects of Express VPN. It never maintains any kind of user logs. Hence, even if a government body asks for any internet usage record, ExpressVPN won’t be able to supply it. This is because it can never furnish the details it does not have in the first place! No wonder torrenting with ExpressVPN is one of the safest things to do.

Military-Grade Encryption

The AES-256 bit encryption is today’s most powerful data transfer protocol. Even the fastest supercomputers can take thousands of years to decrypt it. In other words, even if a hacker intercepts your traffic via the ExpressVPN servers, he won’t be able to understand what it means.

Military establishments worldwide use this encryption protocol for data transfer. Therefore, such an advanced level of data security explains why is ExpressVPN good for torrenting.

Speed that You Can Count On

Express VPN is reputed to be one of the fastest data transfer protocols. Thanks to its proprietary Lightway protocol, it is considered by many to be the best VPN when it comes to speed.

express vpn and torrenting

No one likes to wait for hours for the torrent to download. So, this formidable speed is one of the main reasons why many users think ExpressVPN good for torrenting.

Massive Server Network

Just how huge is the phenomenal ExpressVPN server network? The multi-national company runs a network encompassing 94 countries worldwide, monitored by its headquarters at the British Virgin Islands. The strategic location in the British Virgin Islands ensures that the VPN service is not under the obligation of any mandatory global data laws.

As of August 2021, Express VPN has 3,000 servers spread across 160 server locations. So, such a massive network of Express VPN peer to peer servers ensures that you can comfortably use it for torrent downloads.

In fact, you may not even have to search for a good server manually. Express VPN would automatically connect you to the most optimized server according to your preferences.

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Step-By-Step Instructions for Torrenting with ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN torrenting is very easy. Moreover, you don’t have to be a genius to figure it out. Even then, if you get stuck somewhere, the company has one of the best customer support teams in the industry. It’s no wonder why millions of people worldwide consider ExpressVPN good for torrenting.

expressvpn torrent

So, here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up torrenting with ExpressVPN:

  1. Start by downloading a good torrent client. µTorrent is the most popular option. But, many people also prefer BitTorrent and qBittorrent.
  2. Select the right pricing plan and install ExpressVPN on your computer.
  3. Next, Check whether the Network Lock and Leak Protection are on.
  4. Also, switch over to the Open VPN protocol.
  5. Now, connect to a suitable VPN server for ExpressVPN torrenting. You can do it manually or use the Smart Location feature of ExpressVPN.
  6. Always run a torrent IP leak test to ensure your connection is secure.
  7. All set, now go to any torrent site to begin downloading. PirateBay is the most popular option.

What Are the Other Benefits of Using Express VPN?

Now that you are certain ExpressVPN good for torrenting, let’s look at its other benefits.

  • Firstly, you can use the VPN service for anonymously browsing the web, and it is a fully legal process. In this era of public outcry against online surveillance, the VPN serves as a crucial instrument of freedom.
  • Secondly, you can use it to bypass geo-blocking on your favorite streaming platforms. Watch the US library of Netflix from anywhere in the world! In addition, You can unblock other streaming platforms. Besides, having a VPN also ensures that you can stream content from your home location easily, even if you travel abroad.
  • Thirdly, Express VPN is an amazing option if you want to legally enjoy live streaming global sporting events. Without a VPN, you would most likely find these live streaming sites off the limits due to geo-blocking.
  • Fourthly, ExpressVPN is a must-have tool if you are an online gamer.

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FAQs on Express VPN and Torrenting

Will there be legal troubles using ExpressVPN for torrenting?

ExpressVPN VPN torrenting will not land you into legal problems as long as you don’t download any prohibited material. Besides, you should be careful about not committing copyright violations.

Can I use a free VPN service to download torrents?

Technically, you can, but it is not advisable. Free VPNs are highly unreliable, install malware, and have data caps. Also, they can sell your data to third parties.

Is ExpressVPN good for torrenting?

ExpressVPN is a top service for safely torrenting.

How much does ExpressVPN cost?

Express VPN has a three-tier pricing plan. You can choose the monthly plan and pay USD 12. 95 per month. The next tier is billed for 12 months and USD 6.67 per month. Also, you get 3 months free with this plan! In total, you save 49% at this tier. Thirdly, you can also select the 6-month plan. In this tier, you pay USD 9.99 monthly, billed every six months.

Is there a free trial for Express VPN?

Express VPN has two types of free trial options. Firstly, you can benefit from their 30-day free trial on any of their plans. They would offer you a full refund if you claim it within 30 days of subscribing to any of their plans, no questions asked.

Mobile users can benefit from the 7-day free trial option. It is a very straightforward process. Simply create an account with Express VPN, and they will ask for your consent for the 7-day free trial. Agree to it and use Express VPN for 7 days without paying a dime.


ExpressVPN is a great tool for safe torrent downloads. It has robust security features and is one of the fastest digital protocols. Currently, it is available at a whopping 49% discount offer!

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