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There is a cloud of confusion regarding which VPN is best to use when you are inside Chinese territory. Moreover, another popular uncertainty is regarding free VPN in China or what is the best free VPN for China. So, if you are also faced with similar uncertainties, then there are answers. So, in this segment, you’ll learn about what you need to know while choosing the free VPN China. Also, you are going to know what are certain features that make certain VPNs best to use in China. Let’s begin.

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What do you need to know about free VPN China?

In the context of free VPN China, you need to know that the Chinese government has imposed strict censorship laws on the use of free VPN in China. That is to say, the government in China regulates the use of the best free VPN for China. So, certain free VPN China don’t even work in China. So, there are others which do work but the apps, stores and websites where you download from are themselves blocked. For instance, Apple stores and Google play are blocked in China.

So, to ensure bypassing geoblocks in China, it is advised that you download the best free VPN for China for your choice before you reach China. Consequently, if your procrastination makes you wait till you get there, you might have bad news. That is to say, you might be locked out. Consequently, locked sites will be inaccessible to you during your stay in China without free VPN China.

Government of China regulates Social Media

The Best VPN for use in China

When you are looking for VPNs service that works in China, you’ll find many options in the market to choose. But, the point is to choose the right one. So, you might be confused with the variety of available options. But, don’t panic. We’re here to help. So, just go through the following list and decide which one of them will provide you with secure access when you are in China.

The most favourite that we’d particularly recommend is ExpressVPN. Importantly, it is one of the fastest, efficient and provides free VPN in China which comes with a good offer. What if you want free VPN in China service for a short duration in China? Then also, this is one of the safest free VPN in China if you are considering cheap and the best free VPN for China service for a month and it is also one of the ‘cheapest anonymous free VPN in China’, a feature which will be of particular importance while you are in China.

So, you need to understand that while free VPNs for China are available, a free of cost service can never ensure quality performance in delivery. As such, this is true for speed and accessibility and also ensuring that your data is secure should be your utmost priority while you are in China. Moreover, the features of the VPN service, security and the provisions of ‘unlimited data’ are much better in the case of paid VPNs. Also, there are fewer chances of you (the customer) losing out in the deal since the different free VPN in China services are competing with each other and therefore the services are competitively priced.

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What makes the best free VPN China?

There are certain features which make certain free VPN in China the best choice when you consider the best free VPN for China service. So, let’s see some of the qualities that a free VPN in China service must have to successfully access blocked sites in China. Above all, it is pertinent to again mention that China is strict regarding the regulation of internet sites. Likewise, the wrong free VPN in China provider might expose your data to government monitoring. Moreover, the wrong provider can prevent your access to your desired sites while you’re in China.

Government Monitoring in China

It is advised to avoid free VPN in China. So, let us look at some of the features that good quality free VPN in China providers must include:

  • Should be able to bypass geo-blocks: You must go for the best free VPN for China that’s actually going to work decently in China. So, it must help you to access the sites you need. So, it should be able to unblock Google, WhatsApp, YouTube as well as social media sites. Moreover, a few premium best free VPN for China will allow you to access streaming sites like Netflix as well. So, unlocking ability to bypass geo-blocks and go round the censorship of China are some of the main features of the best free VPN for China.
  • International servers: The more the number of international servers located at a variety of geographical locations will help you get access to content from all over the world in China. So, connecting to a server closer to you can help improve the speed
  • High degree encryption: Only the best free VPN for China with high-end encryption should be preferred. So, your best free VPN for China should ensure your anonymity all the time. Moreover, such high-end encryption will minimise the risk of your data being exposed to malicious elements. So, your best free VPN for China should offer the industry-standard 256-bit encryption.
  • Plus security characteristics: Reliable security is very important for any VPN service. So, free VPNs are not quite trustworthy. Most importantly, features such as an automatic kill switch, advertisement blockers and no-logs policies add layers of privacy and protection to keep you anonymous and secure online. To sum up, it is very important in China. But such features are generally not provided with free VPN services. Likewise, you should look for the best free VPN for China that allows you to get access to unlimited data so that your online activities will not be restricted when you stream, torrent, or play online games.
  • Data limits: You must go for a VPN that’s not going to run out of data quickly. So, when data limits are really less, it hampers with your freedom to browse. Thus, VPN service must include a generous data allowance. Data shouldn’t be a hindrance when you are browsing and streaming.
  • Speeds: Last but not least, high speeds are crucial for keeping buffering and lagging to a minimum when you’re streaming and browsing. Above all, free VPNs generally cut down speeds. As such, this makes finding a fast free VPN really hard. So, it is very important to avoid unnecessary buffering or loading times when you sure the internet, download, stream, shop, social media usage, or sending emails when you are in China.
  • Good customer support service– You must make sure that you’re able to connect to their customer service in case you have any problems with the firewall of the Chinese government.

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How to unlock content in China using the best free VPN China

The good quality VPNs will provide you with ‘military-class security’ and most importantly, it will protect you as well as the geo-blocking abilities will assist you to access all the locked foreign sites that you want to access.

Good quality VPNs also offer you unlimited data. Moreover, this gives you the freedom to browse and stream as well as torrent as much as you desire.

Steps to unlock sites in China:

  1. Get the VPN: It is advised to get the VPN download before you reach China.
  2. Secondly, open the app and connect to the server you want.
  3. Thirdly, safely and securely access the sites of your choice.

China imposes one of the toughest internet censorships in the globe because it restricts users’ access to the most popular web pages. As you saw, there are many VPNs don’t work smoothly in China and it’s is a daunting task to find a free VPN into China that can smoothly bypass the censorship blocks. So, VPN to use in China free of charges is not advisable for other reasons as well.

Majority of the free services limit your data, due to which, you might fail to access the online content of your choice as and when required. So, free VPNs can compromise with your privacy as well. So, you can be fined by the authorities for using a shady VPN. Such VPN can even report your cyber activity to the authorities.

So, it is advisable to use a decent quality free China VPN list to avoid getting in trouble with the Chinese Government.

Best Free VPN China


What is the meaning of the Great Firewall of China?

The government in China regulates by imposing strict laws of censorship to block various sites which includes blocking Google, YouTube, Whatsapp as well as app stores. So, this censorship by the Chinese government is known as the Great Firewall of China. So, guarded by such highly improvised and advanced digital censorship, bypassing the firewall is not an easy task, that includes ordinary VPNs.

Why does the Chinese government block free VPN China?

It wouldn’t be right to say that the Chinese government absolutely bans the best free VPN that works in China. That’s because there isn’t a blanket ban on best free VPN that works in China by the Chinese government. Meanwhile, the Chinese government permitted the best free VPN that works in China are allowed in China. So, the government monitors best free VPN that works in China use in the country so as to regulate internet traffic and restrict users from accessing banned sites, including the various banned best free VPN that works in China as well. So, this regulation over best free VPN that works in China and the internet, in general, is very strict in China.

However, there are best free VPN that works in China that offer obfuscated servers. So, servers hide the fact you’re even using the best free VPN that works in China. So, such servers are rare with free VPNs. Many premium VPN providers offer this feature.

Which sites are banned in China?

China has blocked many popular sites and apps which are common in everyday use and these include search engines, social media, etc. For instance, China has banned the use of Facebook, Whatsapp and Google in China. Moreover, app stores such as GooglePlay and Apple stores are also banned in China. So, a common man living outside China can face a kind of ‘internet shock’ when he’s in China. In conclusion, one is advised to get a VPN service downloaded before one move to China.

Can I use the best free VPN China to watch Netflix in China?

Yes, you can. But, all free VPN China does not work in China and you’ll have trouble with most best free VPN that works in China to have uninterrupted access to Netflix. Moreover, there are a few best free VPN that works in China that can unblock Netflix when you are in the country. However, most of these are paid ones. So, to plainly speak there are only a handful of the best free VPN that works in China that can unblock Netflix in China.

What you need to do is connect to a server that has the ability to unblock Netflix so that you can start watching using the best free VPN that works in China.

So, it is recommended to use a server from the US in order to access the highest number of shows and movies from around the world.

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Each of the above-suggested best free VPN that works in China will allow you to connect to any websites or services which are otherwise blocked within China. So, the best free VPN that works in China will provide you with enough basic usage that’ll enable you to enjoy your browsing time while you’re in China.

Needless to say, if you want better features, such as faster speeds, a bigger list of servers, and no data limitations, we advise you to go for the paid versions because the best China VPN free is not very expensive as the best free VPN that works in China are also competing amongst themselves to gain customers. So, you can get access to the best advantages and benefits that it can offer at a cheap rate.

Also, best free VPN for use in China is advisable given that the Chinese government keeps a strict eye on its internet browsing and as such, the authorities might charge you with a fine if you are caught accessing sites which are banned in China. And since the best free VPN in China are paid ones, you advise you to go through the list and suggestions that we have provided above.

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