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Our motive is honest. We want to provide you with realistic itop VPN reviews. The world of VPN has both its good and bad. Needless to say, bad players can get the end-user into a lot of uncalled trouble. Nevertheless, they may still have some purpose.

Therefore, let’s explore itopVPN, and find out if it’s worth the effort. Unlike many other biased itop VPN reviews, we don’t want to use clickbait content! Our purpose is to be factual, precise, and practical so that this is the best of all itopVPN reviews you can find.

How good is itop VPN?

We don’t jump into an assessment like other itop VPN reviews. Instead, we scan a service right from its roots, including its origin, years of operation, and other factors.

It has a large follower base, stretching up to 20 million users worldwide. It took them only 5 years to reach this milestone, founded in 2016. However, the About Us page does not reveal much other info.

In fact, we scanned as many itop VPN reviews as we could find. There seems to be this major lapse of vital info, the first red flag we noticed. This is because unless you can be sure of a VPN provider‘s origin, you cannot be sure of its data policies. Top providers like ExpressVPN, unlike itop VPN reviews, always maintain complete transparency.

Some third-party sources, however, claim that it has headquarters in Hong Kong. Orange View Limited is the founding company.

A thorough check of privacy policy did not reveal a lot of vulnerabilities. But, neither was there an extra emphasis on privacy. There are no mentions anywhere of an independent audit of the company.

Some countries have stricter cyber laws, whereas others are more easygoing. Therefore, is the itop VPN scam real? We looked into it with a magnifying glass. Here are the itopVPN results.


Key features of itopVPN

You probably saw these key features already in other itop VPN reviews. Nevertheless, let’s still check them out. It is worth noting that none of these itop VPN reviews show anything out of the general suite of features found in other free VPNs.

  • Ability to bypass geo-restrictions
  • Cloaking your IP address
  • Provision for automatic kill switch
  • Better streaming and gaming experience
  • Network of 1800 servers

Major shortcomings of itopVPN

We repeat, the first shortcoming of itopVPN is that it is not very reliable as a private network. Anonymity, and not ambiguity, should be the basis of a good VPN service. This is because you should be sure that your private interactions stay that way!

Otherwise, a VPN belies the very purpose for which users should prefer it. Also, there is no verifiable information on whether it really has as many subscribers as it claims. For all we know, it could be a marketing ploy!

Nonetheless, you may still want to use itopVPN free. So, let’s check if it’s really worth it. A great many itop VPN reviews complain of speed. This can be a major issue, especially if you need to live stream geo-blocked sports events. However, the official page does claim to have great speed. Since it is a no-login/free service, it is easy to verify whether this is true.

The best alternative to itopVPN

Based on our comparative reviewing, we think ExpressVPN far outweighs itopVPN. The free service may have some good features, but it is not that great compared to the trust of ExpressVPN.

What is the pricing structure here?

It has four packages, one of them is a free plan. However, despite having a network of 1800 servers, the free service has access to only 16 servers. Some itop VPN reviews also point out other limitations of the free package. For example, it has a data cap of only 700 MB.

You cannot access blocked socials, access streams, or play online games. It is quite unsafe because ad and malware blockers are not available. Moreover, a split tunneling connection is also not available. In addition, the negative itop VPN reviews are quick to point out that  10x speed will not be there, and nor will be the option between static and dynamic IP.

Other packages include the 1-month deal, the 6-month deal, and the 1-year offer. The biggest package is actually the cheapest one. You only pay $2.31 per month, but you will have to pay for the entire yearly package of $55.44. Furthermore, you get an Extra 1 year of subscription with this package.

ExpressVPN also has a similar bonanza offer like the buy 1 get 1 deal here. There, you can avail yourself of a 30-day free trial coupled with a money-back guarantee.

The cost of the 6-month deal is $6.99. But, you have to pay an aggregate amount of $41.99. Finally, for using it for 1 month only, you pay $11.99.

Summary sheet

Characteristic Value
Strict no-log policy?
Is this provider good for torrenting?
Unblockable Netflix catalogues
How many simultaneous connections are available?
Server locations
Supported OS and devices
Does it have a refund policy? This provider doesn't offer any money-back guarantee
Supported protocols
Unlimited bandwidth? Yes
Type of VPN encryption Military AES 256 bits encryption
Number of IP Addresses The company doesn't disclose that info
Number of VPN Servers? The company doesn't disclose that info

Using itopVPN

Common uses include streaming Netflix, downloading torrents, and playing online games. itop VPN reviews report that it’s a good service to access Netflix from geo-blocked locations. However, you should consider using one of the paid packages. The paucity of servers in the free deal may not make the cut with streaming. In addition, it also does not have a good speed.

It is a good service for torrenting. Having a good Peer to Peer network is critical for safe torrenting. This VPN claims to have one of the best P2P systems.

Users from China want to know whether it works there. This Hong Kong-based company is one of the VPNs still available in China. However, it is not certain whether your data remains safe with them. Given the current political situation in Hong Kong, it is probably better to look for a safer alternative with stricter privacy protocols.

Finally, most of the reviews confirm that it is an awesome one for playing online games. It has good speed and low game ping. The paid packages grant you access to 1800 proxy servers in 100 locations. This lets you unblock games easily. In fact, the company has some dedicated gaming servers to encourage gamers.

itop vpn review

Key features explained in brief

Here are the top features of this VPN.

Unlimited bandwidth

There are no data caps applicable with the paid packages. The free plan imposes a 700 MB data limit for each day.

Five connections at once

itopVPN premium accounts allow users access to five logins simultaneously. However, it has certain compatibility limitations, and so there are no workarounds for increasing the utility of the license.

Smart location

This feature ensures that you access the internet automatically via the most stable and secure location.

Kill switch

It has a powerful kill switch feature. It automatically shuts down your internet connection whenever there is a problem. This is vital in ensuring that you remain anonymous even if the VPN connection has temporarily dropped. As for how to uninstall itop VPN, the information is available in its settings.

Is it good with Windows client?

It is compatible with Windows 11/10/8/7. It has best-in-class encryption and a relatively easy user interface. Furthermore, it is easy to recover from errors, is quite quick, and can handle basic tasks right from the start.

The compatibility issues mentioned above mean that it is difficult to tweak the settings. Apparently, the client would manage most settings automatically.

itop vpn reviews

Other applications used with it

It does not support any native apps for a smart TV or digital media player. Neither does it generate configuration files for manual third-party apps.

Test results

We checked the VPN service for speed and DNS leaks. As for speed, it is not as fast, but it is still not that slow. The speed can get erratic randomly. Nonetheless, there are quite a few factors affecting the speed. This includes the physical distance between the VPN server and your device. In addition, the number of users on the network, processing power, and regional restrictions also influence the speed. As per our test, the base download speed is 15.9 MBPS, and the upload speed is 0.70 MBPS. Compared to this, ExpressVPN has the best speed, as we found.

Furthermore, DNS leak results are also satisfactory. It can successfully cloak the IP address. We undertook elaborate tests. We also tested the WebRTC IP leakage. It clearly shows that the VPN is able to stop Chrome from broadcasting your location. The IP address leak tests were conducted by both Ipv4 and Ipv6. DNS leak tests are considered successful only when the IP address shown is not the same as that of the device you are using for the test.  Nevertheless, our review itop VPN still shows that ExpressVPN is the most secured service due to its advanced encryption.

How is the customer service of this VPN?

The support is not that good. Don’t expect live chat or phone support. The protocol is lengthy and opaque. You will have to submit a ticket, and wait for a minimum of 24 hours to get a response. Sometimes, it can take even up to 48 hours.


Some people wonder is itop VPN legit or not. It does not seem to be a very low-flying VPN, but it falls short when compared to the bigness of ExpressVPN. You should always compare and choose the best because VPNs matter!

7.7 Total Score
itopVPN rating 2024

Privacy and security
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Free package available
  • Standard speed in paid packages
  • Unlimited data use for paid packages
  • Kill switch feature
  • Five simultaneous connections
  • Not very reliable on the privacy front
  • Free package is slow
  • No malware block in a free package
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