Top VPN Services 2022

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Despite having so many options, choosing a secure VPN has been tough lately. The information search alone takes a lot of time. You have to comb through VPN reviews of hundreds of providers and still be undecided whats a VPN that you can choose.

Not to worry, we can take that off your plate. Since I use VPN in my life of work, I’ve been there and done that – so to speak. After having tried so many providers, I’m here to share what I know and help you narrow your choices. Have a look at this VPN list of my personal picks to the world’s top 10 VPN companies. This review is not only the fact of how to use VPN but more that you need to know.

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What are the Top VPN Services?

An excellent VPN software is worth investing in. It’s not only important for work or business. I’ve found that it is handy in real life. With all the risks and dangers lurking on the Web, a good VPN can be your shield from shady elements. It has also helped me overcome geo-restrictions so that I can transact with people overseas for my business. Of course, a good VPN software will allow you to enjoy online entertainment to its maximum.

I’ve been able to download movies, music, and stream my favourite TV shows without any country restrictions. Plus, I can surf and browse pages without worrying about my data being turned over. I’ve had my ups and downs subscribing to different companies – from low-cost providers to the premium ones. So yes, it’s safe to say that when it comes to good privacy tools, I know my stuff. Therefore, I figured to pay it forward and save you the trouble of going through the same ordeal I did.

Choose the very best of them all: ExpressVPN

In all my years of trying nearly all VPN providers, this is the best one, bar none. Why? Because it’s the VPN provider that meets all the search criteria that makes up what a good VPN service is. Several VPN reviews also attest to it. And I’ll tell you why if you read on.

Screening the Top 10 VPN Providers

I’m sure you’ve scoured the Internet for VPN reviews for VPN comparison. You may have already had considerable experience with companies, too. If you’re still unsatisfied with your provider or are new to this VPN experience, then I’m here to help. Consider me your key informant in your search for the best VPN service.

When you’re looking out to buy, your immediate reaction is to buy the cheapest one. Am I right? I mean, what harm could an inexpensive service possibly do? Probably none, but it won’t do you any good either.

Remember that quality is almost always never free. A low price is a classic bait and switch for VPN providers. From a beginner’s perspective, price is always a good selling point. But, if you ask me since, in the long run, you’re going to be reliant on VPN services, you should go for quality and not quantity, immediately.

VPN Starter Pack

You may not know it yet, but VPN is fast becoming a must-have for every online user. I’ll tell you why as we do a quick tour of what VPN is.

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. If we break down the name itself: Virtual means it’s for online use. Private means it assures you of confidentiality. Network means that it provides you with your own network connection. As a result, when you use the Internet, the service acts as a cloak of invisibility. You can search and stream without being traced. You can also fend off criminal elements because they can’t “see” your data.

Basically, what it does is a change or hide your IP. Don’t worry, it’s allowed by law. The biggest argument for the virtual private network is really for consumer protection. Since we store personal information and sensitive data like our birthdates, credit card numbers, and other identifying information one, security is a priority. If you tap an unsecured connection, phishers and data thieves may exploit this weakness. They can even profit off your data without you knowing.

In my opinion, a trustworthy VPN is important to one’s peace of mind online. That’s it.

Now, how do you install it? Sure, it might sound techie and complicated, but installing a top VPN doesn’t require an advanced degree. The top 10 VPN services make sure that installing it and using it is simple and straightforward.

Choosing a Good VPN: Search Criteria

If you read VPN reviews, you’ll learn that all have standard features in them. They will likely offer the same pricing and policy as well. What you need to look for is the value-added to each service. As with other products, each brand has a unique offering to help them stay on top of the rest.

What’s noticeable in providers is that some offer specialized services while others offer comprehensive packages. This means that some providers focus on great speed VPN, while others emphasize privacy capabilities. And then some services give a complete package. They do well on all criteria – allowing you the best value for your money.

So what makes a reliable virtual private network? Here’s a list of search criteria that can be your yardstick when evaluating what’s the best VPN for your needs.

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VPN Security and Privacy

All VPNs must be judged based on this capability. The Top 10 VPN services guarantee the best online security by locking in strong encryption protocols. Often, they implement military-grade protocols akin to what international security agencies and defence institutions do. This guarantees that every piece of data or information you transmit through the Internet is channelled without intruders watching.


This level of anonymity online is now very important. Cybercriminals are launching various cyberattacks on unsuspecting online users daily. One way they do it is through phishing. This method tricks people into downloading links that carry them over to a website that collects their bank information. Ransomware is another cyber attack which releases malware that encrypts your data. Basically, you have to pay a ransom so you can access them again.

As criminals become craftier, you’ll need a good VPN service that outsmarts them. What a top ten VPN does is veil your real IP address so that prying eyes will be made to believe you’re somewhere you’re really not. As a result, you can browse online pages and entertainment freely without anyone minding your business. Also, by hiding your IP address, one is able to overcome geo-restrictions at the same time, allowing you access to various content. I’ll get to that soon.

Zero-Log Policy

One other important must-have of a good VPN is a zero-log policy. You need to look for this feature! If all this sounds strange to you, don’t worry. When we go online, it’s a standard procedure that every activity is stored and logged – IP address, usernames, passwords, and other identifying information. These logs pinpoint when and where we have been while online. On the Internet, someone is always watching.

Even going incognito on search engines is not enough to protect yourself from being traced. However, with a good VPN, their strong encryption capability totally obscures your activities because they don’t keep logs.

Kill Switch

Lastly, another feature that makes a good VPN is a Kill Switch feature. Why do I say that this is an absolute need-to-have? This is because a kill switch avoids any possibility of accidental exposure in case a VPN connection drops. If for any reason, there’s disruption on your VPN server, you lose the encryption that’s protecting you. At this time, third parties can access your information.

Say you’re downloading movie torrents through a VPN server. Suddenly the connection drops, and you’re away from your computer. Without a kill switch feature, your IP address can be traced without you knowing.

As a preventive measure, a kill switch is designed to automatically end your Internet connection the instant your VPN server is interrupted. If it detects that a  server has been compromised, it shuts down all open apps so that your information isn’t being transmitted publicly.


Everyone looking for a network connection wants the same thing: The faster, the better. The same criteria apply to providers. A top 5 VPN can function at great speeds when it has a large number of VPN servers. Having many servers at one’s disposal prevents congestion when the number of users spikes.

Just think of your own home WiFi connection. The more people connect to that one VPN router, the Internet lags severely. So, be keen on identifying how many VPN server locations a service has, and in how many countries.

Of course, you should know that installing a VPN may cause a slight dip in your Internet connection, but the top VPN premium can get you great speeds. This is perfect, especially when your main purpose of getting a VPN is to stream online entertainment or mass-download movie torrents.

Can you get a top VPN for free?

Sure, many providers advertise as free services. But, the “free” offering doesn’t offer the complete experience of what a VPN can do. Aside from the data cap, you also connect to numerous ads popping.

Like I said earlier, quality always has a price tag. You can use their free offering to try and get a feel of what it does. But trust me, you’ll end up paying for a monthly plan because there’s only so much you can do with a free service.

Besides, the top 10 VPN services don’t have obscene rates. My recommended top VPN companies allow a variety of subscription plans ranging from 1 month to 3 years and affordable price offerings. It’s recommended to go for long-term subscriptions to get more savings, but it’s all up to you.

If you just want a trial run for now, then you can always opt for the free service. However, this should be a short-term thing. To really get the full-on benefits of these services, a full-time subscription is ideal. Also, top VPN providers have a 30-day money-back guarantee built-in so you can pull out of the subscription in case they fail to convince you. Since they’re confident that you’re going to be 100% satisfied with their service, you’ll probably end up subscribing to a long-term plan.

It all boils down to which payment arrangement works for you.

Multiple Device Login

Let’s say you’re originally planning to just use a service for business or personal laptop use. Sometime, you’ll want to wish you had it on mobile, too. So, having a top VPN that can grant simultaneous login on multiple devices is a big plus.

Top VPN providers are those with the capability to allow as much as 10 devices using one account! This is awesome news for families and small businesses. No more arguing whose turn it is to binge on Netflix. No more debates on which movie torrents to prioritize downloading on the laptop. You can do all these things all at once if you subscribe to a top VPN.

This is the big advantage that top VPNs have over free VPN. If you want to spread the joy of unrestricted online entertainment around, then a subscription plan is the next step.

Ease of Use

Technology is supposed to make life simple, less complex. The same is true for virtual private networks. The top VPN services are always ahead of the others, not only in functionality but the ease of use. Remember that using virtual private networks is not only for digital-savvy. Beginning users are attracted to the service because of its value to unlock online entertainment. To appeal to the general population, users must not get lost in translation over difficult jargon and settings.

Therefore, an interface that’s easy on the eyes that you can use intuitively is another thumbs-up for a top VPN. Of course, in this category, nothing beats ExpressVPN. Its interface, controls, and settings are uncomplicated – perfect even for beginners.

Bypassing Geo-restrictions

The VPN was designed to facilitate smoother work processes globally. Its original purpose was to allow employees to remotely access company files if they find themselves in the field or in a satellite office. It also enabled them to telecommute when they can’t otherwise report for work in the physical offices.

Now, VPN has taken on a whole new purpose in this interconnected world. They are known for being able to overcome geo-restrictions in countries so that you can access sites that are otherwise blocked.

How does it do that?

Through a process called IP address manipulation, the VPN service masks your actual IP address and assigns you one that is recognized. Say you want to access movies but are blocked due to a location’s geo-restrictions. For example, North Korea and China block several apps like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. A top VPN service can bypass this digital barrier and unblock the restriction. They can grant you access to any site from virtually anywhere.

Think of the freedom you get from one handy little service.

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Customer Service

Of course, the top VPN services have excellent customer service. Like any company, customer support is crucial. Every service is bound to have issues, foreseen, and unforeseen. Having a reliable customer service is a great way to touch base with the company.

Even for minor issues or questions, response rates should be fast. Look for 24-hour chat support, fast response times, and competent customer service representatives.


Well, there you have it. I’ve shared with you a piece of my mind and experience on how you could choose the best VPN service. From my list, you can review the top VPN companies I identified and do a little more digging. Hopefully, you can find a VPN provider that’s right for you.

Like I said, even if they say the best things in life are free, with VPN, they come with annoying ads and data cap. Consider VPN as an investment that can bring joy and peace of mind not only to you but to your family as well. Go for the full experience with a paid subscription. For my last word, of course, let me end with my personal recommendation: Choose ExpressVPN.