Using SurfShark India: Is It the Best VPN in 2022?

surfshark vpn review

SurfShark India is one of the key players in the VPN vertical. Besides, it has one of the cheapest plans. So, many people naturally prefer it. However, you may want to be careful before jumping to a conclusion. Hence, check this SurfShark VPN review India for an honest report.

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SurShark India is Good, but Privacy Features Need Improvement

Check out Surf Shark VPN, which comes with AES 256 bit –GCM encryption and secure connection protocols. However, you can always use Express VPN if you are not happy with this VPN’s performance.

Things to Know About SurfShark India

SurfShark VPN India is a newbie in the field. The development process started in 2018. Also, the company had its first independent audit in 2018. Plus, SurfShark India released two DQL (Digital Quality of Life) indices to date. Besides, they are one of the founders of the VPN Trust Initiative.

About SurfShark India

SurfShark VPN India CEO is Vytautas Kaziukonis. Saulius Maslinskas is the Development Head. Goda Pakalne is the HR Head. In addition, in this SurfShark review India checked its jurisdiction, which is in the Netherlands.

Key Features of SurfShark India

The mission of SurfShark VPN India is to be a part of a globally secured internet. So, check the key features enlisted in this SurfShark VPN review India.

  • Firstly, Surf Shark India has a camouflage mode
  • Secondly, it has AES 256 bit –GCM encryption
  • Thirdly, secure connection protocols
  • Fourthly, SurfShark VPN India employs private DNS

SurfShark Review India: Shortcomings

Performance-wise, Surf Shark is a good VPN. The streaming speed is great, and it promises to be a highly secured protocol. Nevertheless, this SurfShark VPN review India intends to point out certain key issues.

surfshark vpn option

Firstly, it has a static IP problem. We logged in and out of SurfShark VPN India several times to test the IP address. So, this SurfShark review India notes that the IP remained the same every time we logged in. We think this is a major loophole as it turns us into an easy target for hackers.

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In addition, SurfShark India has some major privacy concerns. First of all, it has headquarters in the Netherlands. The European country has user-friendly data policies. But, it is a member of the Nine Eyes Alliance. So, this means that the Dutch government can compel SurfShark India to furnish user data.

Also, a third-party audit by AppEsteem found a major security flaw in their SurfShark review India. The problem is with a piece of tech called the Trusted Root Certificate Authority. The SurfShark VPN review India found that the company deploys this certificate even when you cancel the app installation. All your mobile data is at grave risk if a hacker can break into this security certificate.

SurfShark Review India: Plans and Prices

We checked the prices in this SurfShark review India. So, the basic tier plan involves paying INR 939 for a one-month subscription. However, this SurfShark VPN review India found that you can benefit from major discounts by choosing longer plan tiers.

surfshark price

Therefore, you can save 69% in the 1-year plan, where you pay INR 4606.3 every 12 months. So, the monthly costs come down to INR 289. However, the monthly rate reduces by 80% if you select the 2-year plan. So, you pay only INR 4,536 for 24 months. Moreover, the monthly amount for SurfShark VPN India is INR 189 only. So, the SurfShark VPN price India is one of the lowest in these categories.

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This SurfShark VPN review India also notes a 30-day money-back guarantee on all plans. However, the SurfShark free trial offer is available on a 7-day basis in the app store or Google Play. Moreover, payment options include Gpay, PayPal, cryptocurrencies, and credit cards.

SurfShark VPN India Review: Actual Experience

SurfShark India is a great choice to unblock Netflix. We found that all 24 US servers can provide a SurfShark Netflix connection. So, even if a server goes down, courtesy of Netflix blocking it, you can still find an alternate solution. In fact, the US library of SurfShark VPN Netflix is still accessible even on certain EU servers, which is really surprising.

So, how does it fare on torrenting? This SurfShark review India found out it can serve as a torrenting VPN, but only on those servers with P2P support. The VPN provider also provides whitelisting capabilities, conveniently enabling you to single out your torrent client.

Is SurfShark VPN India good for gaming? We found that it was generally good. But, some servers can still have prolonged loading times and error messages.

We contacted customer support to prepare this SurfShark VPN review India. Our query was whether the VPN works in China. The response was satisfactory. The VPN can bypass the great firewall and work in mainland China. Also, it can work in Hong Kong. In addition, the camouflage mode offers you additional peace of mind.

SurfShark VPN Review India: Features

Check out these features of Surf Shark VPN.


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Clean Web

The VPN ensures a clean cyber experience without ads, malware, trackers, or phishing attempts.


The Bypasser feature lets you bypass specific apps and websites while you can still use the VPN on other regular sites.

Unlimited connections

Therefore, SurfShark lets you connect as many devices as you want on the Virtual Private Network.

No-logs whatsoever

SurfShark India has a strict no-logs policy. So, they don’t monitor, store, or track anything about your online activity.

Leak protection and private DNS

Each server connects to a private DNS. Furthermore, they provide advanced leak protection using the IP v4 stack.   

Kill switch feature

SurfShark VPN India automatically shuts down your connection if there is a drop. You are always safe.

Camouflage mode

So, even your ISP can’t tell that you are using Surf Shark.

No Borders Mode

This mode allows users to use the VPN from just about anywhere!

Private Browsing

Moreover, your online activity is completely under wraps.

Change your IP

This SurfShark review India digs this feature. So, you can change your IP to a value that is not associated with your digital identity.

Secure protocols

The default protocol for SurfShark India is IKEv2/IP sec. However, users can also opt for the Open VPN protocol.


Military-grade 256-bit encryption keeps you safe.

Verified security

Third-party audit by Cure53 verifies that SurfShark has one of the best security features.

24/7 support offered

The company offers 24/7 expert support in live chat, emails, and phone calls.  

SurfShark VPN review India: Windows Client

You can easily install the Windows app on Surf Shark. However, the user interface is relatively complex. Nevertheless, the basic features are easily accessible. Use the location picker to select your preferred server. Countries and cities are under the same tab. So, it can take some more scrolling than usual.

This SurfShark review India notes that the platform offers significant flexibility to users in the settings section. You can tweak the configuration options or choose different modes such as No-Borders or Camouflage.

Other Applications

Apart from Windows, you can use the VPN on macOS and Linux. Also, you can install extensions on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Besides, Android and iOS are compatible. Furthermore, you can use SurfShark VPN India for Fire TV.

SurfShark Review India: Test Results

Speed is a key factor for optimum VPN experience. However, several factors can affect the performance speed. Moreover, a key aspect is the distance between the server and your actual location. Other factors include the number of users on the server, regional bandwidth, ISP restrictions, and the processing power of your device.

We tested the speed on various servers. So, the rate was at par with the non-VPN speed and displayed an average of 150 Mbps. In addition, the US servers clocked more than 200 Mbps on testing. Nevertheless, you should be using ExpressVPN for it has the best speed range.

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We performed leak tests for this SurfShark VPN review India. So, we conducted the tests for IP address leaks (IP v4 and IP v6), DNS leaks, and WebRTC leaks using However, we detected no leaks on the usual platforms. Nevertheless, SurfShark India does not support IP v6. Therefore, if you use IP v6 with Surf Shark, it is a potential chance of a data leak. Forget the risks and use ExpressVPN as it is the most secured service.

SurfShark India: Customer Support

The customer support of SurfShark VPN India is highly efficient. Also, the agents are knowledgeable. Besides, you have a live chat and phone support. Moreover, they provide prompt replies to emails. Furthermore, they have an active social community on Facebook. Plus, SurfShark has great resources available on its website, answering almost every possible question.

SurfShark Review India: Competitor Comparison

So, let’s compare Surf Shark with other providers.

VPN Connection

Surf Shark vs Nord VPN

Surf Shark and Nord VPN have the same parent company. Nevertheless, they still perform as individual entities. Also, the key point of difference is the number of connections. Nord VPN only lets you connect six devices at once. However, there are no such limits in Surf Shark.

Surf Shark vs Express VPN

Express VPN is a better option because of its robust security features and blazing speed. You can easily bypass geo-blocking, watch live sports, and enjoy Express VPN on a wide array of applications.

Surf Shark vs Cyberghost

This SurfShark VPN review India compared Surf Shark with Cyber Ghost. We found that Cyber Ghost is definitely better with its huge network of servers. Surf Shark has over 3,000 servers, while Cyber Ghost has more than 8,000 servers.

Surf Shark vs Private VPN

You will find Surf Shark a better option than Private VPN. This is because it has better speed, security, and more options in server categories.

Surf Shark vs Private Internet Access

These two services are almost head-to-head in the comparisons chart. However, PIA is better for server locations, features, and pricing.

Surf Shark vs Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN is cheaper. However, Surf Shark is a better option in the features, security, and server categories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Does Surf Shark work in India?

SurfShark VPN India is available.

Q 2. Is Surf Shark VPN free?

No, SurfShark India is not free. However, the service has a 7-day free trial offer on the app store.

Q 3. How much is the cost of Surf Shark VPN?

This SurfShark review India informs you of three price tiers of Surf Shark. So, the basic 1-month plan is available for INR 939. However, you can get it at INR 189 on the 2-year plan.

Q 4. Surf Shark VPN allows how many devices?

There is no limit to the number of devices you can connect at once.

Q 5. How good is Surf Shark VPN?

Surf Shark VPN is good. But, there are some privacy issues. So, you can try better options such as Express VPN.


This SurfShark VPN review India answers all your questions on using this platform. We found it a good one. But, we are unsure about the privacy aspects. So, go for Express VPN, as it is the best!

Surf Shark VPN has cool features. However, you should use Express VPN.
8 Total Score
Surfshark Review: Pretty great!

Let's outline the pros and cons of Surf Shark.

Privacy and Security
Speed and Performance
Value for money
Ease of use
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Camouflage mode
  • Kill switch
  • No logs policy
  • Good speed
  • Located in the Netherlands
  • App has a major security flaw
  • Static IP
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