The Best Cheapest VPN India in 2024

Well, here are some questions! Reliable VPNs are the must-haves if you care about online safety and privacy. But can I afford such expensive VPNs? Is there any pocket-friendly VPN that comes with advanced safety, protection, and accessibility features? Here, we are to find out the cheapest VPN India that offers the best services at the most affordable rate.

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Last Update Made On: 11 April 2024

Finding the Cheapest VPN: Is It Really Worth It?

First of all, it will not be wise to think that using the cheapest VPN India will be like compromising your internet safety. High pricing actually does not guarantee the best quality of services. Besides, there are some VPNs like CyberGhost that come at a pocket-friendly price and with free trials as an attempt to ensure your online privacy without burning a hole in your pocket.

Browse Anonymously and Avoid Censorship

The cheap VPN in India, with an extensive range of servers, will drive your internet traffic through a safe tunnel. Let’s make things simple for you. Suppose you are trying to access a streaming site like Netflix, but your geographical location does not permit it. So, you will never be able to watch that channel because of Geo-blocking or digital restrictions. Here comes the importance of a low cost VPN India.

cheapest vpn india

The cheap and best VPN India will first link your internet connection to a server that is located outside the restricted zone. Besides, you will get an IP address from the remote server you are connected to. Further, your real location or IP address will be masked, and you will be able to access the streaming site you want, superseding Geo-blocking.

Your browsing activities will completely remain anonymous as your traffic will appear to be coming from an IP address assigned by the VPN’s server. Affordable VPNs like CyberGhost come with obfuscated servers so that even the latest streaming sites cannot detect or block the traffic. CyberGhost also has DNS protection, a no-log policy, and kill switch features that will never allow any unwanted entity, even your internet service provider, to know your online identity or data. Furthermore, you will remain protected against the prying eyes of the vigilant authorities and consequent punishments for breaking censorship rules.

Bolster Your Privacy Protection Online

VPN cheap services also promise to offer the strongest privacy protection at the lowest rate. Understand that cheapest does not mean having the lowest amount of charges on the paper. The actual value is always a comparison between the price you are paying and the quality of service you are getting.

Nevertheless, the cheapest VPN will come with advanced protocols and powerful encryptions. So, the hackers or spammers will never have access to your confidential data. Things like bandwidth and data reselling will also not occur. That is why companies that work remotely these days always use a reliable VPN service that marks the file-sharing mechanism completely safe.

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What You Need is The Best Cheap VPN India

Hopefully, you will agree with us that the cheapest VPN can be the only budget-friendly solution for the safest online experience. So, let’s find out our top picks for 2024:

How We Tested & Ranked the Best Cheap VPN

We came across various cheap VPN services, and we did a 360-degree assessment. Read on to know the factors that have played a decisive role in finding the cheapest VPN India.

cheap vpn india

  • Cheap Prices – Pricing is obviously a matter of utmost importance when we are trying to find the most inexpensive VPN. However, cheap services always do not mean low figures of pricing. We have a different perspective on that. A cheap service means getting the quality of service that is more than value for the money we are paying. Besides, it should also offer free-trial and money-back facilities to the users so that they can assess the quality of the service on their own. Considering all these aspects, CyberGhost is at the top of our list.
  • Speed and Servers – A cheap VPN India has to have the widest number of servers. The number of servers determines a VPN’s ability to supersede censorship and Geo-blocking. You will surely not continue with a service that offers an inferior speed and restricted bandwidth.
  • Security Features – You can only trust a cheap VPN that has impregnable encryption that protects your important data and online activities. The top in our list, CyberGhost, has a military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. So, you will be happy to trust our suggestions.
  • Streaming – Another aspect we explored while determining the cheap VPN was the streaming experience. These days, streaming sites can often detect traffic coming through a VPN channel and block it immediately. Especially, platforms like Netflix are famous for this. So, having a cheap VPN with many servers is not enough. You also need a VPN that has obfuscated servers, which streaming sites cannot detect or block.
  • Torrenting – Unrestricted torrenting and P2P file sharing are some other essential factors that we explored while finding the most affordable VPN. The best encryption standard, unthrottled P2P traffic, and blazing speed make it ideal for torrenting.
  • Customer Support – Using a low-cost VPN is more or less an easy affair. Besides, the trusted services are consistent with their performances. However, sometimes you may need assistance regarding troubleshooting or any other issues. So, it is important that the VPN has friendly customer service. The most trusted and cheapest VPN in India, according to us, CyberGhost, has 24*7 customer service to help users. 

How Much Does the Cheapest VPN Cost?

CyberGhost is the cheapest VPN in India on our list. It has a very transparent and reasonable pricing structure. Its 1-month package is available for INR 939 per month. You can also opt for a 12-month subscription at INR 289. However, the most lucrative offer is for the 24-months package. The subscription charges will come down to INR 169 per month, and you will get an additional free subscription of 2 months.

3 Top Tips to Get the Premium VPN for a Lesser Rate

There are some smart tricks to use for getting the cheapest VPN for a lesser price. First of all, you can sign up and create a new account to get the benefits of free trials and money-back guarantees. For example, CyberGhost, offers a 45-day money-back guarantee for its desktop and laptop users. It even provides Android and iOS users with a 7-day free trial facility.

cheapest vpn in india

Secondly, you can create a new account and avail yourself of various discount coupons and deals. If you are interested in getting an 82% discount and 2-month free subscription.

Finally, we always suggest users to go for long-term VPN subscriptions. In a long-term subscription, the per month expenses for the VPN services come down unbelievably. See it for yourself!

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Are Cheap VPNs safe?

Yes, it is definitely safe. Do not get confused and perceive them in the line of free VPNs that have an insufficient server base and safety structure. Besides, the VPNs enlisted on our list do not come with malware like many free VPNs. So, safety is assured.

Will a Cheap VPN slow down my internet?

No, it will not slow down your internet. If you are using a cheap and reliable VPN like CyberGhost, your online traffic will be completely protected. Therefore, no third-party entity, including your internet service provider, will be able to throttle your internet connection. Besides, the servers of CyberGhost are consistent, and even if you are connected to a distant server, there will be no fluctuation in speed or bandwidth.

Can I get a Cheap VPN for just 1 week?

Yes, you can get the cheapest VPN for India, according to our list, for just 1 week. CyberGhost offers a 7-day free trial for iOS and Android users. You can also explore the 7-day free trial facilities of NordVPN (for Android).


We have discussed why it is important to get a cheap VPN that does not falter in its quality of services. Besides, we have assessed a few services and shared some suggestions with you based on our insight and judgment. Further, there are smart tricks to watch out for if you want to save more on the charges.

So, choose the cheapest VPN in India from our list and start using it today for your complete peace of mind. However, if you are looking for the best VPN in the market, we recommend ExpressVPN. Try ExpressVPN for free! Happy streaming!

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