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Every Passionate gamer in the world loves GameLoop. You can have the fun of playing mobile games on your personal computer with GameLoop. It comes with a simple interface and is intuitive. However, we recommend using the best VPN for GameLoop emulator to avoid problems, such as high ping, reduced speed, lag, and ISP issues.

In other words, you should consider subscribing to the best VPN for GameLoop not to ruin your gaming experience. Surely, the last thing you want is to get stopped in the middle of a game. It happens if your ISP can track your online activity and throttle the connection. However, the best VPN for GameLoop will surely keep your internet activities anonymous, and your ISP will only get to see encrypted traffics.

Many people search for the best VPN for GameLoop free. But we strongly forbid using free VPNs, and we will discuss the reasons in a later section. Before that, we will try to answer why you need the best VPN for GameLoop. Then, we will move to find the best VPN for GameLoop and how we assessed it.

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Why Do I Need the Best VPN for GameLoop?

We are not saying that you cannot use GameLoop without VPN. However, you may have to face many hindrances if you are not picking the best VPN for GameLoop. So, Let’s discuss those.

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Unrestricted Access:

GameLoop has some fascinating games, including PUBG, League of Legends, Grand Theft Auto Online, and others. However, many gamers may not be able to access various games due to Geo-blocking or digital restrictions. For example, PUBG is no more allowed in India, Nepal, Korea, China, and some other countries. The best VPN for GameLoop will connect your internet connection to the server located in a particular country where your favorite game is not banned. So, you will face no disturbance in playing your game.

High Speed and Low Game Ping:

A low game ping is always important for an improved gaming experience. You can only achieve a low game ping when the internet connection is fast. The best VPN for GameLoop will keep your online activity private. So, no third-party entity, even your internet service provider, will be able to control your connection. Further, you will get to enjoy a better internet speed without any throttling measures.

Better Privacy & Security:

The best VPN for GameLoop will always come with advanced encryptions and algorithms. As a result, a reliable VPN for PC GameLoop will keep your online data protected from spammers and hackers through full-proof safety measures.

The Best GameLoop VPN:

We have assessed multiple service providers and have tried to find out the best VPN GameLoop for you. Instead of focussing on excellence in any particular parameter, we have tried to judge the overall performance of the VPNs. So, our list comprises:

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According to us, ExpressVPN is the topmost GameLoop VPN as it has an advanced protocol named Lightway. Besides, it comes with military-grade encryptions to ensure the fastest speed and complete data safety. It is also offering a 30-day free trial and money-back guarantee. So, no more need to look for the best free VPN for GameLoop when you get a free trial from a premium VPN.

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Assessing & Finding the Best GameLoop VPN

We have already mentioned that we have assessed every GameLoop VPN to get a holistic point-of-view. Our assessment parameters include:

how to access vpn for gameloop

Number of Servers:

It is always important that you should choose a GameLoop VPN that has various servers located globally. It is essential because you may face Geo-blocking or digital restrictions while using the GameLoop emulator. Further, games like PUBG are not allowed in many countries. However, a GameLoop VPN with a large number of servers will connect your connection to a server located in a particular country where there are no restrictions.

High Speed and Low Ping of Video Games:

You already know how a VPN with military-grade encryptions keeps your online activity private. Besides, without the control of your internet service provider, you will enjoy blazing internet speed. An improved internet speed further results in a lower ping and better gaming experience. So, you should always choose a GameLoop VPN that has high latency.

Does it Work in India?

Especially, the gamers in India need a GameLoop VPN as many games are banned in India. A VPN has the power to offer you full-proof protection even if you are superseding digital laws. Besides, maintaining anonymity, it will help you remain away from government vigilance.

Subscription Charges:

The subscription charge is a crucial factor when you are choosing a GameLoop VPN. Besides, it is always wiser to subscribe to a VPN (For example ExpressVPN) that is offering a free trial to assess its efficacy. Further, the subscription fees of a VPN should be reasonable, and it should justify its quality of service.


A GameLoop VPN should work well with a wide range of mobiles, PCs, and laptops. Besides, it needs to be compatible with popular operating systems, such as Android and iOS.

Is It Good for GameLoop Emulator?

One of the main challenges of using GameLoop is avoiding lag. You need to choose a GameLoop VPN that will connect your connection to a server that is lesser active. It will further make the distance between you and the game server shorter. Both of these factors can enhance your gaming experience when you are gaming with the GameLoop emulator.

Online Security and Protection Against Digital Law:

One of the primary functions of a VPN is keeping your online activity anonymous. Through powerful encryptions and advanced algorithms, VPNs further protect confidential info from spammers and hackers. Besides, when the safety protocol is full-proof, you can easily supersede any digital, national, regional, and institutional restrictions.

Can I Choose a Free VPN for GameLoop?

NO. The idea of using a free VPN for GameLoop does not work for us. We know many service providers will come up with lucrative offers and promises. However, using a free VPN for GameLoop is like inviting bigger perils on your own.

how to choose vpn for gameloop

The risks of connecting to a free VPN for GameLoop are many. So, let’s find out those.

  1. A free VPN for GameLoop can make you a victim of data theft.
  2. You may be penalized for breaking digital laws if the free VPN for GameLoop does not have a full-proof safety protocol.
  3. With a free VPN for GameLoop, you may fail to access the gaming emulator and various games it has.
  4. You are likely to experience reduced internet speed and gaming quality if the free VPN for GameLoop cannot maintain anonymity.

Along with all these problems, you may also be exposed to the risk of logging in and reselling your online patterns with a free VPN for GameLoop.

Setting Up a VPN for Using GameLoop:

You should know how to install a VPN in GameLoop. The process is simple. You just need to follow the step-by-step guide mentioned below.

  1. Sign up with a premium VPN service of your choice
  2. It’s time you download the Android app on your personal computer
  3. Then you open GameLoop, move to Menu, and next go to Local APK Installation
  4. Pick the VPN APK you have already downloaded when prompted
  5. You can see the VPN app in the Me tab of your GameLoop emulator once the installation is done


This article is a detailed guide on why you need a VPN while using GameLoop and which VPN is the best one for this emulator. Besides, we have discussed how we have picked the best service provider. Further, our discussion has moved to the risks of using a free VPN for GameLoop. Finally, we have provided an easy guide for installing a VPN in GameLoop. So, it’s time you make your choice and get connected to a leading VPN. Happy gaming!

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